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'King of Infomercials' Busted for Vitamin Fraud

6/24/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Lapre, the self-proclaimed "King of Infomercials," has been indicted for allegedly defrauding several hundred thousand people out of millions of bucks by making bogus vitamin claims.

Don Lapre

Lapre, who has been a fixture on early AM TV hawking various products, was arrested and now faces 41 counts of conspiracy and fraud by selling The Greatest Vitamin in the World -- yes, that's the name.

The FDA begged to differ, concluding that Lapre was making wild claims about the vitamin that were simply unsupported by the evidence.

Prosecutors say more than 200,000 people were snookered into paying $52 million for the supplement.

Lapre could not be reached for comment.


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So this guy gets nailed to the wall for making bogus claims and taking sucker's money. Meanwhile the jackass that predicted the world would end and solicited all those religious people (who for some reason don't think with their head) into making millions of dollars in donations gets nothing. Weak!

1184 days ago


josie maran doesn't have **** to do with her skincare line... is he a scientist? a chemist? no, so neither does he.

1184 days ago


He likely will go to jail for ax evasion or something like that. There isn't FDA rules or laws about vitamin contents. It is scammy for sure, but not illegal. I always buy vitamins that have been tested for their content voluntarily. Like lots of the other posters here, I bought his stupid "tiny classified ads" infomercial product. It was worthless, I returned it, never got my money back.

1184 days ago


The scheme was to get viewers to pay Don to set up a website to sell the vitamins -- how many websites did the boy need? THAT was where the money was.

1184 days ago


So Larpe got caught up with..hmm!

I don't feel one bit sorry for those who believe these info crap commercials..Messenger making promises and these people so naive, trusting, ignorant to believe these so called Vitamins/Supplements can cure or prevent an illness or disease when God couldn't cure them!

I remember a company called SR (you figure out) whose sales people were outright claiming they had the Vitamin/Supplements that would cure victims of CANCER! It took year's for them to get caught up with and a slap on the hands..

My friend took the SR supplements and proclaimed he would never in his life time have to wear glasses as this was the cure..How about two year's later and I see him wearing glasses?

1184 days ago


Now can they put Kevin Trudeau back in jail?

1182 days ago


If any of you watched the latest season of Dexter, this story might sound eerily familiar: self-help guru spending all his time in a gym, hiding from the police… Life imitates art, or the other way around? Who knows, maybe a vigilante is responsible for Lapre’s wounds.“king-of-infomercials”-don-lapre-attempts-suicide-in-fitness-club-to-elude-arrest/

1182 days ago

When fresh fruit isn't readily available, dried fruit is another way to obtain sunshine in a package. Concentrated in taste, dried fruit is also concentrated in nutrients. For example, about one-fourth of a cup of dried cherries has about 20 percent of your vitamin A needs and 4 percent of your daily iron. We found a dried-plum (formerly known as prune) product, produced by Mariani Packing Co., called "Premium Pitted Prunes Plus," which contains 10 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, 20 percent of vitamin B-6, 20 percent of vitamin B-12, 20 percent of vitamin E and 20 percent of iron, all from a one-fourth cup serving.

1161 days ago

Great Vit!    

Funny! I bought his Vitamins and they worked great for me. I also know other people said the same and couldn't wait to buy more. Lapre had people running his company for him and trusted things to go right. Lapre is a Wonderful Person and these trumped up charges are a bunch of crap! Don't believe everything you read because it is twisted! If you knew the real story you would not be so quick to put Don Lapre down for just wanting to help people stay well. The media if half truths which is worse than all lies! There are a lot of people out there that have gotten rich following his programs! The ones that didn't most likely didn't want to put the work into it! Anything he advertised worked for him because he did it first so he knows if you did the work he told you to do it would have worked for you too! Don't throw stones unless you are perfect yourself!

1126 days ago


Amazing...58 comments and not a business person in the bunch...Ok, deduct 100k to 150k in refunds for years from that 52 million. Deduct the stacks of $1000 checks paid out weekly to those who did make money. One of his customers made over 100k in one year. He worked at it. Deduct employee salaries, rent, utilities, etc. How much do you think Lapre made? Is there anyone out there who has any idea what they are talking about?

1104 days ago

Kevin Trudeau lol    

Federal agents stopped the car Lapre was in, near Warner Road and Interstate 10 in Tempe, they found the marketing guru suffering from deep, self-inflicted knife wounds to his thigh and groin.

The U.S. Marshals Service believes the vitamin peddler had been trying to hit his femoral artery in order to bleed out and commit suicide. The ultimate method of eluding capture.

Full Story:

1100 days ago


Not many individuals really watch television ads, but some people do buy what the individuals in them are selling. Consumers need to take care, as there are some serious infomercial scams out there. Article resource: Be wary of infomercial scams

1000 days ago
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