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Report: Ryan Dunn Had 11 Drinks Before Fatal Crash

6/24/2011 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn had ELEVEN drinks before stepping into his Porsche and crashing it off a Pennsylvania highway ... this according to a new report.


According to MyFoxPhilly, Dunn downed the drinks over a 4-hour period. As we previously reported, Dunn had a blood alcohol level of .196 at the time of the crash ... more than twice the legal limit.

According to Fox, investigators believe Dunn ordered 8 drinks at the bar ... and then received an additional 3 drinks from fans while he hung out in the back.

According to Fox, that means the bar is off the hook -- because they didn't serve him the final three drinks, which investigators believe pushed Dunn over the edge ... into visibly drunk territory.

If true, it raises a bigger question -- namely, why didn't anyone STOP Dunn from getting into his car if he was visibly intoxicated?  It's the Roger Ebert argument.


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I will state the obvious. Drunk driving bad. Ok. Yes. It doesn't take a million people to state that. But over the last 5 days I've read some of the nastiest things written about Ryan Dunn. The man died a horrible death, ok? As did the passenger. I think some are missing the point: this was an ACCIDENT. He did not intend to do this. It was a huge mistake. He didn't even realize his reaction time slowed down hence he crashed. Remember, he was someone's son, friend, etc. He was very loved. Did he make mistakes? Was he perfect? If one of your children did this - obviously NOT on purpose as did Ryan - would you be so quick to call your own child a murderer and such? No, I don't think so. You want to do something? Be positive. Learn from it, love & forgive and move on.

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1225 days ago

Ronald McDonald    

Here is a map of his route that I just made.. Hartwell could have left the car when passing his home..

1225 days ago


Please really RLSJ and you call MJ gay?



1225 days ago


Yeah and thats why u are a clown ronald when you are doi ng 140 it's hard to stop.....


1225 days ago


This is how my Police report read " suspect was travelling on south 95 at speeds of excess of 90 to 110 mph" I thought i was Indestructable. Me a person of my stature, My abilities as a bulls--t artist and above all my superior knowledge... actully lived to tell about it. The same night( April 2, 2009 ) a drunk driver killed a first time Major League Baseball Pitcher who just threw his first Major league 6 inning no hitter (I can't remember the Team I think it's the Angels). I was not to have my last drink or drug for another 7 months because of my attitude i described in the beginning. you know after 6 or 7 beers,three or four shots of yeager and jack you would think someone in thier right mind would have tried to stop me, but let's get serious here how many of you have friends like i first described at the beginning of this? and i did it hundreds of times... with friends and family members who thought i handled myself fine when actully i was the last person that you would ever want driving a vehicle of any kind. I can recall at least a dozen times that i should have been locked up and the Police Officer let me go... after talking to them face to face!!
I'm not placing any blame on anyone, and I'm willing to bet that not many who have commented can cast the first stone, but we have to get the message out to our friends and family members (WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE)that if they choose to drink in a wreckless manner then we should take whatever action needed to save there's or an innocent persons life. If not it very well could be your son,daughter,mother,father,best friend or even a jackass who we'll read about or bury next. Oh ya the night that i had a year sober the gentleman who killed that Major League Picher recieved 52 yrs. WOW

1225 days ago


I think this drunken murdering jackass is done his 15 minutes of fame.
Who really cares, anymore? One less boozer on the road.

1225 days ago


@shesays .. yes if one of our children did this they would be a murder. Yes. We would still love them as I'm sure Ryan's family and friends do but that doesn't change the fact that he broke the law and did something completely stupid. As usual people like you love to ask 'what if it was your child, friend' .. well what if the passenger was your child, family or friend? .. how many people every year have their child or friend killed by a drunk driver. Drinking and driving is not an accident.. it's a choice and it's a crime... sorry.

1225 days ago


Why hasnt Bam apologized to Ebert for his filthy mouth? Cus he's a Jackass. Thats why. Bets on whose the next jackass to win a Darwin award?

1225 days ago


It doesn't matter how many drinks he had, he shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel. The test showed his blood alcohol level at nearly .200. thats insane. forget the airbags, put breathalizer starters in the cars. or just be responsible!!! Damn it how many people have to die? Hire a driver you spoiled "stars".

1225 days ago

Mike L    

I love how some of you assume "everybody has driven drunk". Speak for yourself. I haven't driven drunk, because I've never been drunk. I don't drink alcohol at all. So before you say "everybody", think about how many people "everybody" is.

1225 days ago


It's obvious there was foul play at the bar that night. And whoever was surrounding Dunn that night should feel pretty guilty for letting him walk away toasted. Dunn wasn't in the postion to make a rational decision at that point... and those last 3 drinks... you might as well call that the murder drinks. Think about it.

1225 days ago


One less jackass on the road posing a danger to other drivers. I'm OK with that! And don't cry to me about how cruel it is to his grieving family. They brought up a stupid dip****, not me.

1225 days ago

the real diva    

i agree with ebert. i cannot feel sorry for the jackass he chose to drink and drive. he is the one who killed himself and his passenger. only good thing is he didn't kill anyone else..
someone should have took the keys from him. or he could have called a taxi. but he didn't. so i don't feel bad for him. he pretty much killed himself..better himself then some innocent person in another car or walking down a street.

1225 days ago


Celebrating this jackasses life is like celebrating Michael Jackson's life. Both were held in high regards, but both were sick people, regardless of how they made us feel in life. MJ was a pedo and everyone knows it, but status can make evryone forget. They are both where they belong.

1225 days ago
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