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TERRIBLE 7-11 Hit-n-Run Driver Surrenders

6/24/2011 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The awful, terrible person who crashed into a 7-11 storefront on June 9 -- ran over a 7-11 worker -- and then fled the scene ... has finally turned herself over to authorities. 

The driver, 32-year-old Willaisha S. Rankins surrendered to authorities in Philadelphia Friday and is being held on $40,000 bail.

Willaisha's surrender was captured on video by NBC Philadelphia

The security footage of the incident shocked people across the globe -- because after Willaisha smashed the store ... her passenger casually opened the door and walked around the street like everything was hunky dorey.

As for the injured employee -- 24-year-old Gejea Ejeta -- he's reportedly "recovering well" ... but he's unable to return to work.


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The woman who got out of the car can't be human. How do you ignore human life this way?

1130 days ago


Smitty 15 minutes ago
The woman who got out of the car can't be human. How do you ignore human life this way?

There are several in this video that are NOT human. There were at 3 in the car that hit the unsuspecting man. One nonchalantly walks away, the other rolls out of the car and looks at the driver like WTF? and there is yet another one in the car that was struck before she hit the 7-11 guy!! Not one of them bothered to check on the poor man that went flying through the window! As far as I'm concerned everyone besides the driver should at least be charged with leaving the scene of an accident. The driver should be charged with everything they can slap her with for being so stupid and ignorant!!
Where is this place again so I make sure I never visit! Looks to me like the people there don't rat's arse about anyone but themselves!
This turns my stomache!

1130 days ago

Marybeth Snyder    

Bravo to TMZ for putting up the wanted info on this woman. My grandmother was killed by a drunk driver when I was a kid when she and my grandfather was on vacation. Then when I was 17 a friend wa***** and left to die on the side of the road. They never caught that person back then (1979), but I hope the guilt has made them suffer. I see it on the news a lot that these things happen and I think she should be thrown in jail for a good, long time. Sadly that probably won't happen.

1130 days ago

South Beach    

Would love to see this POS chick and her worthless passenger locked up for a lengthy stay on the state. Doesn't get much lower than these skanks.

1130 days ago


Stupid b*tch... if she would have gotten out the car to see if the guy was Ok, maybe i could feel sorry for her but she didn't! Sooo in return someone should run her dumbass over and see how it feels to be left in a pile of glass

1130 days ago


That piece of trash is a NURSE - I assume she has been fired but still.

1130 days ago


kitnplayn 7 hours ago

Passengers have no control over a vehicle.

>All three were in a position to render aid and none of them even bothered to try. The trio should be in jail for what took place.

1130 days ago



1130 days ago


obviously, she fled because she was drunk and/or high. so in the grand scheme of things she is no more awful than a lot of people. it happens everyday. sad.

1130 days ago


hmmm... work at 7-11 all your life or get smashed by a car through the window and never have to work again? i'll take the latter please

1130 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Jafo Fubar18 hours ago


What exactly do you have in common with Jesus where you would use his image as an "avatard"?

One: didn't he say something about loving your neighbor?

Two: you do know HE WAS NOT WHITE?!? The man you worship was either black or middle-eastern. Is your anger towards them (blacks) because they are closer to looking like your god then you do? Just asking...

So, why don't you..."get real".


Let me assure you.

I have NOTHING in common with Jesus.

I have that avatar just to PIZZ OFF folks like you.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

You be a FOO.


1129 days ago


Willaisha S. Rankins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would never have put that name and that photo together.

So predictable.

1129 days ago


this is just crazy and what is it with 7-11?? my friend lives and works at the 7-11 in Ocean city Maryland and the exact same thing happend to him and he is very serious condidtion wirh multiple broken bones amoung other injuries. I pray for the speedy recovery for both of the 7-11 employees!

1129 days ago

Jafo Fubar    

Actually, I could care less... Most folks who invoke that gent's name are usually doing so to hide the dark twist inside themselves. I proudly eschew all organized religion and mock the "symbol" minded who find peace/strength in using him blindly against others. So, who is the "foo"? He who attacks blindly without regard to who he faces, or he who laughs at all and gives power over himself to nobody...

1129 days ago

Jafo Fubar    

But your ignorant racial bias does link you in spirit, to the outside world, as being way closer in ideology with the "moral majority" then you might want to admit. Even to yourself. So, if a misinterpretation of a young rabbi's teachings are not the source of your insipid little hatred, what black person wronged you so greatly that you lump all of them into the same vein of character. Show me a race/creed/ or tribe of people that have NEVER caused harm to another. You can't. WE ALL ARE THE SAME. S*** COMES FROM EVERY RACE. AND EVERY RACE HAS "SINNED" AGAINST ANOTHER. So don't just cast this cretinous piece of trash based on her race. Rather, judge her as a human. Then you can string her up for the contemptible thing she did. But do so because SHE is contemptible; not because her race makes you insecure.

1129 days ago
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