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Hit & Run Crash -- WORST PEOPLE EVER

6/24/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at the scum that mowed down an innocent man in their car, and just causally left without bothering to see the carnage they caused.

The crash occurred in Philadelphia June 9, outside a 7-11.

We're told the victim is laid up in the hospital with a leg injury.  The driver is Wilaisha Rankins.  There's an arrest warrant out for her.  The passenger turned herself into police.

If you know where the driver is, call the Yeadon PD.  We'll definitely give you a TMZ t-shirt and a mug.


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That almost looked intentional.

1218 days ago


What's wrong with those people? The fat lady getting out of the car couldnt be more casual

1218 days ago


Saw this video elsewhere, but they never mentioned whether the young man was hurt, etc. Thank heavens he survived with only a leg injury. I'm wishing him a speedy recovery and best wishes.

1218 days ago


to me-i don't give a damn about the color of these plp-the actions ...........yes-2 cars besiside the 1 that hit him-2 plp jump out of car that hit him....and someone walking out of store-not 1 of them pulled out cell phone to dial 911-check to see if he was even alive-and plp wonder why blk plp have such a bad reputation-we see it everyday-yes white-and all other plp are crimanal to-but just walk away and not do anything - sick as this-instead of blk thugs beating on everyone-beat on your own so you plp can start showing some compasion for others! and next time you wanna pull race card-remember this vid!OHHHHH FYI blk plp-it was your own plp that sold you into slavery-so lighten up on the white man!

1218 days ago

that guy    

>>>honestly re look at the video ....the whole thing seems set up why arnt her headlight on? the and the timing with the collision..apart from the innocent guy who went through the window this whole set is a bit fishy.................

1218 days ago


im from philadelphia and the guy is not in the hospital anymore. he is at home, and doing well. the lady in the car with her is the one who reported her nname and license plate.

1217 days ago


You are a racist, ignorant, narrow minded, uneducated piece of ****. No matter what name a person gives their child, that child can still grow up with free will and choose to make bad decisions. The stupidy of your opinion is proved by this case in point: The BTK Killer-Dennis Rader, John Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and Timothy Mcveigh. Those are all "normal" names right? Well if your ignorant stupid ass has ever watched a news broadcast or read an actual news paper to see whats going on in the world, you'd know that these men were some of the worst serial killers in American History. All very sick individuals with quite "normal" names, all WHITE.

You can't condemn a whole race of people for something that one person does idiot. Its sad that people like you will teach your kids to hateful and stupid just like you. Do us all a favor and leave the planet.

1217 days ago


This is a down right shame. And as mentioned on Huff Post.. The driver of this car is a 32 year old nurse! And the passenger as shown on her facebook page (Tyhese Pitts)works at a hospital also in Pa! Can't see all of her page, but the info section shows this. Hope they catch and arrest the driver soon.
I couldn't find a facebook page of the driver under her name.

1217 days ago


FYI, the cops have issued an arrest warrant for the driver, Walaisha Rankins.

Be sure to look in the comments section--here's what one of her idiot friends wrote:


6/23/11 2:02 PM EDT
I just hope nothing has happened to her, she would have called or something by now, she has children. Everyone needs to go find something constructive to do, instead of talking bad about her. And she is not a nurse. She has been on her job for 8 years, and would not have lost the job either. Her lady boss is a good friend also. I used to work with her. All you haters, dont you have anything else to do with your life?'

Well, OF COURSE the piece of sh*t has kids!!! And she apparently hasn't talked to all 17 of them since the accident June 9th when she hit the dude because she's too busy worrying about her own stupid a$$!!

Seriously, the fact that this 'Darwin Award' winner has kids i just too much. Worthless, soulless life forms like this should just NEVER be allowed to procreate! Someone please tie her tubes NOW so she can't bring any more morally bankrupt losers like herself into this world, for the love of god.

1217 days ago

JennB from Philly    

Nto sure who was doing this story. But the victim is not in the hospital he had a leg injury and was sent home. This terrible person who didnt have the heart to get out and see if something was wrong with the person is turning herself in today to police.... Maybe next time you guys should do a little thing that is research... SORRY! Your staff doesn't alway do the best at getting the real story!

1217 days ago


Halle Berry? She has 2 hit-n-runs under her belt.

1217 days ago


Oops, sorry--apparently the Philly ABC news station doesn't fact-check their articles--the front seat passenger is named TYHESE PITTS rather than Tylese Pitts, as it was published in the local station's article on their website.

And thanks to Laura for letting us know that the poor 7-11 worker is out of the hospital and is ok, though he says his leg still really hurts him. Just glad he's alive! Anyway, several articles referred to him as still being in the hospital with a severe injury. I think lots of the news outlets are confusing things because the accident happened all the way back on the 9th, but it didn't start getting national coverage until Wednesday and yesterday, so some of the info was actually old and the sites didn't realize it.

1217 days ago


This is TMZ using their power towards good. It's a good outlet to expose morons and evil people like this instead of wasting your time outing celebrities on their tax liabilities. Good job TMZ!

1217 days ago


I think it's funny how someone judges another by their name...or in carlas case, thinks it's okay to judge somebody by their name. What a moron. The name Carla reminds me of Carla Tate from the movie "the other sister".

1217 days ago


Hey JennB--could you please link the most recent local news stories, like the one where you learned that the POS driver is supposed to turn herself in today? I've tried to find more recent info, but it seems that most of the articles are from yesterday or the day before, but they've added like one thing and then dated them with today's date. :-/ It's frustrating!

And Bee, that was a funny Halle Berry joke. :)

1217 days ago
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