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Report: Ryan Dunn Had 11 Drinks Before Fatal Crash

6/24/2011 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn had ELEVEN drinks before stepping into his Porsche and crashing it off a Pennsylvania highway ... this according to a new report.


According to MyFoxPhilly, Dunn downed the drinks over a 4-hour period. As we previously reported, Dunn had a blood alcohol level of .196 at the time of the crash ... more than twice the legal limit.

According to Fox, investigators believe Dunn ordered 8 drinks at the bar ... and then received an additional 3 drinks from fans while he hung out in the back.

According to Fox, that means the bar is off the hook -- because they didn't serve him the final three drinks, which investigators believe pushed Dunn over the edge ... into visibly drunk territory.

If true, it raises a bigger question -- namely, why didn't anyone STOP Dunn from getting into his car if he was visibly intoxicated?  It's the Roger Ebert argument.


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I'm with Ebert.

1195 days ago

tired of hearing about them    

Sorry but I can't feel sorry for him. He was so frickin stupid to be drinking and then get in his car. Driving 130 mph after 11 drinks, what an a -hole. Sorry about the guy in the car with him, just really glad he didn't hit a car full of kids or something.

1195 days ago

Oscar P.    

To answer TMZ's closing question-people let their friends get in cars who are intoxicated to impairment every single day all over America. I'd bet less than half the convicted drunk drivers when they get behind the wheel believe they were intoxicated to the point of being impaired. The same is true of folks who get into/cause serious traffic accidents who are impaired.
Add in that there are a lot of people out there who think that to be impaired or have slowed down reflexes and such that you need to be falling down drunk, which isn't always true.

1195 days ago


I agree... 11 drinks over 4 hours isn't that much. It's the speed that did that poor bastard in. Regardless, glad no other innocent bi-standers were hurt.

1195 days ago


Is this even a bit surprising? How bout WeeMan go get a tat of the dead war vet instead of this drunken idiot.

1195 days ago


this is so sad it really is those ppl at the bar should be held accountable for that and his friend that was with him should've known better to it's all just so sad and could've been completely avoided had someone said no ryan don't drive you've had too much.

1195 days ago


A true jackass

1195 days ago


I was about to ask what kind of drinks, but then I remembered it doesn't make him any less dead.

1195 days ago


I'm starting to think all cars need a breathalizer installed so they won't start if you are legally drunk - only way to stop idiots from driving drunk. Sure it's a pain for those who aren't stupid a**es but it would save innocent lives.

1195 days ago

bobby smith    

Hey BAM..... your buddy is a killer! and risked other peoples lives in the process.

1195 days ago


he is a murderer he tried to be a mass murderer and failed 130 on a country road while drunk with a passenger is murder.I hope he had a clear moment before he screamed to death

1195 days ago

Master Po    

Honestly while I feel bad for the family I really feel bad for the people who just wanted to have a drink with the guy. Now they have this over their heads for life.

1195 days ago


Whoever those "fans" were who fed him the last drinks and watched him get in his car, well, they know who they are, and they'll have to live with themselves. Fans don't let their idols drive drunk.

1195 days ago


How far was it from the bar to where he was going? Hell even an average person can afford to have a car towed. He could have road with the wrecker driver and heard a 100 stories about lethal DWI wrecks.

1195 days ago


I'm still convinced the accident was caused by a drag racing, drunken deer. I refuse to allow facts to taint my belief of how the accident SHOULD have happened.

1195 days ago
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