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Kings of Leon

Concert Tribute

to Ryan Dunn

6/24/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The band Kings of Leon honored their friend Ryan Dunn at a concert in London this week ... asking the crowd to make a toast to "a friend of ours who passed away" ... before playing a song in his memory. 


The band then broke into a rendition of their song, "McFearless" ... and lead singer Caleb Followill told the crowd, "This is for Ryan."

During the performance ... images of the "Jackass" star appeared on the giant screen behind the band ... followed by the words, "Ryan Dunn 1977 - 2011."



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What kind of friend or family would let this bozo drive around drunk going 100+ MPH all the time?

What did they expect?

Oh, thats right, they KNEW it would happen - and did nothing.

So those stupid bozos ought to be feeling guilty as hell, and look out you might just get sued too. Good thing and innocent person wasnt killed or you would be homeless after they were done with you.

Now fo get drunk and pull off a jackass stunt in the woods where you wont hurt anyone else.

1214 days ago


Dunn dat dat done!

1214 days ago


Really, KOL? How do you think that "toast" went over with the dead passenger's family? ... Should have offered a prayer instead. ... You're wandering too far from your roots, guys.

1214 days ago


All the holier than thou trolls of the world - take a break, huh?

2 human beings lost their lives - one of which made millions of people laugh, which is a beautiful thing.

Stop being trolling pieces of dung and live by better example if you're all so great. Posting ugly comments on message boards around the net isn't really much better of a life choice.

1214 days ago


KOL famewhores encourage your fans 2 drink and drive classic!

1214 days ago

Donkey Punch    

Well Done!!!

1214 days ago


Haters, keep on hating. RIP Ryan Dunn <3

1214 days ago

Stephen G    

All these people being hateful towards Ryan Dunn, guess what???

He won. You hate him, talk crap about him. But here's the thing, you're talking about him. He has the last laugh in death because you're wasting your time and energy on him. Even If you're being negative, you're still honoring his memory.

He will be remembered, and he's loved by millions, regarless of all the passion you put into hating him.

No one will ever remember YOU when YOU die.

1214 days ago


That is nice they are paying tribute to him. I feel like the other guy who died should get a tribute too though.

1214 days ago


Tribute to stoopideety.
Kings of Leon are just capitalizing on the D-bag's death.
Kings of Leon are another pop band that sucks the same as Ryan Dunn, only they're still alive.

1214 days ago


Jeez, some of you people are downright mean. Sure he died in a really stupid, reckless way, but he was still a person who had friends and family who are grieving.

1214 days ago


Some A-hole who gets blitzed, drives his car into a tree after driving well over 100 mph and kills someone else doesn't deserve a memorial from anyone!!! As a victim of a drunk driver I'm amazed and appalled at how acceptable this is! I'm very sorry his passenger lost his life and hope the passenger's family sues the heck out of Dunn's estate! The drunk that hit me had lousy insurance and no money so I didn't get jack for everything I've lost as a result, maybe his passenger's family will fair better.

Ryan Dunn CHOSE to drive drunk, CHOSE to drive incredibly fast WAY OVER THE SPEED LIMIT so in effect he CHOSE his own death. Unfortunately his passenger also lost his life (although he did get into a car with a drunk behind the wheel)--I'm just so glad that he didn't kill anyone else on the road...I wonder though, how many close calls were there with him on that road that night????

1214 days ago


It is so horible that people have the nerve to talk about the deceased the way they are. That's someone's family or friend!! It was a very stupid thing to do and there's no way his passenger was a "victim". Come on now did he put a gun to his head and make him get in the car?? I don't think so. If there was another vehicle involved it would be a different story. Be nice people, how would you feel if this was your son, brother, friend etc....

1214 days ago



I love you and will miss your face!! They lost a dear friend in a horrible accident lay off it.. If you weren't there to toast SHUT THE HELL UP it would have been you'r decision to make that toast with an alcoholic drink or not.. He was an amazing person who has made a mistake he obviously cant take back and his family has nothing to do with this and anyone who brings them or his friends in to this is SICK AS HELL...

1214 days ago


Please, just because his count was high doesn't mean he was drunk. drinking two drinks will make you over the limit, but you wont be drunk. He had a fast fun car. When they left that early morning, he or his friend prob said, lets test this car out. Late at night, no one on the road, who knows a animal prob crossed his path, know one knows. What if his friend was driving? Calling him this or that is dumb, sure they did a dumb thing that night driving that fast, and paid the price, give the guy a break. I'm sure some of you people on this board drove home drunk or drove home not drunk but was over the legal limit but made it home safe,,whats that called? attempted murder?

1214 days ago
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