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Justin Bieber

Clash w/ Plainclothes Cop

6/23/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A member of Justin Bieber's personal security team was cited for disorderly conduct today after the singer had a frightening run-in with an undercover cop in NYC ... but it was all one MAJOR misunderstanding.

Bieber was signing autographs outside of Macy's when the crowd became unruly ... and a plainclothes police officer rushed to help the singer.

Problem is -- Bieber didn't know the guy was a cop -- so when the cop got close to Justin ... Bieber got defensive thinking he was a crazy fan.  A member of Bieber's security team immediately grabbed the cop and tried to pull him away.

The cop quickly identified himself -- and cited the security team member for disorderly conduct.

0623_bieber_screamer_mini_launch_2But this story has a happy ending ... sources connected to the situation tell us both sides straightened everything out -- and Bieber is still signing autographs inside the department store.


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I hate this idiot!

1227 days ago


Who cares really? This kid is such a little punk and no one calls him on it! I am hoping for the day when he falls flat on his face. He's not that talented, his voice is not that great and his attitude (off camera) is one of the worst! Oh but on camera he knows how to play it up. Screw Bieber my own kids can't stand him and they are all in demographics! Thank god! Lol...

1227 days ago


Meant IN HIS

1227 days ago


Natalie - of course he is darling...he's being filmed and taking your money for it. Why would he show his true self to all you impressionable youngins? Then he wouldn't make any money! You make more $$ when you are a "sweet, kind" kid...not when your a douchebag with an ego bigger than the universe. LOL!!!

1227 days ago


awwww poor justin! he had reasons to get mad! i just hope they are both ok! ill pray for you justin!never say never♥♥♥

1227 days ago


This kid is an obnoxious brat! He was on The view today and you would think Elisabeth was having an orgasism with him sitting there. She was worse than a freaking pre-teen, falling all over the no-talent jerk. I don't understand what the fascination is with this little girl wearing boys' clothes!

1227 days ago


A, I don't think it's even his address. Unless he commutes from Florida to NY. But Twitter won't do anything so some random person who may not even use Twitter is going to get attacked.

1227 days ago


The idiot fans are posting the address of someone who doesn't even live in NY complete with death threats saying it's his house, and Twitter support says they won't do anything despite it being a federal offense.

1227 days ago


Why don't you whiney little tweens listen to some real music?

1227 days ago


well i think it's really nice of him to still stay and sign his fans autographs after the whole incident seriously when you are in a position like his you need to really know the people you surround yourself with and especially since he has his own security with him i'm surprised this guy got too close to him those body guards are getting paid he needs to know to these decisions need to be made in his life as long as he keeps it ethical i respect him but he's a heartbreaker well he may be young but he's tough and cute!! And now you know why you don't mess with the beib's! LOL and especially some stoopid cop coming up outta nowhere creeps b everywhere these dayz...

1227 days ago


notalawyer 4 hours ago

He has gone bad. The fame has rushed to his head.
Be careful be very very careful.

I thought the same thing! He behaves badly from all I've seen, and I can see him overreacting to a guy even touching him to get his attention because he's paranoid. Sheesh... Great hack security you got dude! And to the numerous girls that don't understand that a guy COULD like his songs regardless of their age (I sure as heck don't, I think he has little vocal talent but is a decent actor), or even young guys and teen boys could be attracted to him, DUH! I just feel sorry that the kid seems extremely paranoid anymore and seems to act arrogant on the shows we all watch...

1227 days ago


this article cannot be true, on the news it said that Bieber did not go back into the crowd to sign autographs, he was rushed upstairs to meet with VIP fans. Although, part of it was right. The crazy man was really a cop/security guard who got mad at Justin cause he wasn't supposed to go outside the building. He was supposed to say in the security stabled inside, and because he went outside for good purposes, the cop tried to get him back inside.

1227 days ago


Biebs is past his 15mins and he's still around, his Baby vid on youtube has 571,146,352 hits, probably the highest views EVER. He's not going anywhere, so stop being jealous because people listen to whatever music genre they enjoy. These kids' parents camped out with them for several days to get his autograph because he's not a f*g, not on drugs/booze or tatted up all over like so many male celebs his age....yeah someone decent for a change. Screaming fans have been doing what they do since the days of the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson etc, and now with the HPotter cast, Twi cast, Jonas Bros, Miley, Taylor etc. so this ain't something new...and yeah their security's paid to do a job and they're doing it.

1226 days ago


Is he actually waering a Selena shirt in front of his crazy fans? That's really poor judgement.

1226 days ago

Steelers suck    

someone please tell this ass that the 80's and Miami Vice are over!

1226 days ago
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