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Tobey Maguire Sued Over Illegal Gambling

6/22/2011 6:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tobey Maguire has been dragged into a bankruptcy case ... all because he's really, really good at Texas Hold'em poker.
Here's how it went down.  A hedge fund manager named Bradley Ruderman is currently in prison for operating a ponzi scheme, defrauding a number of clients by essentially stealing from Peter to pay Paul.  But according to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Ruderman was also a not-so-good poker player.

Ruderman's company is now in bankruptcy and the trustees are looking for money anywhere they can find it to pay his victims and other creditors.  Now here's where Tobey enters the picture.

According to the docs, Tobey, Ruderman and others laid down lots of loot in private, unlicensed, high-stakes games at posh hotels in L.A., including the Four Seasons and the Peninsula.  Ruderman -- who has already admitted to losing $5.2 million on the poker tables -- fell victim to Tobey's card skills.

Problem for Tobey  -- in California unlicensed poker games are illegal so the winnings are considered ill-gotten.  As for how much, the docs say more than $300,000 betweeen 2007 and 2008.

So now the bankruptcy trustees are going after Tobey, trying to seize his winnings so they can use the money to pay off creditors.

Note -- TMZ is aware of big-named celebrity poker games at a Hollywood Hills home in which Tobey and others have been secretly playing high-stakes poker for years.



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It's not a lottery of life. It's called ambition and going for what you want, and not living in a basement in the middle of nowhere, overfeeding yourself on processed junk foods, reading tabloids, and bitching about your pathetic life.

Take responsibility for your miserable existence, and don't just assume you "lost" the "Lottery of Life". You just didn't have any ambition or discipline or the ability to work hard to achieve anything.


1219 days ago


If TMZ has known about these for a while and presumably not reported them to the police, doesn't that make'em accessory to crime?

1219 days ago


No rake doesn't matter in this case. You can't have a poker game where you play for real money in a business. The hollywood hills poker games they play in are legal (assuming no one is taking a forced rake).

1219 days ago


@August: These people are addicts. They're addicted to fame but that's not enough. You have to have more and more and more fame, booze, drugs, money, sex, because the high never lasts. Too much is never enough.

1219 days ago


Arrest Tobey. The winnings in illegal high-stakes poker games such as they are no doubt not being reported to the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board. This constitutes tax fraud.

Arrest them all and either shut these games down, or legalize and tax them accordingly.


1219 days ago


I hate games. Agree with Abe.

1218 days ago


Sad that a bunch of guys, rich or not, can't do something as simple as having a poker night.

1218 days ago


@ALEXANDRA - I saw a promo for that!! They cook like bear and rattlesnake and stuff right?? Glad to hear other people seem into it, I'll have to check it out on sunday

1218 days ago


Give the money back to the people who earned it before it ruins your career Tobey.

1218 days ago


So, if it's an illegal game WHY are they accepting their winnings by CHECK???????

You take a check for payment for illegal gambling winnings, you deserve to have this happen. Pay up and learn.

1218 days ago


Isn't this like a robber suing the guy hey robbed because he tripped over a table in the dark and broke his leg? Loser!

1215 days ago


How can the law prove that the check was for paying poker losses?
I n my mind if the rich get fleeced in a ponji scheme cause they're greedy and want even more riches they got what they deserved!

1214 days ago
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