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Ryan Dunn's Porsche -- Scorched Heap of Scrap Metal

6/23/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn's wrecked Porsche 911 GT3 is now sitting in a tow yard ... just a few miles from Monday's fatal crash ... and all that's left is a mangled heap of obliterated car parts.






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@Elvis Andretti dont get me wrong I think Ryann is a complete dumbass for what he did. What bothers me the most is the dude he killed was a former navy seal who did three tours and eneded up getting killed by a self proclaimed "Jackass"!!

1188 days ago


So, he should've driven a Volvo?

1188 days ago


I feel sorrier for the car than him! Drink and Drive = DIE

1188 days ago


I think it is good that they post the pictures. I also think that the photos from before the bodies and car was moved would be good too. People take driving (not to mention drinking and driving) lightly. CARS are not toys. This is very, very sad for the families and fans. But the reality is Cars are dangerous and whether driving drunk or tired or sleepy or eating or texting this can happen. This is a true wake up call. Two really good guys lost their lives and a beautiful car was destroyed because of one or two bad ideas.

1188 days ago

Mike L    

Somebody grab those calipers, they're expensive and at least the one looks like its still in good shape.

1188 days ago


I don't think it's low down to show the pic. People need to see what drinking and driving can do. What is disrespectful is people going to the scene and stealing parts of the car to sell on E-Bay. How shameful!!

1188 days ago

Elvis Andretti    

@AndUKnowThisMan i don't really know anything about the passenger, probably that is the real tragedy.

I learned my lesson about getting into a car with a drunk in college. Lucky for me the only things killed were 100 feet of fence, a mailbox and the driver's chances of getting laid that night. evidently crying like a bitch because you stacked your Trans Am is not a turn on.

1188 days ago


What a way to go indeed!

1188 days ago


Dam someone can make a killing selling that. Sorry guys can't feel pity for this dumb azz. 2 1/2 times over and doing excessive speed? I said the first day this came out from what I see he was doing well into the triple digits. It was just a show and a movie any one tell these retards you are not suppose to actually live like a jackazz!

1188 days ago


his passenger must have been freaking out before the crash. even drunk, if i was riding with a lunatic i'd be screaming slow down!!
if he wants to kill himself, fine. but kill someone else....

1188 days ago


@ AndUKnowThisMan: You shouldn't be taken wrong Ryan "Well" Dunn was a total pecker-head, but the Navy Seal thing doesn't really matter, at least to me, because it could've been anyone. I lost my Grandmother (father's mom) when she was sitting at the bus stop at around 3pm. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. I feel bad for their families, but never for them in particular... I know I should be more forgiving, but, I can't. Drunk drivers make their own decisions, and put Navy Seals, Grandmothers, Judges and Children alike at risk.

1188 days ago


@Khate sucks - Ryan Dumb made tons of cash being a jack ass and he died acting a jack ass. He was drunk driving a killed his passenger.... Some one should shoot a movie called "Ryan Dumb killed his friend." Heck how about a new law - every drunk driver in America gets his/her profile on

1188 days ago


Lucky this idiot only killed one other person. The piece of garbage could have hit some family head on and killed all of them too. One less drunk on the road. Good.

1188 days ago


Lucky this idiot only killed one other person. The piece of **** could have hit some family head on and killed all of them too. One less drunk on the road.

1188 days ago


OMG :(
Hopefully they didn't suffer. Its so sad :(

1188 days ago
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