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Tiger Mistress -- Pants On Fire Over Voicemail??

6/24/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' mistress Jaimee Grubbs -- the chick who released that infamous Tiger voicemail back in the day -- swears she didn't do it for the $$$ ... but is she really telling the tooth???

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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM! You had an affair with a married man, who then paid the price for his infidelities BIG TIME. If Gloria Alwrong uses the word "victim" to describe any of these females, she should be disbarred, & the females should then be sued for slander. You are not a victim. You are an opportunist.

1183 days ago


I know this is kinda mean but, I think she should buy herself a tooth to close that gap..... Just sayin.

1183 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Tiger Skeezer is right.

1183 days ago


This might have been interesting a year and a hal****o, but the Tiger Woods scandal is ancient history these days.

1183 days ago


Harvey and TMZ is getting worst by the hour now. B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!

1183 days ago


Jaime doesnt know about the Poly Max Extremes Tiger used while playing Golf. Only the girl that got 10 million rachel knows which is why she can't talk or she loses the money. Tiger hasnt won a game since his crASH INTO A TREE. tHE TRUTH WILL COME OUT.

1183 days ago


Businesswoman?!?!?! The only thing Rachel Uchitel ever did was be the first whore to jump out for Gloria Allred to extort $10 million from Tiger Woods when his marriage came apart. Then, stupid ass lowlife reality show producers started throwing her easy money opportunities like she's some celebrity. That's not running a business! That's whoring your way up without any remorse!

Oh, I almost forgot. The whore also jumped at the 9/11 funds and lied about being some broker's fiance so that she could collect $300K from the 9/11 charities. The bitch should have been in prison, not committing adultery with Tiger Woods.

It's too bad some people praise bitches, like her, as being a savvy "businesswoman" just for lying, cheating, stealing, whoring, and extorting .

1183 days ago


disgusting lesser ADULTS who don't even know how worthless they become by doing that... people like these women have NO brains... maybe since they haven't entered a school in like 17 years

1183 days ago


two-bit lying, scandelous slore. (sl*t-Wh*re). it was always for the money. it tiger was an average "john" the 10.affairs would be still happening. thats what men get for pra
ising slores.

1183 days ago


She's proof that Tiger needed better taste when picking women to tap.

1181 days ago


Victim my foot. And she enjoy every moment of being a victim that now she is telling everyone about it.

1180 days ago


The hush money $10 million bucks was to keep Tigers secret of using poly max Extremes on the golf course a secret. Tiger hasnt won a game without it. maybe now she can spill the beans alot of golfers (pros) know about him using it. everyones afraid to come forward.

1160 days ago

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