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Lindsay Lohan: All I Had to Drink was TEA!!!!

6/24/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is adamant she did NOT drink wine, beer or liquor during her stint on house arrest ... insisting her dirty test was caused by a fermented tea that contains a TEEEENY amount of alcohol.


Lohan has been telling friends she's been drinking her favorite kombucha tea again ... the same tea that caused her probation officer to raise a red flag earlier this year because it contains alcohol. The company behind the drink claims the alcohol content is less than .05%.

Of course, the judge ruled that Lindsay is ALLOWED to consume alcohol during her house arrest sentence ... so the dirty test didn't matter anyway.

TMZ spoke with Lindsay about the situation ... and she told us, "I am responsible, and I'm following the rules and obeying my judge and the Los Angeles judicial system."

She adds, " I'd like to do what I must to get my film career back and the respect of directors, actors, writers, studio heads, fans and so on."


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you never see her with that tea in her hand ever.

she always has water, red bull,coke.

I think she is just trying to convince people that she is not a flake. Too Late.

websters dictionary has already put the name Lohan in it.

Lohan is the parasite that preys on other parasites.

1226 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

She could at least have come up with an original lie, instead of a used tired one.

How about, it was cooking sherry, and the alcohal didn't completely burn off? Or I had rum balls. I didnt know that they aren't cooked so the alcohal is still there.

1226 days ago

Big Taters    

This bich is gonna Ryan Dunn someone....

1226 days ago


Puckett 6 hours ago @Be a little inappropriate~

I never said she was, but she certainly doesn't need to live a sober lifestyle to successfully work in the industry. Everyone harping on her for not adopting a "sober for life" lifestyle need to mind their own business. I think her supposed addictions are overblown. The girl is 20 something and just likes to party. She just needs to mature a bit and learn how to do it responsibly and stay out of trouble.

How could you say that? Have you not seen what has become of her acting career since she has been boozing it up and breaking the law?

She is going to be 25 years old. She is not a baby. I am 25 years old, graduated from college, holding down a good job, taking care of myself and not out boozing it up and getting in trouble.

Stop with the excuses already. I was a fan of hers too but enough is enough until she can show she is actually making efforts to change. She flunked the booze test because she drank booze not tea, end of story.

How can you say her addictions are overblown. She has been attending AA meetings since what 16 or 17.

Remember this statement from Lindsay: "I Am Addicted to Alcohol and Drugs" words out of her mouth and no one elses.

1226 days ago


Not to defend Lindsay here, but have any of you ever looked up this tea? The "classic" version requires that you are 21 or older to purchase it (just go to It is a fermented tea, which boasts all kinds of health benefits, such as detoxifying the system. This product does contain trace amounts of alcohol, and none of us know exactly how much of this stuff Lindsay is drinking! The web site says to have one to replace your coffee at breakfast, before meals to control appetite, any time you need an energy boost, etc. Even at .05%, if you drink this stuff all day, you can have a significant amount that could set off a urine test. Just sayin'...

1226 days ago

Good riddance!    

She quit drinking like she quit smoking. She ALWAYS has to take a lie over admitting any sort of truth and it is so obvious to everyone and she digs herself a new hole to crawl into every time she does it. Keep digging, bitch. Don't be too surprised if the general public kicks the dirt back into the hole as you are digging.

1226 days ago


she lost the respect of everyone... she's one giant hollywood joke

good luck to anyone that hires her...

1226 days ago


It's too late for Lindsay Lohan. I think it's safe to say that she will _never_ work in Hollywood again.

Worse yet is that, thanks to Lindsay as well as the machinations of her parents, it's unlikely that any of her siblings will be able to find work in the field without some serious restrictions which may make it impossible. Their behavior on- and off-set will need to be spotless; their parents barred from the set or studio, all simply to establish themselves as worthy of an audition. The remaining siblings may need to change their professional surnames to escape the trashing the elder Lohans have given theirs.

It's a shame, really. The Culkins have proven their worth as actors in spite of the drama with their parents, and Lindsay Lohan herself was considered a very good actress at her peak. Her antics should not be the barrier to the success of her siblings, but they will be; and that will not be the fault of the directors and producers who decide that all apples fall within reach of the tree, but of the one utterly rotten one that threatens to poison the ground around her.

