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Kings of Leon

Concert Tribute

to Ryan Dunn

6/24/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The band Kings of Leon honored their friend Ryan Dunn at a concert in London this week ... asking the crowd to make a toast to "a friend of ours who passed away" ... before playing a song in his memory. 


The band then broke into a rendition of their song, "McFearless" ... and lead singer Caleb Followill told the crowd, "This is for Ryan."

During the performance ... images of the "Jackass" star appeared on the giant screen behind the band ... followed by the words, "Ryan Dunn 1977 - 2011."



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Cleveland Gal    

It is nice that they honored their friend but, I don't think I would honor a drunk driver who took his life, the life of his friend and put others on the road in danger because he decided to get behind the wheel of a car. Kings of Leon should of mentioned the dangers of drunk driving maybe they could of saved a few lives that night.

1217 days ago


Wow, all you haters, i take it yous have never lost anyone close to you through an accident or a mistake, ****in hypocrites.

1217 days ago


@John - This was no mistake or accident. Ryan Dunn CHOSE to drink himself into semi-oblivion then CHOSE to get into his car and CHOSE to drive at horrendously unsafe speed. His friend, God rest his soul, CHOSE to get into the car with him. They died because of stupidity, not because of an accident or mistake. That he's being glorified all over the internet really upsets me. The only good that came out of this was that no innocent bystander was injured or killed because of this idiot's death wish.

1217 days ago

Larz R    

Yes, Ryan made a terrible decision, and paid for it with his life. His passenger also made a terrible decision and paid for it with HIS. We get that. What people seem to forget however are the friends and family left behind that DIDN'T make a bad decision and are left without their loved one. It's called greiving, not glorifying. People who are paying tributes are not promoting drinking and driving, they are remembering a friend and family member they are now living without.

1217 days ago


NOT an accident

NOT a mistake

1217 days ago


I love KOL, so disappointed in them. Why don't they honor the guy Ryan killed? This has got to pour salt on the wound for his family.

1217 days ago


A toast to a selfish, reckless drunk driver who only killed one person beside himself while driving over 140 mph. Real class act Kings of Leon.

1217 days ago


Stop talking **** alright.. Okay, Zach and Ryan did something stupid but who hasn't done anything stupid while drunk? And It's not fair of you people to talk **** even though in your eyes they deserved to die, because at the end of the day there are alot of people out there mourning because they have lost a friend or a familymember. And you should remember that maybe some of them might read your comments.... And I know for a fact that if it was one of your friends that got drunk and got behind the wheels and killed himself, you wouldn't say those things..

My heart and thoughts are with Zach and Ryans friends and families, I know it can't be easy, but take care of each other through this hard times<3

1217 days ago


You guys should also remember that these "idiots" are someones friend or familymember. And for them they meant alot. You wouldn't say this at all if you knew Zach or Ryan.
Rest In Peace Zach and Ryan. My thoughts are with their families and friends <3

1217 days ago

Kris in NYC    

People... chill the F out! No matter how he died, their friend is still gone and they are honoring the love they have for a friend.

1217 days ago

Bob Young    

The passing of Ryan Dunn has brought with it a lot of controversy. Everyone really needs to calm down. A man lost his life, a mother, her son, his friends, a friend.
What I am most focused on is that he is the first of the crew to go after professionally cheating death for over a dozen years.
When you are young, death is really an oblique concept. Sure, every high school has a kid who doesn't make it to the graduation ceremony for one reason or another. But, for the most part, death is for grandparents.
Youth tricks you into a lot of things, love and immortality being just a couple of those.
Don't blame Ryan. Accidents are not premedatated acts. Sure, he shouldn't have drank and drove. And, I am sorry for the family of his passenger. But equally sorry for his family and friends.
Calling them "white trash" is a hateful, narrow minded and rascist comment.
Ryan was a successful young man with a lot to live for. It's a damn shame he won't get to finish his life.
RIP, Ryan Dunn. Thank you for the laughs. And, to his friends and family.. My deepest RESPECTFUL condolences.
P.S. My Mom always said that it's wrong to speak ill of the dead. I think that is a good approach to this situation.

1217 days ago


So the next time a stupid ******* teen kills someone for texting and driving or an old **** who shouldn't be driving does the same, you are gonna call them killers and murderers right?! Same thing... What a bunch of retards you are. And I pray to god Jessica Witmer dies a slow and painful death. piece of ****

1217 days ago




1217 days ago


He may have been their friend but that is no reason to honor a drunk driver who killed not only himself but another person. Way to go. Let's promote that it's 'cool' to drive drunk and drive at 140mph and kill someone else. What a country.

1217 days ago


Yeah! Let's pay tribue to a murdering, drunken ********.

1217 days ago
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