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Lindsay Lohan: All I Had to Drink was TEA!!!!

6/24/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is adamant she did NOT drink wine, beer or liquor during her stint on house arrest ... insisting her dirty test was caused by a fermented tea that contains a TEEEENY amount of alcohol.


Lohan has been telling friends she's been drinking her favorite kombucha tea again ... the same tea that caused her probation officer to raise a red flag earlier this year because it contains alcohol. The company behind the drink claims the alcohol content is less than .05%.

Of course, the judge ruled that Lindsay is ALLOWED to consume alcohol during her house arrest sentence ... so the dirty test didn't matter anyway.

TMZ spoke with Lindsay about the situation ... and she told us, "I am responsible, and I'm following the rules and obeying my judge and the Los Angeles judicial system."

She adds, " I'd like to do what I must to get my film career back and the respect of directors, actors, writers, studio heads, fans and so on."


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1225 days ago


What, again?

1225 days ago


Will you please dye your hair back to dark red? I hate that lame blondish color.

1225 days ago


Im drinking alcohol free wine with .05 alcohol, it's yummy stuff.

1225 days ago


Lies, lies, and more lies. She says this everytime. Actions speak louder than words. Also, her skin looks disgusting. Just say no to self tanner.

1225 days ago


She may have avoided jail, but that's the least of her problems. She's correct to be worried about studio heads thinking she's still on the sauce.

1225 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

Lindsay... just shut up you have no crediblity.
Lindsays crediblity = 0.0012
To TMZ: STOP posting about Lindsay. what do you do with kid that does stupid stuff just to get attention. Ignore the kid.

1225 days ago


A responsible entry from tmz at last - if you don't count the headline, which a lot of people will think means "Ah, she's lying again!" although she isn't.

Los Angeles judicial system is a mess, judging from the vindictive and sloppy DA and probation officer. And gossip sites like this are enablers, whipping up readers' emotions to a frenzy, to the point where they wish Lohan spanked, thrown in jail, or even dead in a car crash. For what? For her alcohol meter indicating tea in a test that shouldn't even have happened, and while she is actually allowed to drink alcohol (but doesn't).

It's disgusting how much harm you can do to people for money, catering to people's lowest instincts.

I wish tmz would change. I wish the site would give balanced reports instead of delivering biased opinions and half truths.

1225 days ago

Evan Benz    

I've drunk that tea . . . it's f'in gross !!!! The only way to drink is to mix it with rum or vodka, disguise the taste.

1225 days ago


uh, you already used that one lindsay. you know what happened to the boy who cried wolf...

1225 days ago

Sad sad    

People just want to see her fail.

1225 days ago


Yeah Lindsay, you were drinking "tea".

1225 days ago


dimes 9 minutes ago
She may have avoided jail, but that's the least of her problems. She's correct to be worried about studio heads thinking she's still on the sauce.


Studio heads don't care if your on the sauce. All they care is that your a functioning addict who can deliver the goods.

1225 days ago


Ugh this bitch I really can't who does she really think she's fooling...

1225 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

@puckett too bad for she's not a functioning addict

1225 days ago
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