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Hit & Run Crash -- WORST PEOPLE EVER

6/24/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at the scum that mowed down an innocent man in their car, and just causally left without bothering to see the carnage they caused.

The crash occurred in Philadelphia June 9, outside a 7-11.

We're told the victim is laid up in the hospital with a leg injury.  The driver is Wilaisha Rankins.  There's an arrest warrant out for her.  The passenger turned herself into police.

If you know where the driver is, call the Yeadon PD.  We'll definitely give you a TMZ t-shirt and a mug.


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What the!! .. They they cause something and just continue, like nothing happened! and I get more pissed off, when the girl with the big boobs cam eout of the car and do nothing!

1164 days ago


whataboutthedude 5 minutes ago
What about the dude that gets out of the back seat and nearly gets run over as she backs away and the door knocks him over...then he gets up and walks towards the car like "WTF?!"


I noticed that too! She has total disregard for 3 people's lives. She just about hit her friend, almost ran over another one trying to get out of the back seat and drove the poor employee from 7-11 into the store!! Stupid idiot needs a good smack upside the head! They should all charge her!

1164 days ago


The passenger didn't even check on the guy that got hit!! What the F##"! Do people come without souls now?

1164 days ago


i live in philly and saw this on the local news. this is the lady that got out of the car:

you guys might shocked at this too. not too sure if the guy was actually hit by the car but this story has been making headlines here too:

1164 days ago


While i may not always agree with the way u present each and every story,i have to many times agree with u Mr. Levin....this story has true merit and am proud to say ur show impresses (sp?)each and every night!! i hope this culprit is aprehended and brought to justice! this wanton exuberance exhibited while indifferent to life and injury must stop. this is one of a larger problem that all can work to solve. way to go in taking yet ANOTHER step in the direction of americas future!!!

1164 days ago


what the hell is wrong with people today?? society has really hit a low point! all people do these days is chase the green, drink and do drugs and then we get results like these.
no compassion whatsoever. can't even blame the driver, its
the parents fault because they don't teach morals, values or manners anymore today! there is no more respect left for anything and actions like the one caught on video are just the inevitable result.

1164 days ago


This is why you don't give mentally incapacitated morons licenses to drive. The driver and the passenger that just walked away calmly are a disgrace to human life.

1164 days ago


I thought the guy walking up to the car at the end was trying to help, but he bailed out of the car too...and nearly got run over in the process!! Hope they got all 3 of them!

1164 days ago


people are raised wrong

1164 days ago

Dick Dover    


1164 days ago


Why does this story belong on TMZ?

It's not celebrity or gossip related.

It clearly took place out of the thirty mile zone.

This site's identity is getting so muddy you might as well be Weekly World News.


1164 days ago


The JACKASS Crew is back at it !!

1164 days ago


@Chris-yes, that was dangerous but I commend you for actually giving a s*it. Alot of people have become so ambivlant and don't want to get involved when they see a situatuion like that.

On topic, I saw this on the News and was completely in shock. I couldn't believe not only the driver, but the passenger!! She got out of the car and casually walked away from the poor guy her friend ran into! At least she turned herself in's just a matter of time before they get the driver.

1164 days ago


I meant to say indifferent, not ambivilant. Long day! When are you going to add an edit button to posts TMZ??

1164 days ago


sick people these days. i dunno why people who do that are even driving in the first place. sick people nowadays. i mean would it kill her to even check on the poor guy make sure he's okay. like seriously. that fat ass peach just gets out of the car like nothing ever happened. what a bitch. hopefully they rot in jail piece of ****.

1164 days ago
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