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Kings of Leon

Concert Tribute

to Ryan Dunn

6/24/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The band Kings of Leon honored their friend Ryan Dunn at a concert in London this week ... asking the crowd to make a toast to "a friend of ours who passed away" ... before playing a song in his memory. 


The band then broke into a rendition of their song, "McFearless" ... and lead singer Caleb Followill told the crowd, "This is for Ryan."

During the performance ... images of the "Jackass" star appeared on the giant screen behind the band ... followed by the words, "Ryan Dunn 1977 - 2011."



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Robert latorre    

Don´t be hypocites!!!....when he did alot of his stunts do you really think he was sober??????? But did you laugh and have a good time???? Now that he has died you criticize him for something that helped make millions laugh?? I don´t want you to think I am for Drinking and Driving but I do want you to take responsibility for ENCOURAGING his acts.....Don´t be hypocrites!

1214 days ago


Wow...toast a person who killed himself and someone else by drinking and driving....then get in your car and drive home....what idiots! A moment of silence would have sufficed. King of Leons, you just made one of the biggest mistakes of your so called career!

1214 days ago


Jessica Witmer 3 hours ago

Jessica, OMGOSH your so darn perfect all of you people who are bashing on the comment thread are soooo darn perfect!!

1214 days ago


The point you all seem to be missing as that they are honoring his life...NOT the way he died. No one is glorifying drinking/driving.
Thanks for the laughs, Dunn.

1214 days ago


KurtK 32 minutes ago

Yes play the victim role!! We need more victims KurtK sorry you thought you could get a quick buck and are so angry you were unable too. How about spreading your word in a more appreciated environment to young people who need to hear your story!!

1214 days ago


I do not approved of what this guy did, but it was a tragic accident. How many of you on here have ever had too much to drink? I have. You do stupid things, b/c the booze affects your ability to make sound judgements. I'm sure he didn't set out to die...yes, he made the choice to drink that night, which turned into too many drinks apparently. But of those who have ever had 'one (or ten) too many' have you done something very reckless and foolish under the influence? The mistake he made was having too many drinks (not murder), but everything after that was effects of alcohol. I do not think it is anyone elses responsibility to "look after" those drinking, but I do wonder why those around him let him get in the car. Were they ALL that drunk? The foolishness about the entire incident (and so many others involving celebrities) is that they could EASILY afford a driver for the evening. In the rare moment of sobriety, be responsible for yourself if you know you are going somewhere to drink all night. Or, before it gets out of hand, make the call to have somoene pick you up at a certain time. That is really where I see the mistakes that were made. It was a lack of responsibility (for himself and others) that led to this accident, not some arrogant fool that maliciously set out to cause harm. I'll sit back now and wait for those who live in glass houses to throw the first stone...

1214 days ago


This is what I don't understand. If you're a s*&tbag in life, which this guy obviously was, and you die, why does that automatically absolve you of being a s$%tbag?
Anyway, point is moot. World is a slightly better place without this s*&tbag in it.

1214 days ago


This guy is DEAD because of his OWN actions! He was a LOSER, a MORON, a drunk and a killer...He deserved to die and if anyone feels sorry for this s*** bag they are INSANE! Bet he's not laughing 6 feet under!

Learn from this fool people..drink, drive - DIE..and go BYE..BYE...

1214 days ago


While my thoughts are with the family & friends of Mr. Dunn and the gentleman who were tragically killed I can't help but notice, and feel somewhat dismayed, by the fact that Mr. Dunn is being honored as a "Random Hero" yet he killed a man with his senseless antics. Yes, he was a funny and a talented individual but in the end his reckless behavior cost two lives and damaged many more. We need to shed more light on Drinking & driving and the ever reaching effects it has on so many! I sincerely feel for all of those who are personally impacted by this tragedy and I do not wish to imply Mr. Dunn was a bad person, yes he had demons, we all do, but in his heart & soul he was a good & loving person to those who meant something to him. We just need to acknowledge the fact that this could have been avoided and two lives could have been saved. Please, please, please stop praising him and start using this tragedy as a growing reminder that alcohol, driving & speed are a deadly mix. For in the end he could have killed a mother, father, brother, sister or child on the way home to his/her family.... R.I.P Mr. Dunn.

1214 days ago


@Samantha - It was released by the police that his blood alcohol level was something like .196, which is more than two times the legal limit of .08. To the idiot who went on and on about being able to have two drinks and be over the legal limit, but not drunk: Get real. Ryan was more than 2 times the legal limit. You think he was sober enough to drive?

My prayers are with the loved ones of these two men. They're the ones who are the victims.

1214 days ago


Kings of Leon are among the biggest bunch of inbred alcoholics in the music business---they are constantly wasted, and fight among their inbred "Followill" selves. I mean come on---their old man is not just a preacher but a drunken moonshining alkie.

Its near blasphemy they would honor a fellow drunk who killed another innocent and risked potentially killing other innocents. Enough of the Jackwad debauchery glorification---BAM and KINGS, you're friend would have been called a murderer had he lived by the courts---and you would have been Jackwadding with him in State Prison.

Clean up your acts---all of you. you're playing russian roulette, not just with and among yourselves, but the innocents. Pay attention during those Drunken Driving Commercials showing little kids holding teddy bears that have been senselessly killed by the likes of those you toast and never say NO to when they've had enough.

Gutless---BAM, KINGS, the whole lot of you for not protecting and saving this supposed friend of yours from himself and others. Get sober yourselves.

1214 days ago


RIP RYAN DUNN Thanks for all the entertaining fun and laughs, I will miss you dearly. I also want to thank Wee-man(Jason) for a nice tattoo that pays tribute to the "Random Hero". Please stay strong jackass guys, Ryan would for you.

1214 days ago


all of you who are bashing ryan dunn. he was still a human being yes he shouldnt have drove drunk, but think if someone from your family or friends died while they were driving drunk you would still mourn their death so just shut up.

1214 days ago


he got what he deserved and shouldn't be given a tribute or memorialized in any way. the passenger deserved death too for getting in the car with this man.

1214 days ago


I imagine everyone's seen bam all broken up talking to that reporter. hes another victim among many, sentenced for the rest of his life to go without his friend. he lost a big part of himself to due to this horrible accident.

Fate is a funny thing. like a little piece of string holding everything together. you tug on that string just a little and everything falls apart. then it takes years of emotional repair and sanity to get it all put back together if for just a glimpse of its former self.

Ryan has changed bams path in life (and many others) he was very important to him. over a moment of bad judgment that could have been prevented.

1214 days ago
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