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Report: Ryan Dunn Had 11 Drinks Before Fatal Crash

6/24/2011 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn had ELEVEN drinks before stepping into his Porsche and crashing it off a Pennsylvania highway ... this according to a new report.


According to MyFoxPhilly, Dunn downed the drinks over a 4-hour period. As we previously reported, Dunn had a blood alcohol level of .196 at the time of the crash ... more than twice the legal limit.

According to Fox, investigators believe Dunn ordered 8 drinks at the bar ... and then received an additional 3 drinks from fans while he hung out in the back.

According to Fox, that means the bar is off the hook -- because they didn't serve him the final three drinks, which investigators believe pushed Dunn over the edge ... into visibly drunk territory.

If true, it raises a bigger question -- namely, why didn't anyone STOP Dunn from getting into his car if he was visibly intoxicated?  It's the Roger Ebert argument.


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Why didn't HE stop HIMSELF from having 11 drinks. It was his responsibility, not anyone else's.

1113 days ago


Give me a break TMZ, what do you mean "Why didn't someone stop him" look at the crew he hangs and associates with.

1113 days ago


"If true, it raises a bigger question -- namely, why didn't anyone STOP Dunn from getting into his car if he was visibly intoxicated? It's the Roger Ebert argument."

Wow more disingenuous twist-the-facts "reporting" from TMZ...

Fortunately Radar Online scooped them (yet again!) with a much more concise and credible reporting of events. TMZ's staff writers are such pot stirring douches. That's why a refuse to acknowledge them as a news outlet like they claim they are. The reality is TMZ is just a sh*t-for-brains gossip rag with no integrity whatsoever.

TMZ writers could never write a report like this if their life depended on it.

"By Cliff Renfrew - Radar Reporter

Police investigators believe that fans of Jackass star Ryan Dunn may have unwittingly bought him drinks that contributed to his fatal car crash, can reveal.

Dunn and co-passenger Zachary Hartwell were killed instantly when the madcap actor lost control of his Porsche 911 at speeds of around 140mph while being twice over the legal limit.

West Chester State Police Liquor Control Enforcement Sgt. William La Torre now believes that fans gave Dunn drinks in a secluded area of an outside patio at Barnaby’s Of America bar in West Chester, Pennsylvania, before he got into his sports car.

After quizzing bar staff and patrons while examining video footage from the bar he concluded that the outdoor patio bartender knowingly served Dunn two beers and six shots during a four hour period.

His bar bill equated to these drinks but further investigation showed that fans bought the Jackass star one beer and two additional shots before 2am.

Sgt. La Torre said that these drinks likely “spiked Dunn’s blood alcohol level."

“His BAC was likely on its way up at the time of the crash given the drinks he consumed at the end of the night,” he added.

La Torre revealed that surveillance video did not show Dunn to be visibly drunk and interviews with multiple witnesses said at no point did Dunn appear intoxicated.

But La Torre explained that this could because Dunn had a high tolerance for alcohol and that he did not have any food while he was drinking.

He said that it would have taken 30 minutes for the alcohol to fully affect him which would have been around when the horror smash happened.

The investigator claimed that stories Dunn had visited other bars were false – he started a bar tab at Barnaby’s around 10.30 pm after entering with Hartwell and joining a third male friend.

La Torre said Dunn appeared to be ‘a happy guy’ and posed for multiple pictures with fans – the infamous Twitter pic of the three men was taken two hours before the crash by the outside bartender.

The surveillance video showed Dunn disappear at one point, which is when he moved to a secluded patio table with his buddies.

Police believe the extra drinks before 2am hiked Dunn’s total alcohol consumption to three beers and eight shots over roughly four hours that would equate to a BAC of about 0.19.

The outside bartender told the police she thought that Dunn had left the premises and it wasn’t until closing time that she discovered he was still inside - Dunn posed for a final photograph before he left around 2.30am.

Dunn crashed his Porsche at 2:38am on the Route 322 bypass in the area of Pottstown Pike – West Goshen police believe he was travelling at speeds up to 140 mph while being twice over the legal limit."

1113 days ago

Oscar P.    

Dunn officially listed his height in bios as 5'9". People forget that while that while guys we watch on tv and movies seem large/tall whatever that frequently these showbiz types are height/weight challenged when you see them in person. So 11 drinks might have been a lot for him.

Again people-11 drinks over 4 hours, even if you honestly are naive' enough to think that's not very much, even if you wouldn't hit the legal blood alcohol limit for your state-you are still going to have your reaction times and such slowed down by the alcohol. If your reaction times are slowed down, driving over 100 mph is really really dumb and yes, alcohol would be a contributing factor to your death.
Besides in the Dunn case preliminary toxicology says he was 2.5 times over the Pennsylvania legal limit.

1113 days ago


Tetra: YES, he DID kill an innocent bystander. He wasn't alone in that car.

