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'King of Infomercials' Busted for Vitamin Fraud

6/24/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Lapre, the self-proclaimed "King of Infomercials," has been indicted for allegedly defrauding several hundred thousand people out of millions of bucks by making bogus vitamin claims.

Don Lapre

Lapre, who has been a fixture on early AM TV hawking various products, was arrested and now faces 41 counts of conspiracy and fraud by selling The Greatest Vitamin in the World -- yes, that's the name.

The FDA begged to differ, concluding that Lapre was making wild claims about the vitamin that were simply unsupported by the evidence.

Prosecutors say more than 200,000 people were snookered into paying $52 million for the supplement.

Lapre could not be reached for comment.


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Swindling ~ the American way to wealth.

1160 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

People couldn't tell that douchebag was a crook? Go figure.

1160 days ago


What law did he break exactly? He's like a used car salesmen...they make up **** to sell you garbage car...ever heard a used car guy say "this is the greatest ride in the world"...I dont understand this lawsuit...Suzanne Summers told garbage...EVERY PRODUCT ON INFORMICALS IS CRAP FOR THAT MATTER!!! They should all be banned then...

1160 days ago


Stiletto 6 minutes ago

If my math is correct, 52 million divided by 200 thousand equals $260......... a bottle. If so, they deserved to get ripped off.
As I said in my prior comment I actually bought a bottle of their vitamins and if my memory is correct I think the bottle cost $19.95 plus S&P.

I wouldn't buy a bottle of vitamins for $260...... dollars from anyone.

1160 days ago


I thought Kevin Trudeau was the "king of infomercials". I never heard of Lapre.

1160 days ago


I remember these infomercials and always called bullsh**t.

1160 days ago


Now if they could only get Kevin Trudeau.

1160 days ago


Stiletto 33 minutes ago

If my math is correct, 52 million divided by 200 thousand equals $260......... a bottle. If so, they deserved to get ripped off.

It's probably an automatic bi-monthly re-order kind of scam. And it's probably like over a year's worth of payments. However, it does say "more than 200,000 people"; so I'm sure it's quite less than $260...... per person.

1160 days ago


Do they have informercials that are gay in Canada?

1160 days ago


He was a no-show to his arraignment. US Marshals arrested him in Tempe after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

1160 days ago


No sympathy here. Anyone who buys anything from an infomercial needs to get a life and quit buying into the bull****. I mean really, who does that? People are so GD brain dead and gullible. I call it stupid. If I'm going to buy anything like that, I'll go talk to my doctor or pharmacist. It's not rocket science to do your homework and not buy into idiots on TV.

1160 days ago

who dat    

He's been a cheap hustler ever since the first time on TV.

1160 days ago


I HATE THAT... I want to buy a gemstone from the depths of the tanzanian soil not a PLASTIC DYED ROCK... Idk if that happens, but just an example... so annoying

1160 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm I want to sell this line of explosive vests terrorists can use to make attacks. Should I get the 15 or 30 min. infomercial?

1160 days ago


Who are you people that buy into this infomercial **** and what is your education? Seriously. I've never bought anything from any of them, and I have bought things online at, etc., but only after I researched it and know about it. What the hell is wrong with you people? Idiots born everyday. I would like it people would quit being so stupid/dumb ass so I could turn on my TV without seeing this bull**** on TV. Even channel surfing it annoys me that I have to have this **** in the privacy of my own home.

1160 days ago
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