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Hit & Run Crash -- WORST PEOPLE EVER

6/24/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at the scum that mowed down an innocent man in their car, and just causally left without bothering to see the carnage they caused.

The crash occurred in Philadelphia June 9, outside a 7-11.

We're told the victim is laid up in the hospital with a leg injury.  The driver is Wilaisha Rankins.  There's an arrest warrant out for her.  The passenger turned herself into police.

If you know where the driver is, call the Yeadon PD.  We'll definitely give you a TMZ t-shirt and a mug.


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Check facebook for relatives she might be fleeing to.

1220 days ago

And another thing!    

thanks for posting those links ejotto. what is most disturbing is that the driver is a nurse! Well, let's say she used to be a nurse cause I doubt her employer will want her for long after this and no one will want to hire her after this. She destroyed her career and 7-11 dude from Ethiopia is totally gonna sue her silly.

1220 days ago


anybody notice the guy falling out of the back seat car door? She almost ran over him too as he's trying to get out!

1220 days ago


I dont even think that she realized she hit anyone. The way everyone got out of the car there was no panic or urgency. Then the way she backed up casually as if she didnt do anything wrong, I am thinking she thought she just caused property damage and just wanted to get out of there to avoid getting in trouble. She wasnt even paying attention. That is attempted manslaughter and hit and run.

Jackasses come in all races and genders

1220 days ago


So where are the droves of boneheads claiming that a deer caused the accident... or that it is the bartenders fault... or that the cops are making things up?

Yeah, thought so.

1220 days ago


Two comments - first - OMG - I am NEVER going to PA! People watch a guy getting crushed and everybody just walks around like it's nothing. Plus, of course the beast who did this terrible thing and his/her horrible passenger. OMG!

Second - Scott - with the video of Ryan's crash - you kiddo, are going to hell.

1220 days ago


If you look at the second part where it shows it looks like she deliberately plowed into that man....I wonder too if she knew him...h-ll hath no fury like a woman scorned, but this is just WRONG.....

1220 days ago


This was all over the philly news and these people deserve to be in jail. Even the girl who just walked away without caring to call 911 for the guy.

1220 days ago


Yeah, Scott, 1:38 freaked me out after staring at it. That's the devil with the flowing body carried away. Yikes!

1220 days ago


That looked intentional. The passenger walks out like it's no big deal.

1220 days ago


It's attempted murder.

1219 days ago


Unbelievable! She acted like nothing happened! Took her sweet ass time letting the passenger out, backing up. What the hell could she have been thinking? Awful people. How gross.

1219 days ago


no one came to aid the poor guy. all should be charged!

1219 days ago


geez, maybe I am one of a few who were brought up to think of my 'fellow man' (I am a woman). But WTF!!! You hit some one; you call some one. Thanks to the passenger who turned herself in!

1219 days ago


Whats with all the racist comments? What if she was white? Asian? Latino? would you say the same? Why can't it just be that cracked out Heffer should be locked away. I have never heard so much racist bs spewed. (and no...I'm not black, just tired of people playing that hate card).

1219 days ago
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