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Ryan Dunn's Porsche -- Scorched Heap of Scrap Metal

6/23/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn's wrecked Porsche 911 GT3 is now sitting in a tow yard ... just a few miles from Monday's fatal crash ... and all that's left is a mangled heap of obliterated car parts.






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i think posting this picture is not necessary I just hope the friends and family members dont pull up this website its just too much really makes me to not want to look at your website anymore because I do realize honestly now how trashy and low class you all really are posting things like this. shame on you!!

1220 days ago



1220 days ago


wow i am speechless. RIP RYAN XO

1220 days ago


Awesome pics!!! Lets see more!! Lets display them in Every bar that has Jackass Fans!! This is why I can't wait for the autopsy pics!! So exciting lol

Chill you Fan Freaks, this isn't Ryan.. it's just Proof Ryan f*cked up.

This is LIFE and DEATH people! Happens every day, all day. If you can't handle it, Stay in your little box and don't ever leave home. Butt remember, a Drunk Driver can still plow through your livingroom :>

1220 days ago


There is absolutely no reason that someone should be able to drive a car on the road that can go 140 mph.

1220 days ago


You people saying it's bad taste, etc. to be showing these pictures have your heads buried in the sand!

How would you feel if this idiot had smashed into someone you care about? The world is lucky he only took out himself and his passenger!

EVERYONE needs to see these pictures! Especially young people who think they're invincible!

1220 days ago


Really TMZ THis is Really Low of you guys, comon.

1220 days ago

Elvis Andretti    

@niles there is no reason to deprive other (sensible) people of the right to own a car like this just because some jackass couldn't handle it. Most GT2 and GT3 911s get trailered to the track and back, but sometimes people drive them there, scare themselves stupid in a supervised environment and then drive home.

Me? I'm going with the boxter, much easier to control with the mid engine. Not even getting the "S" model, don't need 300+ HP for Sunday drives. (If I do there's always the wife's Mustang GT, she's a bit more of a primitive than I am, car wise anyway)

1220 days ago


Ok, so everything is burned and melted and the rubber from the tires looks brand new? Something's wrong in that picture!

1220 days ago


It's funny the way some are referring to Jackass fans, as if we are a bunch of cave people that are uneducated and emotionally remedial. Just because you are educated doesn’t mean you have to act like a pretentious as***** and watch do***entaries and CNN all day. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the real world and be entertained and that’s the very reason Ryan Dunn and the other cast members did crazy ****. RIP DUNN

1220 days ago


Good riddance.

1220 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

First, I want to compliment HarryPalms and other posters who have written some really excellent posts the past few days on just how stupid and tragic this situation is. How can anyone NOT learn from this? Have you ever had a loved one killed by a drunk? I have, and it NEVER leaves you. It is beyond senseless! (And HP, my sympathies to you on the sad loss of your grandmother.)

While it may seem unconscionable to show these pics out of respect for the family, I am ALL FOR IT...AND MORE! Yes! Take this heap of metal and display it at colleges and especially high schools throughout the country! THIS is what young drivers need to see -- the CONSEQUENCES of the CHOICES drivers make, because it IS a choice! You drink, you drive, YOU PAY!!!

When I was taking driver's ed many years ago, the instructor showed the class this horrid, AWFUL film of a crash right after it happened. I won't go into detail; suffice it to say, just seeing what happened to the people in that car shook me to the core and as a result of THAT, I have never, ever driven after drinking so much as half a beer.

So please! Those who think showing these pics isn't a good idea -- it is! Hopefully it'll do more than all the "talks" parents give their kids! They need to SEE IT in all its gory glory to have an effect!

1220 days ago


appaling to see what a drunk behind the wheel can do

horrifying for the families left behind

1220 days ago


"It's funny the way some are referring to Jackass fans, as if we are a bunch of cave people that are uneducated and emotionally remedial."

That pretty much sums it up. Well put.

1220 days ago


What's wrong with showing these pics? Would people object if they showed pics if he had died in a plane crash.

1220 days ago
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