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Report: Ryan Dunn Had 11 Drinks Before Fatal Crash

6/24/2011 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn had ELEVEN drinks before stepping into his Porsche and crashing it off a Pennsylvania highway ... this according to a new report.


According to MyFoxPhilly, Dunn downed the drinks over a 4-hour period. As we previously reported, Dunn had a blood alcohol level of .196 at the time of the crash ... more than twice the legal limit.

According to Fox, investigators believe Dunn ordered 8 drinks at the bar ... and then received an additional 3 drinks from fans while he hung out in the back.

According to Fox, that means the bar is off the hook -- because they didn't serve him the final three drinks, which investigators believe pushed Dunn over the edge ... into visibly drunk territory.

If true, it raises a bigger question -- namely, why didn't anyone STOP Dunn from getting into his car if he was visibly intoxicated?  It's the Roger Ebert argument.


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I just hope and pray he was so out of it, and Zach, too, they didn't know what was happening when the accident was taking place. :(

1187 days ago

Ronald McDonald    

Dunn went for one and only one reason onto that 322 road after he already had passed the house of his passenger, drove to Waka to buy food and then took a 10 minute detour instead of just driving back to his passengers house which was on the SAME street as the bar (Barnabys) AND the restaurant (Waka): he went there to drive fast. Zach knew Ryan for 20 years. He knew what was going on, he took the risk.

1187 days ago


KERAY 49 minutes ago
I just want to throw it out there and tell me if you agree 11 drinks over 4 hours doesnt really sound like alot shouldnt drive but i think speed was more of a factor then alcohol
Are you serious? 11 drinks -- mostly shots -- is a TON of alcohol..which is why his BAC was more than twice the limit.

As far as speed being the ultimate cause - uh ..would have been driving so fast - had he not had his inhibitions down from the excessive drinking? Also, would he been able to see the road more clear and not veer off, if he had been sober?

The dude was drunk and did what a lot of drunk drivers do--- he speed and drove recklessly and killed his passenger.. and himself.

1187 days ago


I've seen so many comments calling him a murderer. Do you people even know what the definition of "murder" is?

1187 days ago


Correction on my last post: sped, not speed..

1187 days ago


I call this murder, his passenger didn't have a chance

1187 days ago

Ronald McDonald    

gd45 3 minutes ago
Care to share a link proving they stopped to get food, because I can't find it in a single report.... and until I do, I'm gonna believe the cops over some random posting on a gossip site.

Moron. It's the newspaper of West Chester.

Here you can read up on the route they took and that they got something to eat first.

1187 days ago


@GD45 Here's the Link

Fox 29 has learned the timeline of events leading up to "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn's deadly crash early Monday morning and that prior reports misstated his alcohol consumption.

Fox 29's investigative reporter Jeff Cole has learned from sources that Dunn had a total of 11 drinks over a four-hour period, and not eight, the number that has been widely reported.

Dunn had twice the legal blood alcohol limit in his bloodstream when he was traveling more than 130 miles per hour when he wrecked his Porsche in West Goshen Township, Pa., on Monday morning.

Dunn died along with his friend, Zach Hartwell.

Investigators have stitched together a timeline of the last hours of Dunn's life.

The timeline shows that at 10:31 p.m. a buddy opened a bar tab at Barnaby's Of America in West Chester. Ten minutes later, Dunn and Hartwell entered the bar.

The men stand around the bar and Dunn knocks down a beer and a shot.

Investigators, pouring through that bar tab, video from inside and outside the bar, cell phone pictures and interviews, have learned Dunn remained at Barnaby's from 10:41 p.m. to 2:21 a.m. when he's seen on the street in front of the bar.

Investigators have learned Dunn was served two Corona beers, which he poured into plastic cups, and six shots by a bartender.

The shots included Jameson Irish Whiskey, straight, and what's called a Pickleback, a shot of Jameson with a pickle juice chaser.

Investigators believe the two beers and six shots, served over four hours, brought Dunn's blood alcohol level to a BAC of .10.

That's above the legal limit to drive, but not enough to make Dunn, who investigators believe had a high tolerance for alcohol, appear visibly intoxicated.

It is why the bar will not be charged.

Dunn and his friends later retreated to a back table to talk. It's where fans approached and offered him drinks.

Dunn at first refused, but later accepted two shots including another Pickleback. Investigators believe he also accepted a beer from a fan.

Investigators think it was those final three drinks that pushed his blood alcohol level to a dangerous 0.196 by the time of the crash.

At 1:45 a.m., and it is last call. Dunn got up to leave Barnaby's at 1:55 a.m. He high five's the bartender, has pictures taken, uses the bathroom and emerges from the bar onto the street at 2:21 a.m.

A bar camera captured the scenes, sources tell Fox 29.

Dunn had not eaten during the entire time he's in the bar.

Investigators say Dunn and Hartwell climbed into the Porsche and stopped at a Wawa convenience store on Pottstown Pike in West Chester, where Hartwell got food while Dunn remained in the car.

West Goshen police have obtained video from the store's surveillance camera and their accident reconstructionists are looking at it.

Moments later, investigators say, with the affects of the alcohol numbing his senses, Dunn pushed his Porsche to 140 mph and crashed through a guardrail, skidding down an embankment and into a tree, bursting into flames.

The preliminary the toxicology from the Chester County Coroner’s office confirmed Dunn's blood alcohol concentration was .196. The legal limit in Pennsylvania is .08.

The coroner said there were no “drugs of abuse detected" in Dunn's system.

1187 days ago


Ryan Dunn: Murderer.

1187 days ago


LOL rjsj I already told you sonnnnn google some facts. No need to be so ignorant with your views try expanding your feeble mind.

It's easy dude try


1187 days ago


Ryan Dunn: Murderer.

1187 days ago

Rhoda Penmark    

How many did he have after?

1187 days ago


Tami 11 minutes ago
Bam doesn't owe anybody an apology!! Ebert should've kept his mouth shut. The way I see it Ebert's the JACKASS!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there Bam. R.I.P. Dunn.


GTFO if Bam doesn't own anybody an apology for all the incredibly stupid crap he's pulled then Roger Ebert sure as hell doesn't own anyone an apology either.

1187 days ago


i cant believe the bar is off the hook ...8 drinks they know it was his porsche ... what ****t up friends he was that day ...RIP grace

1187 days ago


LOL rlsj grasp another straw.....Dunn is guilty of man slaughter he is lucky he is dead just like your brain.

Drinking and driving is a no no 11 drinks is just stupid.


1187 days ago
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