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Hit & Run Crash -- WORST PEOPLE EVER

6/24/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at the scum that mowed down an innocent man in their car, and just causally left without bothering to see the carnage they caused.

The crash occurred in Philadelphia June 9, outside a 7-11.

We're told the victim is laid up in the hospital with a leg injury.  The driver is Wilaisha Rankins.  There's an arrest warrant out for her.  The passenger turned herself into police.

If you know where the driver is, call the Yeadon PD.  We'll definitely give you a TMZ t-shirt and a mug.


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Reality 37 minutes ago
jpierce26, head on over to bossip dot com, which is basically TMZ for black people, THEN TELL ME how much black people love white people in those comment sections. It's tit for tat my man, and you should realize that you are a target of theirs if you are not black. And their comments have nothing to do with the article...just like here. It's a LOOOOOOOT of hatred towards whites. NUT UP AND QUIT BEING AN APOLOGIST FOR NON-WHITES

I hate to say it, but you do make some points here, and I am a Black female. I was just about to comment to jpierce26 on how I have come across some young Black females that were very ****y at driving without really knowing what they are doing, which in turn can cause accidents like this. Especially when they are drinking or high. And I do see this a lot in young Black females (driving irresponsibily) as opposed to other young females in general. Note: Not all young Black females drive like this. Because there are a lot of responsible good driving young Black females as well as young Black males out there also.

1185 days ago


This has NOTHING to do with race. She is just a self centered person who is only worried about her self. Same with the passengers...

1185 days ago

RJ Hunt    

This is just so wrong...If I lived in PA I would put up 5K of my own money for a reward...Hat's off to the passenger for turning herself and letting the cops know who the driver was. I hope they charge this bitch with attempted murder along with felony hit and run. It looks like this was totally intentional and a planned assault...

1185 days ago

The Thinker    

Looks staged.

1185 days ago


Muse1010 13 minutes ago
To all the racial comments I would just like to add that stupidity and lack of common sense knows no color, race or can happen to anyone

Thumbs up! This is very true.

1185 days ago


Unfortunately, the only reason that the passenger turned herself in was that there were 2 security cameras and the second caught her fully face on and other people called in with her name.

1185 days ago


****** trash!

1185 days ago


What a bad driver. I don't even drive that bad.

1185 days ago


Instead of offering a reward for the idiot that did this, someone should set up a fund/charity for the injured man. He has very little money and has limited medical benefits. This is such a shame. What has the world come to? NO ONE deserves this. It shows such little respect for human life.
And again, this has nothing to do with race. This is about respect for other human beings and seeing others as human beings. For anyone stating that this crime is reflective of one's race, well then, you too, are guilty of having very little respect for life. So little, that you are grouping people based on one characteristic.

1185 days ago


January Jonez was probably the driver ... what a stupid ass remark

1185 days ago



1185 days ago


Jus*****ched it again ... sorry can't be bothered to read all 7 pages of comments. Did anyone notice the guy who rolled out of the back seat??!!

And why did the car pull out of a parking space there to run right into the store window. Was this on purpose? There is more story here!!!

1185 days ago


Posted by :

carla 4 hours ago

"Wilaisha Rankins....well what do you expect....f***king N!**ers!!!"

I sure don't understand naming your child such It's like you're giving them the worst possible start in life. What do you expect them to turn into? There aren't any Dr. Wilaisha's! Or prosecuting attorney Wilaisha's. This year's Nobel Peace Prize recipient...Wilaisha!!

Maybe not, Carla, but there was a former Secretary of State named Condoleeza. (Yes, you are a MORON)

1185 days ago


Honorable mentions go to the woman passenger who just casually walks past the injured guy without looking and the customer seen exiting the store who appears to be stepping over the guy on his way out.

1185 days ago


I'll agree with the comment about how you guys talk about this dirtbag mowing down and innocent man but talk about how sad Mr. Dunn's death is. Did he not kill an innocent person too? Where's the statement about how Mr. Dunn is as big of an idiot as this woman. Anyways The punishment for this should fit the crime. He should be able to plow into her knocking her through the window of the 7-11. This S*it is crucial to watch.

1185 days ago
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