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MTV to 'Jersey Shore' Cast:

Arrivederci For Good!

6/24/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Jersey Shore" confirm with TMZ ... MTV will say goodbye for good to the current cast when they wrap Season 5.

Although some big wigs on the show denied it last week, we're told MTV wants a fresh cast of characters after they wrap Season 5 -- which begins shooting in New Jersey Monday.

Here's the thing.  MTV gets the best of both worlds.  They can keep the "Jersey Shore" machine going by growing a new crop of much cheaper stars.  And, as for the break-outs in the original cast -- including The Situation, Snooki, JWOWW and Pauly D ... the network has already signed them to spinoffs.


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its about time.

1124 days ago

Boba Lola    

Good Job, cut these guys loose already. No one is going to give a damn in less than a year, we are tired of them and we don't want a fresh batch!!!

1124 days ago


Damn, you all are some haters... if you're so disgusted and not concerned with these people, why are you reading and commenting on articles regarding them.

1124 days ago


these kids know their time is up....the show is scripted..yes they throw in some drama from time to time, for ratings, but they are laughing thier way t to the bank while viewers get mad at the actors.. its mindless t.v.. little work needed to make money.....its about ratings and money.....if there werent morons who watced these shows they wouldnt be where they are...the more millions they make, they more it indicates why other countrie*****e us and laugh at us.....we abuse our freedoms....we dont use itin the right way.....its becoming a cosmic joke

1124 days ago


lighten up everyone. as foolish as they could times..some funny stuff. yes...if you're going to cast for the Jersey Shore..pick people from NJ this time.
and if you dont like the show..that's the beauty of a remote to change the channel

1124 days ago


So much hate being written on here, yet they have HUGE ratings. Makes me wonder if this is just a guilty pleasure for all of you hating on this cast.
I live minutes away from where they shoot this show, yet I know this cast does not represent ALL of those who live in New Jersey.
I guess I'll be the first to admit that I actually watch this show. I think it's totally stupid and random. But for me it just brings back memories of being young at the Jersey Shore. Renting houses with random people and befriending them.
Going to the beach during the day and partying all night long.
But some things have changed or maybe I just wasn't involved with all the pick-up behavior this cast displays.
I'd go out dancing with all my girlfriends, have a good time, talk to the boys and go home. There was absolutely no sleeping around with strangers "for me" after a good night out.
The first season was good, second season was all about Ron and Jenny's relationship, proof that one should never fall in love at the Jersey Shore.
And now they are just too old to be going in and out of clubs, starting fights, and getting drunk. They are not in their early 20's anymore, so it no longer works.
But I'll watch when a new cast is brought in, just like I watched this cast play out their lives for us at the Jersey Shore.
If you've never been to New Jersey don't put down our state. We are for the most part a civilized society with some very wealthy, famous zip codes of our own. Alot of our residents run Wall Street, the fashion industry, and movies are shot here on a regular basis !! So everyone just get over it !!!

1123 days ago

casting agent    

i found the new cast, they're already friends....

1121 days ago

dia zap    

r.i.p. jersey shore, have a nice life else where!!!

1121 days ago


NOOOO!!!! why do they need a new cast???? NOOOO WAY!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! HMMMM.....

At least Snooki and Jwoww will having a new spin off.....

1120 days ago


I am not impressed. I will probably never watch it again with new people on it!

1120 days ago


Finally, some fresh faces. I wonder if the new cast will be just as nuts :) Although there is no need to feel sorry for them. Most cast members will still be making bank. They either have their own show or product lines. Snooki is becoming known for her strange style of sparkle studded zebra sunglasses and Ronnie has a line of supplements!

1119 days ago


Its sad tht thy are like this in real life,i mean did there parents not tell them whats right and wrong or care tht thr marketing thmslvs as horrble romdls.. The guys look like womanizrs nd the females look like hoes tht drnk 2much. really MTV ur network is a joke y dnt u air thngs tht are mre importnt 2 society thn ppl tht show us hw nt 2act. we pay these ppl so much money 4 doing wht ???? nd yet hard working ppl n the real world r hurting nd dnt gt paid should b fair..guess in a perfct world thngs would make sense..

1117 days ago


I have a better idea, how about after Season5 they not only dump the original cast, but the show too.

1097 days ago


im a js fan nd i dnt think i will watch it after season 6 because no one gonna like it in it will be canceled this is the worse thing mtv could do we all fall in love with this crazy cast yes they have there ups nd downs who dosent nd if u say u dont then u full of crap lmfao everyone has some issuse so wat they party nd drink nd had fun ppl that dnt like show think there jealous because the dnt no how to get down nd y dont mtv let them do it there the one that made this show not some off wall kids i dnt think i will watch it i want the full cast back hopefully mtv changes there minds

1055 days ago

Leilani Walker    

UM they should not replace the jersey shore cast.It would be so ****in stupid If they did.And also the spinoffs dont work coz they're only funny when they are together.They Inspire me soo much.And whoever hates them should just get a life.*******s haha.ILOVEJERSEYSHORE

1046 days ago
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