1226 days ago


Lindsey Lohan is a complete a$$whole....move on

1226 days ago

Khate sucks    


1226 days ago


Its not over. the DA right now is going to a higher judge to review sautners actions. on the house arrest and grandtheft.

and the conditions.

The DA has a right to seek removal of a judge from a case.

maybe that is why she is screaming the tea thing.

maybe she has been notified that. this could go further.

please LA DA fight it and get that Bitch a real punishment

1226 days ago


Nicole 3 hours ago
The DUIs were 4 years ago and with the exception on the necklace incident all of her infractions have related to that 2007 case due to the extremely harsh July 6th sentence.
Shawn even said it last night on the E! interview that no one gets rehab in those cir****tances(completed everything no failed drug tests etc) and Lindsay only went because the court ordered her to.

Do you have anything at all new to add?
This argument is tired and repeating it over and over again doesn't make it any more valid.

And what exactly is she Linnocent of?

1226 days ago

Red Cloud    

She adds, " I'd like to do what I must to get my film career back and the respect of directors, actors, writers, studio heads, fans and so on."
She will do it. Mark my words.

1226 days ago


ketjo 17 minutes ago It wasn't up to the judge to have her tested its the sheriff's dept. and they can and will test her anytime they want why she is under house arrest..its part of the sentence...go and read the dam thing and says they can and you can't do drugs or drink alcohol why under house arrest anywhere in the UNited States even in California legally unless they look the other way...which they are doing in her case...Thats for dam sure.....Hell she knows just who to donate to to get off don't she.....Work that system Lindsay, show the world what a sleaze bag you really are...
I agree. You are not allowed to drink alcohol while under house arrest( I have never heard of this being ok). It was the probation dept who did not rule against the house arrest order and the sheriff allowed her to be on it. She is under the sheriff’s rule right now as she is an inmate of LA County, she is just serving her time home not in jail.

The DA’s office suggested that Judge Elden Fox wanted alcohol testing but Judge Sautner refused to make a in chambers call to Judge Fox to clarify. Judge Sautner is turning her cheek to and allowing Lindsay to consume alcohol while under house arrest for an alcohol related incident. This is very very odd. In some cases those under house arrest due to an alcohol related incident are not even allowed to have alcohol on the premises. Some house arrest monitors even have a SCRAM device built into it.

Also it is very vey odd that Judge Sautner is not making mandatory drug and alcohol testing part of Lindsay's formal probation in connection to her DUI arrest. Lindsay is on formal probation until her community service is done, what kind of formal probation in connection with two drug and alcohol related cases does not require drug and alcohol testing? Especially when the defendant has failed numerous test (2 alcohol test, refused one test, 2 drug test)

Judge Sautner is clearly holding Lindsay ( a repeat probation and law offenders) hand, and I would like to know why.

1226 days ago


Given the exact legal situation I take back what I said about the stupidity of risking drinking. The fermented tea story makes more sense too (in that there wasn't any risk drinking it anyway because legally she was in the clear). It would be very difficult to get even mildly intoxicated below 2% abv (and worth noting lots of non alcoholic drinks contain similar levels of alcohol, but don't get any attention).

She's got to sort out her PR though. If they were aware that was legal from the the start it should have been made much clearer, much more strongly, in the press, and earlier. Pre-empt FFS. Because the initial appearance of it was she'd made the same mistake, which makes her look unreliable, and that's very much not a good thing. The alternative is that they didn't know it was legal in advance and she took a risk with a brand of tea that has caused her problems in the past. And the penny bids thing was wrong, aside from the money, putting your name next to anything like that cheapens it by default. Obviously a lot of things to sort out and I wish her the best of luck.

It's apparent she was 'linnocent' from the start of the specific recent failed test, but nobody would have known that until after the court hearing because Lindsay's people should have engaged in aggressive PR. And not stuff like positive messages on TMZ (while helpful) but stuff like calling up sites like TMZ until their ears bleed with repetition of the message. Especially if you're in the right.

I know not all of her friends are not stupid, but a lot of this stuff seems obvious.

1226 days ago
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