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Michael Jackson Fans Gather Outside Neverland

6/25/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hundreds of Michael Jackson fans made the pilgrimage to Neverland Ranch today to commemorate the anniversary of his death -- even though there was no actual event planned. 

We're told some fans camped outside the gates of Neverland on Figueroa Mountain Road last night. The fans show up in waves throughout the day -- gathering for a bit, bringing flowers, holding signs, singing songs ... then they eventually leave.

MJ passed away two years ago today. 


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yes michael jackson is dead but what give you the right to say you hate us (by us i mean his fans) did you cry when you found out what jesus did for us. and if you did, you did not know him personally (i am not saying that michael jackson is jesus in anyway because he is not but that is a good example of how you do not need to know someone personally to miss them.) jesus died for us that feeling makes all of us love him for what he did. on the other hand michael jackson with his music allow us or even dare us to dream. he told us with his music i want to heal the world and iam starting with the man in the mirror things that people also want to see or do. i can go on forever but the point is michael give us the feeling of hope and for others maybe he give more 300 million if iam correct. so HOPEE just because you may not understand fully does not give you the right to HATE us.

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you are soo awesome ans great and can sing

1182 days ago


im ma mj fan but people rest in peace doesent mean to to bother him he has been dead for 2 years ppl still crying theres no reason to gather around never land ranch just let the man rest in peace peacefully and happily

1182 days ago


listen hopee the only person being pathtic is you and if you didn't care then how would you feel if someone said that about you, and nobody is stupid in this world and it wasn't funny seeing people cry nobody starts laughing when you cry and everyone has cried in this world.

1182 days ago



You can stalk, copy my avatar and clone me all you want!!!

Only a non christian would post such blatant lies about the Jehovah Witness!!!

You need to thank the Jehovah's Witness for safe guarding your First Amendment rights.

Jehovah's Witnesses waged a tenacious legal campaign that led to twenty-three Supreme Court rulings between 1938 and 1946.

By vigorously pursuing their cause, the Jehovah Witnesses helped to inaugurate an era in which individual and minority rights emerged as matters of concern for the Supreme Court and foreshadowed events in the civil rights movement.

Thank Jehovah's Witnesses for speech freedoms!!!

You don't hear or read about any member molesting children like the Catholic Church, murdering people, stealing, adultery and so forth.

Members are upstanding, well manner and loving citizens in the community and they live their lives according to Bible principles and scriptures.

Apparently, you have a problem living "YOUR" life according to the BIBLE.

In no way are we giving way cause for stumbling, that our ministry might not be found fault with, but in every way we recommend ourselves as God's ministries. - 2 Cor. 6: 3-4

What is so sad, you hate people for that.


1182 days ago


Spikey 3 hours ago

No hopee you get a mother ****in life! Dang stupid ass people in the world dang we can't even cry because of people like you.


Dang stupid ass Spikey, you're CRYING over MJ's death, which was two years ago? And you're telling someone else to "get a mother****in' life?" Seriously, dude ... um, I mean ... Dang!

1182 days ago


HumanNature 3 hours ago

You don't hear or read about any member [Jehovah's Witness] molesting children like the Catholic Church ...


STATE v. BAGLEY was a 2007 Connecticut appellate court decision. Around 2004/5, in a jury trial, a Connecticut Jehovah's Witness, named Raymond Bagley, was convicted of sexual assault in the fourth degree and risk of injury to a child. In July 2001, an unidentified female minor, who was visiting a male minor at Bagley's apartment, fell asleep on Bagley's bed. She awoke to find Bagley sexually molesting her.

On appeal, Raymond Bagley did not dispute his guilt, but rather disputed whether he was legally competent to stand trial. Both prior to, and during his trial, Bagley had refused to discuss his case with medical staff or his attorneys. Bagley claimed that his Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs prevented him from participating in his own defense. When questioned, Bagley generally remained silent. When he did answer, he would cite Bible passages which supposedly supported his decision not to assist his defense.

In April 2002, Bagley was initially found incompetent to stand trial, and he was committed to Connecticut Valley Hospital for 50 days. At the end of the initial period, the staff reported that he had been uncooperative with their attempts to evaluate his competency, and suggested that he remain for another 60 days. At the end of that second period, he was deemed "competent", and released from the hospital.

In December 2003, Bagley was again found "incompetent" to stand trial, because he refused to discuss his case, or assist his attorneys in preparing his defense. In January 2004, Bagley was again found "competent", because his refusal to communicate with his attorneys was deemed to be a "deliberate choice", rather than a "function of any psychiatric impairment". Bagley would cooperate and openly talk with everyone, so long as the topic was not his defense. Thus, his refusal to participate in his defense was judged to be his choice, and that he fully understood the situation.

The appellate court affirmed the trial court's decision to find Bagley legally competent to stand trial.

