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Octomom RIPS Doc: He's a Danger to Humanity!

6/23/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is BLASTING the fertility doc who pumped her full of embryos a couple of years ago  -- claiming the medical board should BAN him for LIFE ... for "the best of humanity."


Earlier this week, Dr. Michael Kamrava requested a stay of the Medical Board of California's decision to strip him of his license -- begging for the opportunity to continue practicing medicine while he appeals the ruling.

But Octo tells TMZ ... the doc deserves his fate saying, "I think it was for the best of humanity that his license was revoked as he could have implanted [my stockpiled embryos] in women resulting in lots and lots of bionic hyperactive Octo-babies."

Octo adds, "Talk about breeding for disaster!"

Unless his appeal is granted, Dr. Kamrava's license is set to be revoked on July 1.


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Khate sucks    

Sounds like Dumbassocto is BLAMING the doctor for HER mistake! DUMB BITCH!!!! Guess she's looking for MORE free money! She is an ugly ass sponge!

1164 days ago

Khate sucks    

This dumbass went on tv saying they were ALL her children! Whack job is looking to blame HIM!??? Please!

1164 days ago


I wish i was his patient i want a baby so bad and this ungreatful Bit... is complaining OMG

1164 days ago


OctoMoron is all over the internet SAYING she never dated.
Yet she was MARRIED and divorced!***ents/nadyasulemandivorcepapers_et.pdf

All this cow can do is lie, lie, lie.
She is a pathological liar.

Who really knows what she and Doc K cooked up?
Whatever it was, it backfired on both of them.

1164 days ago


Well shes right and doing the right thing! The doctor is as bad as Conrad Murray! whatever he did, was not a sound or safe or ethically right thing. She didnt choose to abort them, but many women would have. And thats too many kids for a person to handle or even a couple, its not natural and its wrong. God forbid this should ever happen again! Those childrens life expectancy is lower and rick for problems is higher. Time will only tell what kind of health and psychological problems her children will have.

1163 days ago


Hypocritical ****

1163 days ago


I said a bad's was the C word btw

1163 days ago


She should be prosecuted right along with him because she was the one who wanted him to it. She is trash and I feel sorry for the kids.

1163 days ago

Tina marie    

Hello pot? Yeah, this is the kettle.....

1163 days ago


How many times is she on camera crowing about how "he did nothing wrong..."? She's trying to prime the pump for a lawsuit, to which I say HELL YES! Bring it on! Let's get her under oath and then let a good lawyer rip the **** out of her.

In the meantime, she's on record saying her kids are hyperactive bionic octokids. Goes great with the video where she says she screwed up her life having that many kids and if she had it to do over again she wouldn't. Such loving things to say about your own spawn.

1163 days ago


Her kids are "hyperactive bionic octokids?" Perhaps she should give them their ADHD meds instead of hoarding them for herself!

1163 days ago


Oh wow, that has to be the height of hypocrisy lol!! I agree he should lose his license but Octomum crowing and saying he's a danger to humanity, um she pleaded and begged for the fertility treatment from him when no one else would give it to her! SHE is the one who couldn't look after the kids she already had and was living on an eviction notice THEN, so she has octuplets figuring the baby companies will all jump on board and fund their life! Must have been a shock when they didn't lol! Nobody wanted their name attached to hers lol, nor still does! For her to come out blasting the doctor really beggars belief, and you have to wonder why anyone would care for her opinion on the matter! She now has 8 more kids, has been living on eviction notice to eviction notice since they've been born and personally the fact she's actually been allowed to keep them while we all keep her pisses me off no end!!
Those kids would be far safer living away from her, not split up but just away from her and her influence though she doesn't take care of them that's the nanny's job! Who's paying for the nanny - don't ask!!

1163 days ago

So done with her!!!'s like this, dumb bitch wanted to stir up a lil news for herself. It worked it's all over the internet, twitter and several magazines. She just can't stay out of the news.
What a moron!!!

1163 days ago


OctoTrash has a big mouth....and lies just keep coming out.
She can't even keep them straight.

She bragged how everything came out perfectly in the beginning and she would stop her life for her kids.

Then saying she regrets having so many kids.
(They didn't make her the money she expected?)

To finally saying she is NOT maternal and doesn't like babies crying.
(That last one sounds closest to the truth.)

She defended Doc K time after time for over 2 years and NOW she throws him under the bus? I bet she smells a lawsuit. She is probably drooling over the money she hopes to get.

Something curious.
She said she has "bionic hyperactive Octo-babies"?

What does THAT mean?

Her kids never looked right since they were a few months old.
Maybe "bionic hyperactive" Octo-babies is a euphemism for those kids are mentally challenged?

She was getting workers compensation and having embryos implanted AT THE SAME TIME using 2 different names.

And her workers comp doctor prescribed lots of pain killers and psychiatric medicines that can damage an unborn baby.

Does "bionic hyperactive" octo-babies mean some (or all) of those kids are badly damaged, maybe through Octo's legal drug use during pregnancy?

And it is doubtful Doc K knew she was given legally prescribed medicines by another doctor.

She sure is one sicko cow!

1163 days ago


Really? She has 14 children, many who are disabled... even from the first litter. Lives off welfare and her childrens disability checks. A few of her children are SUFFERING from a cleft lip and SHE has plastic surgery??? while the children are collecting flies and dust in their mouths... she has HER lips done?? Who's the danger to humanity??? OCTO

1163 days ago
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