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Octomom RIPS Doc: He's a Danger to Humanity!

6/23/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is BLASTING the fertility doc who pumped her full of embryos a couple of years ago  -- claiming the medical board should BAN him for LIFE ... for "the best of humanity."


Earlier this week, Dr. Michael Kamrava requested a stay of the Medical Board of California's decision to strip him of his license -- begging for the opportunity to continue practicing medicine while he appeals the ruling.

But Octo tells TMZ ... the doc deserves his fate saying, "I think it was for the best of humanity that his license was revoked as he could have implanted [my stockpiled embryos] in women resulting in lots and lots of bionic hyperactive Octo-babies."

Octo adds, "Talk about breeding for disaster!"

Unless his appeal is granted, Dr. Kamrava's license is set to be revoked on July 1.


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"he could have implanted [my stockpiled embryos] in women resulting in lots and lots of bionic hyperactive Octo-babies."
"Talk about breeding for disaster!"

Did she really just call her children bionic hyperactive octo-babies, and a disaster???? OMG...please take these kids away from her. They deserve so much better than her!

1189 days ago


She's a flippin bad cartoon, a symbol of everything that's wrong and evil. Her opinion of anybody should not even be listened to, much less printed for actual functioning, sane people to read. She is less than nothing. Hamsters that eat their young are better mothers than this disgusting slag.

1189 days ago


Oh Nadya....Don't you know when you are pointing a finger at someone saying they are at fault, you have 3 pointing back at the person who is also guilty.

1189 days ago


For crying out loud! This woman is no victim of this Dr. She is however a parasite and I would not be surprised if Octomom plan on filing a lawsuit against the Dr. for malpractice or negligence so she can pay her mortgage.

1189 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

why blame the doctor if he said no she would sue him and the liberal feminists would destroy him. women have zero responsibility and everyone is getting sick of us . Enough already with this BS. Take responsibility ladies you are a laughing stock!

1189 days ago


Who gives one flying "F" what she has to say and why do we have to keeping hearing about this dumb idiot of a person?

1189 days ago


Hey, nothing it is wrong with the doctor. I think... Jocuri | jocuri

1189 days ago


OMG! WTF? pot meet kettle!

And this piece of trash, octomom should be sterilized for the benefit of humanity too.

1189 days ago


She begged for all those children.....someone lock her away with LILO, get the kids into better homes, and let the good doctor take care of their illnesses!

1189 days ago


Am I reading this right? She thinks it's best that he lost his license, but she sure didn't mind being the one to cause him to lose it. She didn't mind him pumping her full of bionic hyperactive Octo-babies, now did she? I have yet to understand why her kids have not been taken away because she clearly has many, many mental issues.

1189 days ago


That's like the pot calling the kettle black. Didn't she ask him to implant the rest of her embryos so none would be wasted? She probably just wants his license revoked so she doesn't have to pay her bill.

1189 days ago


What a f'n hypocritical skank! Doing all she can to milk her 15 minutes, I see.
She needs to just disappear, lose the house & move into a studio apartment in East LA, and let the kids be taken by protective services to be adopted out to DECENT people - not s*** like OctoSkank.

1189 days ago

Your Momma    

She needs to go sit down and shut her big mouth. She was the one that had him to do it and she would still be happy about it if she still had all the money rolling in. I don't think his license should be taken away because she is the idiot.

1189 days ago


They should both be institutionalized.

1189 days ago


You're flipping kidding me with this!! You didn't hear her hollering and screaming when he used the turkey baster on her. Hypocrite!

1189 days ago
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