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Crystal Harris -- Pawn Queen

6/25/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Crystal Harris is angling to cash in on the $90,000 engagement ring Hugh Hefner slipped on her finger ... with a little help from a San Diego jewelry store.

Our jewelry spies were there when Harris stepped inside Prospect Jewelers in La Jolla, CA, asking for an appraisal on the ring.

The owner asked Harris if there was any documentation on the quality of the ring (cut, clarity, etc.,) but the playmate was in the dark. So Crystal called over to the Playboy Mansion -- on speaker phone -- for info on the ring.  The person on the other end of the line offered to fax Crystal the info -- but not immediately -- so Crystal left.

Our spy overheard the owner telling Crystal he was sorry to hear about Hef, to which Crystal replied, "Are you kidding? It was all for publicity."

WHAT? Their love wasn't real??? Get out!!!!


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Mark my words,
All the publicity she
got from being engaged
to Hef isn't going to
sell her music.
She's an embarrassment to
decent women and a gold
digger. Yuck.

1163 days ago


POS, you're suppose to give back the engagement ring, regardless if the marriage proposal was for publicity or not. Deserves her right if the ring is Cubic Zirconia or she loses it.

1163 days ago


Um, in the state of CA, isn't the engagement ring supposed to go back to the person who bought it? Regardless, SHE called it off, so in that case it should go back to him anyway. What a money hungry skank.

1163 days ago


*Atleast Kendra was good in sports and had actual talent.*

Whoa, whoa, whoa...are you KIDDING me? Ha-ha-ha... What talent? A talent for stripping, living off of men and an IQ of zero? Kendra makes Crystal Harris look like a brain surgeon.

Also, Crystal already tried to return the ring to Hef and he wouldn't take it. He also let her keep the Bentley he gave her. Yes, she's still a major dirtbag for trying to pawn the ring, but the effort was made to return it. It's also funny that every jumped on the "It was all for publicity!" comment like it was totally legit and confirmed. It was relayed to TMZ by a so-called "spy".

Whatever, they are all gross - Hef (it's like my dad interested in his granddaughter's friends - utterly nasty), Crystal, anyone who moves into that mansion.

1163 days ago

real deal    

It's kind of funny that she's selling it this quick and just hopping into any old jewelers to do it. How stupid. Desperate for cash already?!? Didn't she do a "big Vegas appearance" at the IHOP with Heidi plastic face? What about the latest issue of Playboy. Aren't those flying off the shelves with that big red sticker? I guess all that "publicity" didn't translate into $$$.

If she really wants to sell that ring, she should give Brooke Mueller a call, she knows a sweet little place in Inglewood...

1163 days ago

No comment    

Interesting enough there is an endless amount of young women who make there way to Hef's mansion. They are all there for their own fame and easy money. Its legal prositution, they sell Hef their young bodies, and he gives them an allowance and fame.

I could not imagine being in my 20's engaged in sexual activty with someone in their 80's. That says it all about those women.

1163 days ago


Well now sure does look like the *****CAT is out of the BAG! I knew it was FAKE!! HA! HA!! HA!!!

1163 days ago


If it was all for publicity why is she trying to get an appraisal on the ring. Just ask Hef for some money! She is waiting long to try to get the ring sold it looks like. Guess she was in it for the ring !

1163 days ago


I hope she, as well as Holly, Bridget and Kendra really understand and appreciate what Hef did for them. If he didn't make them his pretend girlfriends nobody would have ever heard of them.

1163 days ago


Lotta nerve.................

1163 days ago


Hef was supposed to get the ring back. Why does she have it and why is she pawning it? Shouldn't this piss Hef off and take her to court over this?

1163 days ago

Gold Digger

1163 days ago


Hey Chystal good news, the ring you won't return appraises for $90K!!!

Hey Chystal bad news, this means the true value is around $5-$10K!!!

My guess is that won't even cover your antibiotic prescription for a year. Rats!!!!!!

1163 days ago


Ummm...why is she keeping the ring?

1163 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Hoopee 3 hours ago

All for Publicity? FOR WHOM?

Was this supposed to somehow be a publicity stunt to bring in million$ for Hugh Hefner? If so that was a huge failure.

Was this supposed to be a publicity stunt for her photo spread in Playboy and her music career? If so, that's another huge failure.

So my question remains, if it was "all for publicity," who stood to gain from any said publicity. Honestly, it makes them all look like big LOSERS.

Totally agree. Exactly what was the point of this other than to be a laughingstock?

1163 days ago
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