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Lindsay Lohan Dodges Jail Bullet

6/23/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not go to jail,because Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled the prior judge -- Elden Fox -- only required controlled substances testing from January 3 - February 25, 2011. In other words, Judge Fox did not order alcohol testing.

Judge Sautner said Lindsay is now restricted for the remainder of her house arrest to one friend at a time at her Venice loft, in addition to family members.

And, the judge said NO PARTIES at Lindsay's crib.

Judge Sautner said the only thing Lindsay was guilty of was "extremely poor judgment."

Judge Sautner asked Lindsay if she wanted to get on with her life. Lindsay replied, "Yes I do."

And this is interesting. The Probation Dept. cannot test Lindsay anymore for drugs or alcohol, because there's no court order allowing it. So Lindsay is free to drink all she wants, as long as she's not driving after she drinks.


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No Avatar


TIRED OF HER nd her crap would be thrilled if i woke up in th am and she had passed away a loser a wastewhy doesn't every one just leave her kill her self she is not worth the trouble i am waiting for the day she does and i never hear the losers name again go lindsay get drunk loadfed drive whatever it takes so the people here don't have to see your ugly mug ever again loser loset forever the loser

1184 days ago


This is not right. When is enough really enough. This girl has had more chances and each one she has failed at. Why is it that Hollywood Stars receive different treatment. If this was any other normal person, They would of already been in jail.
This girl is not going to learn a lesson until one judge stands up and slaps this girl in jail for at least a year.

1184 days ago


In my opinion she isnt particularly talented & will come to a bad end out of sheer boredom. Picky yourself UP lady & do something GOOD with your life!

1184 days ago


Just like Arnold, "She'll be Baaak"

1184 days ago


Just because your a celeb and not a regular working person you have a whole different set of rules. My daughter made the same mistake as Lohan by doing drugs. First offense and she lost her child, did 30 days in jail, 3 years probabation and she is a convicted felon. Thank God she learned from it and is in drug rehab doing great and it wasn't a posh place where people wait on you hand and foot. But now she is stuck with the title felon for the rest of her life and will struggle with the consequences of her choices while Hollywood flaunts their mistakes in our face and the justice sytems have a different set of rules!! Only in America!

1184 days ago


Just an observer. The courts and the judges are setting this person up for a fatality.

1184 days ago


Why does Lindsey get so much attention? She isn't attractive nor does she have any great talent. Can't hollywood wrap itself around anything better then her? Hollywood want something beneficial to get involved with? Help me create thousands of AMERICAN JOBS and stop many foreclosures in the process. Sound better then some druggie drunk? I mean Hollywood please enough is enough with these has beens unattractive going nowhere people. and lets do something that will benefit others awarding opportunities OK?

1184 days ago


California's legal system is an absolute joke, this bitch has done everything wrong, and keeps walking away without as much as a slap, thugs walk away from prison cause the system is broke, and the state itself is a complete S@#$ hole. this is our government and its failure in the flesh. you can thank Lohan for showing the world what a joke our Democratically ran judicial system is, as well our political one.

1184 days ago


Please stop insulting the American's people's intelligence with stupid reports on this girl... Gee, of course she avoided jail time. What's new?

She is treated DIFFERENTLY AND BETTER BECAUSE SHE'S A CELEBRITY....The JUDGES who have heard her case are rotten to the core and should be ashamed of themselves. This girl needs a good year in jail to set her straight--maybe.

I am disgusted seeing her in the news. I have not and will never ever BUY ANYTHING THAT HAS HER NAME ON IT...No movies, no magazines, nothing---America-that's what you need to do. That's the only thing that will make her realize she's not any more special than any of us when it comes to the law...

Major Boycott on this woman for a long long long time. Hit her where it hurts. She gets away with it because SHE CAN, BECAUSE AMERICANS BUY ANYTHING RELATED TO HER AND KEEP SUPPORTING HER DRUG HABIT! aNYONE WHO BUYS ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH HER IS A FOOL.

1184 days ago


I"m really sorry to see that the judges seem to be part of Lindsay's enabling team, right up there with her mother and loser friends. So sad. And infuriating that she is receiving such blatantly preferential treatment.

1184 days ago


The only thing in "poor judgement" is the lie they keep saying that justice in blind. Lindsay is just getting away with what the state of CA allows her too.

1184 days ago

Charles Bell    

Why don't the United Police States of America get off her back,So she enjoys partying.all the girl want is to get off that stinking probation and enjoy real freedom in another country,but the system has every move she makes under a microscope so that she enjoy 0 freedoms.Adverage people don't ge*****ched 24 - 7 like that poor soul does

1184 days ago


Let this ding bat go to jail and pay the price just like anyone else. **** this hollywood treatment bull****!!!!

1184 days ago

no justice    

I figured there would be no punishment all you need is money and fame what a joke the judicial system is.

1184 days ago


Looks like her 'lip puffer-upper' makes housecalls!

1184 days ago
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