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Missy Elliott: I Have Graves' Disease

6/23/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Missy Elliott just announced she has Graves' disease -- an incurable autoimmune condition affecting her thyroid.

Missy Elliott Graves Disease

Elliott tells People, she was diagnosed with the disease in 2008 -- and has been receiving radiation treatment to help alleviate symptoms like dizzy spells, lumps in her throat, mood swings, hair loss, and bulging eyes. Missy adds, "You live with it for the rest of your life."

According to Missy, the radiation was a help, but other medication made her pack on the pounds -- which she's been able to counter through exercise.

The disease isn't fatal -- and after treatment, Missy claims things couldn't be going better, "My thyroid is functioning, so I haven't had to take medication in about nine months."


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Isn't that what Marty Feldman had?

1182 days ago


Best wishes and good health to you Missy, I always loved her style and music. So much class and she always does her own thing. Team Missy all the way!

Get well soon gal!

1182 days ago


I was diagnosed with graves in me teens. They are making sound worse than it is I didn't lose my hair and you don't notice my eyes. I didn't have to take meds or do anything tell they found cancer 6 months ago.

1182 days ago

sweet girl    

For the love of God people - give me a damn break! I have had Graves Disease - and yes - it can cause complications if untreated - the bulging eyes like the late actor Marty Feldman (worst case scenario). However, you can have a normal life with medication. BTW - the radioactive iodine treatment is a one time thing - NOT ONGOING - and it basically kills the thyroid so you have to take a pill every morning forever - SO EFFEN WHAT! Talk about a drama queen!I have been living with this for 20 years. When they get the meds straight it'll be fine. I am truly pissed that she announced this like she has cancer or something terminal. Give me an effen break Missy - put on your big girl panties and suck it up - what a bunch of BS!

1182 days ago


Thyroid Eye Disease is not BS, just because maybe you dont struggle with it. You are downplaying it by saying it is the worst case scenario when it is probably more common than that. Dr.'s & Endo's dont know how to treat it. You have to go to a plastic eye surgeon & those visits & treatments are expensive & not accesable for those who live within certain areas. Maybe I havne watched the segment, who compared it to cancer? although many w/ thyroid disease have hashimotos' cancer. Sweet girl why dont you put on your big girl panties and pay all my medical bills

1182 days ago


I hope she has a better attitude towards her fans, she will rude as hell when I met her...

1182 days ago


She is fortunate to have a treatable disease!!

1182 days ago


Embellish much TMZ??? I have Grave's Disease, 18 yrs now & it CAN be cured, by removing the thyroid or put in long remission, with iodine,Tapozole. What you've just described shows she no longer has Grave's disease,IE:over-active thyroid,aka shows she now has UNDER active thyroid, a common condition when the hyper-thyroidism is eradicated, it reverts to sluggish under-active,aka,hypOthyroidism. I prefer over active,even with the dreaded heart conditions that oft occur with it......Big choice, hypER & thin, or hypO & fat......

1182 days ago


Grave's Disease is the most common of the thyroid diseases. Kind of validated just by the comments here,of which I stopped reading after noticing a snotty tude from so many with their one-upmanship. You should all be grateful to have been dianosed yet I find it interesting how many seem to not have educated themselves about an illnesss that affects them. It CAN kill......when it puts the system in overdrive so bad that one has a heart attack. This happened to me,though admittedly I had a previous condition. It's also common to have fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome,as well as is oft a precurser to developing osteoporosis, with this disease, as the entire body is affected, the degree varying in people. I'm grateful I don't have the bulging eyes, doubt I'd leave my home if that occured. I'm even more grateful to not have the sometimes associated 'neck goiter',yuck. Most important, you sufferers should get your children recently during a flare-up I noticed hair loss, not bad, but it then hit me that my teen son was having some very minor issues similar to mine. He indeed tested positive for Grave's. Don't believe it doesn't happen to teen males & never assume,as I've seen written even on medical sites, that it's not hereditary. A simple blood test is all it takes to confirm,or to show the markers for possibly getting it later on. Mine was diagnosed after I lost 60 lbs in 6, & I was sooooo proud to lose that after giving birth, I had no idea anything was wrong.

1182 days ago


Raven I appreciate that you shared your experience & yes it is hereditary. I would like to believe that it is curable. I thought I was "cured" until my dr. told me to my face there was- no cure, only the symptoms are treatable. I'm allergic to tapazole so that's not an option. And I dont know that surgery is an option when the thyroid is extremely out of whack.

1182 days ago


My wife has it and she is ok!

1181 days ago


sory 2 hear about your illness missy,i will be praying 4 you,you are one of the greatest rappers of all time!

1181 days ago

jo skyy    

Oh my! for any celebrity to announce his or her medical condition(s) to the world is bravery. Most and foremost to the fans of her world but, she can bounce back and keep on keeping on....until the end of her time ok. I think she is scared and shocked and was looking for passion from her fans in letting them know in order to avoid heartbreaks in the future.
Furthermore, for those of u who r sayin bad things about her rudely and disrespectful is down right pitiful 4 u. Suppose a disease hit u right now, how would u look!!!Wow.

1181 days ago

I don't see my self anymore!    

I have Graves disease. My long time friend has it also. She lost weight and I gained after being treated with radioactive iodine. Now my friend might have to get a second dose, which will kill her thyroid completely. We both have the bulging eyes. She has irregular heart beats and etc. The disorder differs from person to person. I was diagnosed in 2008 aswell, my thyroid levels have remained fine until now. Being stable don't last forever.Doctors have told me that usually two to three years things after treatment the thyroid will usually go out of wake again. There will always be changes and medications; sooner or later. Just enjoy the good momments.

1180 days ago


Sending you my best for safe and quick healing. Missy D!!!

1180 days ago
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