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Lindsay Lohan Shoots Pre-Court COMEDY Sketch

6/23/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan yukked it up big time yesterday before news broke that she tested positive for alcohol -- because TMZ has learned, the actress was shooting a COMEDY sketch ... inside her apartment.


It was all for Air New Zealand -- we're told Lindsay struck a deal with the airline to shoot a funny puppet-filled webisode to promote some new airplane product ... and cameras rolled yesterday ... just hours before the booze news.

To give you an idea of the kind of project it is -- check out the one Snoop did for ANZ back in March. It's funny, but given Lindsay's current situation ... the timing ain't ideal for her.

0623_comedy_shoot_videLindsay JUST arrived to court to face the music after flunking an alcohol test earlier this month -- and she could face real jail time.


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The Los Angeles court system sux. They will just slap this twits wrist.

1196 days ago


But she blew off Lauer because it would not be fun and he'd ask her real questions.

1196 days ago


She's trash! Who cares?

1196 days ago


This girl is garbage. She's had more choices than anyone deserves. She's garbage and soon enough she'll od and kill herself..

1196 days ago

Big momma    

Time to boycott these companies that keep these troubled fools in money.....air new Zealand needs to be boycotted, along with any other compAny that supports her. Lindsay has done absolutely NO quality work for some time...and shows up wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothing that companies have given her to get their name in the Nasty is that? Seriously, readers stop buying products and services from these companies....send your own message.

1196 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, when you got a deadly jealous mob of rabid rats on your back, then no time is a good time....especially if you are then making good money. that's when the rats start to bite at you harder. envy is a bitch.

1196 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

there's like 7 million+ people in this town. how is ONE SINGLE PROBABTION OFFICE DEPARTMENT!! going to think that they can twist and bend the law, so that IT SATISFIES THEM, THEMSELVES PERSONALLY??!!!! the department is using 'the law' to suit their own personal sense of inequality towards a celebrity. dude. moronos. it's freakin LA!! THE PEOPLE HERE ARE USED TO A DEGREE OF LIBERTY THAT IS NOT EQUAL TO THE MIDDLE OF FREAKIN IDAHO! GET THE EFF OVER YOURSELVES, EFFIN BEAN BORE-ITOS. jesus christ. it's a 7 million plus metropolitan city, one of the largest in the entire world. one of the most affluential and one of the most busiest! is this how they want to control everyone here??? how are you going to try to hound and monitor a freakin celebrity!! 24/7 like a freakin serial killer, and ignore the rest of the pedophiles and rapists??? ARE YOU PEOPLE REALLY THAT STUPID??! sure does seem that way.

1196 days ago


This is an absolute joke....Are you kidding " she can drink all she wants as long as she doesn't drive????????Did ya not see her record,did ya not see her father plea for rehab not jail...when the girl hits bottom and burns...who will be the unwilling participants of her demise...the court system of Cali...Parties on her terrace,shooting commercials...I know people who have done much less and suffered much more...RIP justice....

1195 days ago


Seriously WTF? This girl needs help! I'm not talking about brand endorsements and goodies but actual medical help.
Substance abusers and unreformed criminals should not front campaigns. What message does that send?

As a Kiwi I think its stupid that Air NZ (which inadvertently promotes NZ) has paid a floozy to be in their ad! Should have used local talent or a foreigner with a decent reputation!

1195 days ago


Just in, the judge ruled she did not violate her probation by drinking! What kind of probation is she on? Who is the bigger idiot, Lindsay or the judge. I live in Texas, and we don't have judges or probation officers like that here. Oh, the judge ruled she can't have any parties while under house arrest. Really? Absurd and who is really paying this judge?

1195 days ago
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