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TMZ Live: Metta World Peace Didn't Tell Wifey!

6/24/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ron Artest -- aka Mr. Metta World Peace -- stopped by TMZ Live today ... telling Harvey and Jason he kept his name change so secret, he never even told his wife.

And, Harvey will tell you why MTV is smart for giving the "Jersey Shore" cast the axe.


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(0:00) Today's topics: Ron Artest's crazy name change, Lindsay's booze excuse, the "Jersey Shore" reboot, and the 2nd anniversay of MJ's death.
(6:00) Ron Artest in the house! So ... WHY did he change his name to Metta World Peace?
(7:50) What names did Artest pass on before choosing MWP?
(10:10) Hilarious ... Ron didn't even TELL HIS WIFE about the name change!
(16:00) Will Ron retire an L.A. Laker?
(25:00) Lindsay says she DIDN'T drink alcohol ... rather a fermented tea with a small alcohol content. So... Harvey and Jason do a TASTE TEST. You GOTTA see this ... because it ain't pretty.
(28:00) It's official -- Harvey wouldn't drink "horse piss" ... even if it were good for him.
(39:00) Crazy -- it's the 2nd anniversary of Michael Jackson's death ... which prompts Harvey to misspeak about the best part of his colonoscopy.
(46:30) The "Jersey Shore" cast will be changed after the fifth season ... is it good idea to disband their big stars?
(47:30) Mike says it's a great idea ... because MTV will not only cash in on the "J.S." spin-offs, but also interest in a whole new crew. 


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Definitely the scape goat!!! He and all the other doctors should have this on their record.

1161 days ago


I tell you what will work. Get some people on the new Jersey Shore who are knowledgable about progressive rock music, etc. in the '70s and have something to stay about it!

1161 days ago


You spelled "jerseys" wrong.

1161 days ago


About Michael J

Propofol does not give restful sleep. Usually the person taking it is going through a procedure they are anxious about... This drug puts them out and blocks the memory after waking... Michael NEVER had good sleep. It was stupid. But he could afford doctors to do stupid things.

The other thing about the kid issue... I don't believe it... I think his drug habits and self imag didn't put him there. His contemperaries had atendancy to invent images of themselves... Michael's started early right after Stevie Wonder, the other child cross over star.

I was thinking of this during MJs funereral when Stevie was Singing "I never thought you'd leave in summer"... (MJ wrote it I think). Stevie knew Mike his whole life. He really knew him... he NEVER saw his face change.

FRankly, After I saw This Is It... I was sure Mike was still alive and living in Ireland....

Tom's twin, TIM

1161 days ago

Josh Hottness    

I think that they should cancel The Real World and continue the same formula for the future of Jersey Shore

1161 days ago

C. Wilberding    

Testing is often imprecise for any chemical. It is hypothetically possible and she deserves the benefit of the doubt.

1161 days ago


This is sooooo boring!!

1161 days ago


I prefer the Lawyer Friday song intro and missed it. I think it emphasises that Jason Beckerman is there also, (Charles, Mike, Max etc. are great though) and the different intro tune emphasises that TMZ Live has variety. I like Beckerman, I think he's funny. Also amusing how virtually sitting anyone next to Harvey (who's also great, I wouldn'*****ch if I thought it was rubbish) becomes a comic foil.

1161 days ago


enjoy this interview for it's full 5min duration mr. peace.
no one gives a s##t about you. it will be the last interview
for a while.

1161 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Al Roker is 'eye candy'?

1161 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Oh wait...maybe Al is a man... so that makes him brain dead. He does look good in pumps.

1161 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Metta Pieman is a better name.

1161 days ago


wow that is so half assed that his wife didn't know, wow, is there going to be world peace now? is this going to make ANY difference at all? Not in the most minimally marginal bit.

1160 days ago
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