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MTV to 'Jersey Shore' Cast:

Arrivederci For Good!

6/24/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Jersey Shore" confirm with TMZ ... MTV will say goodbye for good to the current cast when they wrap Season 5.

Although some big wigs on the show denied it last week, we're told MTV wants a fresh cast of characters after they wrap Season 5 -- which begins shooting in New Jersey Monday.

Here's the thing.  MTV gets the best of both worlds.  They can keep the "Jersey Shore" machine going by growing a new crop of much cheaper stars.  And, as for the break-outs in the original cast -- including The Situation, Snooki, JWOWW and Pauly D ... the network has already signed them to spinoffs.


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So, now what?

These complete knuckleheads have had their 14 mintues of fame, and in that time have given themselves horrible reputations, so, what job is next for any of them? Spokeperson? Models?

Working at a Burger King? Attempting to go legit if you will?

Young and stupid, and that money they made will not last forever under the cir****tances they have right now. I'm very sure they live a wealthy lifestyle, and since their last names are not Hilton, this ends their cash flow. And I susepct their lifestyle.

Did I say young and dumb already?

Truth be told, shame on the likes of these reality TV producers, they use people up, HELP them ruin their reputations, encourage them to have bad behaviour on TV for the whole public to see, and then pay them a lot of money, and kick them to curb.....

1185 days ago


Since I don'*****ch I don't know why I am so happy to hear this news. But I am. Good Riddance!

1185 days ago


Rocko 23 minutes ago
I'm really sick and tired of people acting ALL Americans watch this crap show. I know plenty of people who don'*****ch this show, including myself. I've never seen an episode and don't plan to. I knew there was a reason why I stopped watching (M)TV years ago.


Ditto i haven'*****ched MTV in years. Their Fake Reality TV crap is sooo boring and white trash, and their having anything to do with music drew to a close in the '90s. Just rename it FRTV already and be done with it. MTV is dead.

1185 days ago


best of both worlds for MTV, two fresh new circles of hell for the rest of us.

1185 days ago


Yay! Snooki can go back to prostituting herself for real now.

1185 days ago


Foreigners who hate this show and despise Americans for watching it and making it popular have watched more episodes then i have apparently, because i've yet to watch a single episode. So have most of the people i know, but then they're not lowest-common-denominator type Americans either.

Eurotrash probably love this show too, you know being the European equivalent of our white trash. Blame THEM for it being on the air over there. They're the reason there's a market for it.

1185 days ago


What does the M in MTV stand for? I know it used to stand for Music, but what does it stand for now? Mook TV?

1185 days ago


MTV is dead, dead, dead. The Execs need to let the corpse out of the closet already and respectfully bury it. Rename the channel something in-line with their current programming, like White Trash TV (WTTV).

1185 days ago


Awah the money grab FAILED. HAHAHA

1185 days ago


I think MTV is going to be surprised by how easy it is to replace these tools. Not to mention how cheap. People will watch drunken lowlifes regardless of how much they are making per episode. I'm sure the ratings for a new cast will be close to the same as for these tools, who all think they are movie stars now. I'll bet they could get a bunch of drunk losers to do it for free, and then they will wonder why they paid all of this money to these no talent skanks

1185 days ago


Too bad they don't handle it like the Eskimos used to.. just put them all on an iceberg and let them float away.

1185 days ago


Does anyone remember the days when MTV actually played music videos? Lets go back to that and let these no talent assclowns disappear.

1185 days ago


I Think That If They Changed The Cast It Would Be A Stupid Show That Wouldnt Last.! I Mean When Lauren Conrad Off The Hills It Wasnt As Good As When She Was On It! I Would Probly No*****ch Jersey Shore If They Did Do That!

1185 days ago



1185 days ago


A clan of idiotic dirtbags from Jersey.

1185 days ago
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