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TERRIBLE 7-11 Hit-n-Run Driver Surrenders

6/24/2011 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The awful, terrible person who crashed into a 7-11 storefront on June 9 -- ran over a 7-11 worker -- and then fled the scene ... has finally turned herself over to authorities. 

The driver, 32-year-old Willaisha S. Rankins surrendered to authorities in Philadelphia Friday and is being held on $40,000 bail.

Willaisha's surrender was captured on video by NBC Philadelphia

The security footage of the incident shocked people across the globe -- because after Willaisha smashed the store ... her passenger casually opened the door and walked around the street like everything was hunky dorey.

As for the injured employee -- 24-year-old Gejea Ejeta -- he's reportedly "recovering well" ... but he's unable to return to work.


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Get Shawn Holley on the case and she will claim it was a stuck accellerator pedal and sue the hell out of the makers of the car. And the reason she took off was.......she didn't know she was supposed to help the guy. It wasn't written down and clearly explained to her, but she'll never do it again.

1226 days ago


32..... Really? Yeah Right

1226 days ago


Did anyone notice the guy fall out of the back passenger side of the car when she reversed? Maybe that guy can shed some light on WTF happened, OR maybe he is a doctor, just a normal evening car ride for a nurse and doctor, who rolls out the door......nice. Sad that they will probably have to pay this man's medical bills...let's hope they can afford it!! That poor employee had to meet these horrible people, now he's paying the price for going to work.

1226 days ago


Did everyone else see the guy roll out of the backseat door when the women got out of the front door? WTH?

1226 days ago


The passenger mighgt be a big loser than the driver...

1226 days ago


GOOD!! I hope that POS rots.

1226 days ago


Napoleon 36 minutes ago
This is shocking and sad. Reminds me a few years back, when a woman hit homeless man, had him stuck in her windshield in garage where she left him and he died and then tried to cover it up. How could humans be so uncaring to another human?

I remember that, and if I am not mistaken it was a slow painful death and this man was begging that woman to get him help but she wouldnt do it because she was high on ecstacy and didn't want to go to jail. I don't understand how some people can be so uncaring. This is something I could not do to my worst enemy.

1226 days ago


Someone said maybe it was an accident and she was just trying to get into a parking space... sure, right.

I have seen a version of this video where you can see her ALREADY PARKED in the lot, and she's there for a bit until the guy starts taking out the trash bag; at which point, she backs up and waits for a few seconds before slowly driving forward; as that other car gets into the space, it almost looks like she was trying to avoid them but she SPEEDS UP and rams right into the guy!

Sorry, just... color aside, which in my mind isn't even a relevant fact to this... this was NOT an accident.

The dude rolling out after she backs up? Bet his ass didn't want to be int eh car when she got caught.

1226 days ago


Wacker .... You dont know what she saw or wht she did it..she bailed thats for sure but past that you know squat. I am not defending her at all she did an awful thing . What I said was that you dont know anything about it past that and that it is not effective for a society to dehumanize each other .. I did not like TMZ saying she is a terrible person , they do not know that either . All that can be said is that she did an awful thing and that the law will deal with it just as they do every day .

1226 days ago


Cinderf*ckinrella 54 minutes ago
Am I the only one that thinks this crazy b*tch looks like she is in her 50's? Wow, that is a rough looking 32 year old.

My first reaction was: if she's 32 then I am 16 years old. I'm 34 and she looks like my grandma

1226 days ago


glad that we have one less ignorant person. she is one of the worse kind of people ever! she will undoubtedly get off with a slap on the wrist though. hell her bail is 40,000 and it should be more like 400,000!

1226 days ago


Did you see the ****** rolling off the car?

1226 days ago


DOES nobody see the 3rd person in the car that jumped out in the BACK and rolled on to the ground and walked the opposite direction of the front passenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello!

1226 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

btw, that was lindsay lohan in a fat suit who casually walked away from the scene. i enlarged (yeah, she's really THAT FAT when you enlarge the image!!! O.o!!) the images, and you can clearly spot that that was her. how'd she make it back to La so fast??!

1226 days ago


$40,000??? Really? I would think $400,000 would be more appropriate!!!!

1226 days ago
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