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Lindsay Shuts Down

Matt Lauer Interview


6/22/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan pulled the plug on Matt Lauer last night, just before cameras were supposed to roll for her big sit-down interview.

NBC sources tell TMZ ... Lauer flew to L.A. yesterday, and showed up at Lindsay's Venice loft around 6 PM.  

We're told Lindsay was actually in the makeup chair when things went south.  Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lauer's team blindsided them by saying the interview would be extremely lengthy because producers were planning to put it on "Dateline" as well as "Today."

Lindsay kicked up her heels, saying she was told it would only be a 15-minute interview, and refused to sit for anything longer.  The two sides began arguing -- to no avail -- and then Matt just packed up and left.

We're told before Lindsay made her decision, she consulted her publicist, Steve Honig, who agreed it was not the right time to do a televised and in depth interview. Once Lindsay decided to call it off,  Honig broke the news to Lauer.

Our NBC sources say producers made it clear to Lindsay and her people before Matt even got on the plane that the interview would be lengthy ... because it was servicing two shows.

Matt was not on "Today" today, and he's just about to land back in the Big Apple.

At least he got some AAdvantage miles out of it.



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lol, he finally got taken for!!

1218 days ago



1218 days ago


What...She had something better to do?

1218 days ago


Yea, LIKE SHE'S GOT SOMEWHERE TO BE. Sick of this chick. She's locked in her house away from society and we STILL have to read about her.

1218 days ago


matt lauer probably slept more soundly last night knowing he didn't have to interview that waste of oxygen. and if they think lindsey got her way their crazy; she wanted that 15min interview but when you're a d-list star you play NBC's way or not at all and this was a not at all scenario

1218 days ago


Taking into account her current situation maybe refusing a lengthy interview was the right decision.

1218 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Too much work, eh lindsay? That's fine. I'm sure he'll find someone even more annoying & narcissistic to interview. If that's even possible.

1218 days ago


She should be happy any reputable network will put her on. But if they did, they will lose viewership! I for one can't stand that skanky ho and will never ever endorse anything, any movie, any network....etc that she is on!

1218 days ago

Waldo Von Brewski    

What would Matt expect Lindsay to say ??

"I have changed"

"No more bars and nightclubs"

"No more stealing fur coats or jewelry"

"I expect to win the Academy Award in the "Gotti" movie, even though the part was first offered to Kim Kardashian"

"Why does everyone hate me"

Blah Blah Blah, all scripted lies. Lohan will be right back to the bars and nightclubs within hours of the completion of the home jailing.

She still thinks anyone in Hollywood really cares about her. Her last film that was successful was released six years ago. Herbie seems like a lifetime ago. Hollywood has long since moved on from the Teen Queen of 2004-2005.

1218 days ago


JimmyB... Dude, that was F'n hilarious!! I was thinking the exact same thing. And to "Go Home!" Amen, over the whole blohan thing.

I wouldn'*****ch an interview or see a movie with her in it. She should be gone soon because I think just about everyone in the free world feels the same way.

still busting up...thanks, needed the laugh guys.

1218 days ago


She is just a mean spoiled brat, don't waste your time Matt. Interview someone more fun and going places like Emma Stone!

1218 days ago


@sweetdee- Correct. She should be so lucky that someone was actually willing to give her a proper interview. You said it, I bet Matt was relieved.

1218 days ago


dateline has been know to do hatchet jobs on people and lauer is no saint either..she probably felt like she was being blindsided.

1218 days ago


self entitled delusional has been...i have no interest in seeing anything she is "supposidly" starring in!

She probably sold this story to TMZ, that seems to be the only way she makes money these days!

1218 days ago


She knows she cannot hold it together for more than 15 minutes, and her addictions would start to show through the cracking veneer she struggles to hold together for the cameras.

I'll bet she already had that check spent, too.

1218 days ago
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