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Lindsay Lohan -- The Rooftop Victory Celebration

6/25/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was so fired up about the way things went down at her pee test court hearing on Thursday, she celebrated on the roof with a HUGE smile on her face ... sans alcohol, of course. 

We're told Lindsay's brother Michael Jr. (pictured above) and their sister Ali will be staying at the pad while Lindsay lives out her remaining days under house arrest. According to our sources, Lindsay will continue to spend her time cooking, reading, watching movies, and catching up on business.

As for drinking, even though Lindsay legally can ... we're told she won't.

It's safer that way.


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Well, as much as im sick of hearing about Lindsay, atleast she fights for the truth to be told and I am proud of her for that. She needs to get over herself, really but with that said, im sick of hearing about tabloids. Dont write or print stuff if its not the truth. Print it when you know its the truth and have it confirmed, otherwise its SLANDER.

1161 days ago

Red Cloud    

vinsetta about an hour ago
I'd say Hollywood is laughing their asses off at her but they stopped paying attention to her a long time ago.
I think a whole heck of a bunch of people are paying attention, including Hollywood. These Google numbers are funny.

Linsay Lohan, popular.............129,000,000

Lindsay lohan, unpopular.......889,000

Movie Schedule

The Parent Trap, HALL, 6/26......twice
Georgia Rule, LIF, 6/27
A Prairie Home Companion, IFC, June 29

Fans just can't get enough, just can't get enough. How many movies have I listed for this month? I lost count. I'll provide an update for July in a few days.


1161 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

miss scott, does that mean that Lindsay slandered the Venice jewelers when she said that the necklace was a loan and then later pleaded no contest to theft?

Veiled threat fail

1161 days ago


Red Cloud green acres is on 3 times a day. the jeffersons is on 4

murder she wrote is still on. and amen 3 times a aday.

yes dear 4 times a day.

martin 5 times a day.

So pole rider what is your point

1161 days ago


i have never watched one of those movies red cloud.

I would rather watch water world then those.

Lindsay is just a walking vile of bad acting.

1161 days ago


The Judge tells her yesterday that she has poor judgement, tells her no rooftop partys, she says ok, than she goes and does this

LMFAO to her stupitdy, hope the Judge sees this, and some over due karma hits her real hard

One good thing this shows everyone (producers and directors too) she hasnt change, will never change and hasnt learned a F'in thing..Way to go Lindsay, you will never work again, just your cheesy Z list stuff hahahahahahhaha! to you Lindsay

1161 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Three Days Ago Miss Scott wrote:

Reggie Bush's New GF -- The Intercontinental Hook-Up
3 days ago
WAY BETTER PICK REGGIE!!! Shes hot. Kim has a fat butt, its disgusting the size of it. Theres nothing sexy about it and those who think its sexy, have issues! This girl is probably less needy, materialistic, less problems, less self absorbed, the list goes on! Dont compare kim k to this girl, there are nothing alike. Media whore vs..... this girl...huge difference. Kim K is the girl you FK but never bring home to mama.

Slander much miss scott?

1161 days ago



Lindsay is taunting you. :-)

1161 days ago


miss scott said this
Sean Kingston RELEASED From Hospital
3 days ago

fat fking pig. People who speed and drive get what they deserve. He endangered his passenger while doing so. He probably was drunk, just like that jackas* guy Ryan Dunn. No pitty for people like that. Kill yourself alone, dont kill your passenger or endanger people around you. There could have been a kid or a person in the water swimming and they would be dead. FAT PIG.

ok now its ok for lindsay to car jack run over a baby stoller.

duis and crashes but this almost thing is bad.

Miss scott STFU like the rock would say Lamezoid

1161 days ago

Ghost Rider    

So RW types after I leave that Lindsay does not care about what we think or have thought. Really? I doubt that... Take me for example. I am not and was not a fan, but about this time last year I see Lindsay on the tv crying like a baby. I actually felt for,so I sent her a card because thats the kind of person I was. Anyways, that has all changed. I could care less about her well being, and her future in the business thanks to the fact she really does not care about anybody, and thinks she is some king of god or goddess which she is not. She has a team of people like RW and JS to harass people for Christs sake, hell ant least Elanor/Nicole is polite. If you are losing potential fans and people that care about you because you are really a screwed up worthless human being like Lindsay, I think its really time to start caring. Lindsay couldnt even pass a personality profile test for a job working at Macys with her attitude.

1161 days ago

Who Farted    

Greedy LiLo stands up Lauer
Last Updated: 10:00 AM, June 23, 2011
Posted: 1:49 AM, June 23, 2011

Read more:

I love the title of the NY POST ARTICLE lol...Greedy LiLo lol

1161 days ago



Lindsay is taunting the Judge

1161 days ago


Ummmm, Pucket, taunting with what??? Ha ha ha, I'm under house arrest and am stuck here on the roof of my house if I want to get any fresh air??? Or, did you mean, look at me, and my ankle monitor that means I can't leave the perimeter of my house, but look at the kick a-ss tan I'm getting with this thing while sitting on my roof?

I'm not sure which one makes me more jealous?

1161 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Why anyone would care about Lindsay at all at this point is beyond me.

1161 days ago


I must point out once more, how the enablers only point is to harrass posters on here. They have no valid argument for making a comment, because lets face it, what good can really be said? So, they resort to harrassment.

1161 days ago
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