What does it matter if it was the first eight drinks or the last three? Blame the fans not the bartender? What, the bartender doesnt know who the fans were buying drinks for?

1113 days ago


so what's 11 drinks to a big fat alchoholic?

1113 days ago


terrible loss of a life but he was a "Jackass".

1113 days ago


My theory:

He seemed so "invincible" in the Jackass films, his "fams" at the bar thought it was cool...

The dumbing down of American people - it's a real problem.

1113 days ago

Amy W.    

Personally I find it very sad that Ryan Dunn died, because I truly liked the show he was in. HOWEVER, I feel TERRIBLE for those who have been directly affected (mainly his buddy who also died), his family, and Dunn's family/friends.

I have a hard time believing it is the bars fault that RYAN kept drinking and RYAN got drunk and RYAN got behind the wheel of RYAN's car and RYAN's car ran into a tree.

Anyone noticing a pattern?

1113 days ago


...because people don't like to say no to people with "power" like Britney Spears. When people have "power" and money they feel like they're above others so they won't listen anyways... plus, everyone wants to be on their side so they'll never say tell them no.

1113 days ago

Ghost Rider    

So does that include those girly shots?

1113 days ago


As a person who has had a loved family member killed by a drunk driver I have no sympathy at all for him, Rather him dead than innocent kids or people going about there daily lives,

Imagine if he had hit another car/cars full of family members YOUR family how would you feel.

You drink and Drive you suffer what comes

1113 days ago


meme 3 minutes ago
Tetra: YES, he DID kill an innocent bystander. He wasn't alone in that car.

What does it matter if it was the first eight drinks or the last three? Blame the fans not the bartender? What, the bartender doesnt know who the fans were buying drinks for?


Actually the innocent bystander was with him the whole night, knew he had been drinking, and accepted a ride home from Dunn. Not so innocent it seems but a willing passenger of someone who he had been drinking with.

Report i heard was Dunn was driving him home before meeting up with others somewhere else.

No doubt he was drunk but knowing the general area i really have to wonder if a deer didn't scare the crap out of him at +130 and he planted it in the trees. It's crazy dangerous to be flying around SE Pennsylvania roads at those speeds.

1113 days ago


The world is a safer place with this idiot dead. Take what's left of him and put it on an public service announcement for what happens when you are what he was.

1113 days ago

Ronald McDonald    

Dunn had ordered 2 beers and 4 shots over the 4 hours he was there. Some fans supposedly ordered him a coupleof drinks but the only guests who commented on it said that he didn't drink them but passed them to his buddies.

He was used to having a couple of beers so those drinks surely didn't affect him in a way in which he would be visibly drunk.
Also on the twitter picture he was deliberately looking down instead of in the camera accodring to the bartender who took the pic. In the pics from the fans from that night he looked normal.
He left the bar around 2:20 to drive his buddy home. They passed his house though and went to Waka to grab something to bite at the Greenhill Road. Dunn stayed in the car and Hartwell went in to get the food and drinks.

Now from here on it gets strange. Instead of just turning around and driving half a mile/mile back and dropping him off, Dunn made a huge detour to get on the 322 which goes absolutely straight for miles and leads to the exit where the crash happened.

I would say there are quite a few scenarios possible especially when taking those second set of skid marks in consideration.

a. someone dared him to race while he was waiting in the car so they both went to 322. The driver in front of him hit the brakes and Dunn tried to evade him and instead crashed into the woods.

b. Dunn and Hartwell wanted to do a little test drive on 322. Dunn tried to evade something (perhaps a deer) on the street or a tire exploded and he steered off into the woods. The second set of skid marks may be from a witness or someone who saw the fire and stopped to help.

c. I highly doubt they indeed tried to get that exit (Dunn is kind of an experienced driver and knows the neighborhood there perfectly. No way he missed the exit. I bet that road is the place to go to when you want to try out the max speed of your car. Ask Bam..), BUT since he was driving a porsche at high speed and on a road that is in less than perfect shape, the car tends to understeer because of the rear wheel drive, the far out back motor and massive power. So he could have tried to drive with 130 mph on that ramp and the car understeered and he crashed. But to try that you would have to be REALLY REALLY drunk. If he were he could have made it all the way around town to crash on a perfectly straight road while trying to take an exit at 130 mph..

Anyway, imho the crash was due to something on the street that he tried to evade or to an exploded tire. And not because he had 2 beers and 4 shots over the course of 4 hours. The police said that he looked perfectly fine when leaving the bar after reviewing the security tapes. Also if they were both so baldy injured and in that fire, how did the police suddenly get that BAC from? From what blood? How come the toxicology report takes 6 weeks and one day after the crash they know the BAC? And how come no one ever mentions the second set of skid marks?
It's very easy to call it a drunk-driving incident and close the file..

1113 days ago
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