FLORIDA v. MARTIN and FLORIDA v. MARTIN were related 1994 Florida criminal court decisions. In February 1995, a Jehovah's Witness Elder, named Hugh Benjamin Martin, then age 61, pleaded "guilty" to the charge of lewd and lascivious behavior with a child under the age of 12, and was sentenced to a mere two years of house arrest, followed by 13 years' probation.

Hugh Benjamin Martin was an Elder at one of the Clearwater Florida Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses. On June 24, 1993, during the 1993 summer WatchTower Convention, held in St. Petersburg, a fellow Jehovah's Witness GrandMother, who had known Hugh Martin for over 30 years, allowed Martin to take her fidgety 9 year-old grand-daughter for a stroll around the ThunderDome. Martin allegedly fondled and twice digitally penetrated the child while she was in his care at the stadium.

Hugh Benjamin Martin was separately charged for the same offense, later that same day, at his home in Clearwater. Outcome unknown. Apparently, the JW GrandMother allowed Martin to take the girl home with him???

ILLINOIS v. ROLOFSON was a 1995 Illinois criminal court decision. In December 1995, a Jehovah's Witness, named Louis Paul Rolofson, Jr., 51, of Dewitt, Illinois, was convicted on aggravated criminal sexual assault charges, and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Louis P. Rolofson was among several JW adults who took a group of youngsters from the Clinton, Illinois Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses on a congregation field trip to Grant's Farm and Six Flags near St. Louis, Missouri. Apparently, Rolofson was rooming with the two sons of a divorced JW Mother, named Barbara Harris, when he sexually assaulted the younger ten-year-old. The ten-year-old testified that the assault occurred at the Collinsville, Illinois Holiday Inn, in August 1994.

Typically, the ten-year-old was forced to give "unshakable testimony" at the trial, because numerous Jehovah's Witnesses from Louis Rolofson's congregation lined up to testify in his behalf.



Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion

Approximately 5,000 pages of court do***ents have been amassed from twelve court record depositories in four states. These court do***ents are the result of twelve lawsuits that Defendants’ Jehovah’s Witnesses, et al. were involved with since 1999, although there have been many more lawsuits settled out of court by Defendants in the past decades. The records for the twelve cases along with commentary are being offered on a CD named "Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion, Jehovah's Witnesses in Crisis" by Barbra Anderson, through the print-on-demand company (POD), Lulu.

Primarily of interest at this point are the nine lawsuits settled in early 2007 between Jehovah’s Witness victims of molestation and Defendants’ Jehovah’s Witnesses, et al. However, also included are the court records from two other lawsuits that were settled by Watchtower, one in 2000 and the other in 2006. Court records from a third lawsuit, filed in 2004 by a victim of molestation, were included only because the information contained in the records are another example of the pervasive cover-up of molestation in the Watchtower organization when the predator holds a supervisory position within the group. (In this particular case, the molester was given a life sentence in prison.) The lawsuit was dismissed in 2004 without prejudice, meaning the plaintiff can file the matter again.

Over all, the facts are common to all of the nine lawsuits involving sixteen victims which were settled in 2007. These cases were filed from 2003 through 2006 by the law firm, Love & Norris, located in Fort Worth, Texas. The primary defendants were the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.; one Oregon congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses; one Texas congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses; six Northern California congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and one Southern California congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. There were eight abusers, all Jehovah’s Witnesses, who were co-defendants. The Jehovah’s Witness Defendants, unlike the Catholic Church, secretly settled these nine lawsuits. The majority of the nine were settled at the end of January and then dismissed in mid-February and a few in early March, 2007.

In October 2006, I was given the impression that cases involving sixteen victims would soon be settled. In early February, I, as well as Bill Bowen (, learned that these cases had been settled. We were provided with no additional information other than learning that Plaintiffs and Defendants were not in favor of any publicity. Bill and I had a verbal agreement not to go public with the information at that time because I wanted time to peruse court records for more information to offer the public about the lawsuits. Inasmuch as Bill did not want to wait any longer to announce the settlement, he held a press conference on May 10, 2007 and the Associated Press carried the story on May 11, 2007. Jehovah’s Witnesses confirmed the settlement. However, Bowen had few facts to report, although he did provide proof each case was settled by posting a copy of a dismissal notice for each of the nine cases on his website. These do***ents proved all cases were dismissed with prejudice, which means that both sides agreed that no more legal action could be taken. Such an agreement usually indicates a financial settlement paid by Defendants, in this case, Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In the ensuing months since the settlement, I am now able to provide many important details about the nine lawsuits, along with many extraordinarily interesting do***ents, secret material that Defendants’ Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses expected would remain confidential for perpetuity.

The Facts

It is the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses who establish the policies and who dictate practices for Jehovah’s Witnesses. That Body operates through various corporate entities, primarily Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., and Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, Inc. The Plaintiffs charged in their lawsuits that the Jehovah’s Witnesses assumed a duty to protect children in their organization but they failed to exercise reasonable care and common sense policies in fulfilling that duty. For example, they failed to enact a policy forbidding unsupervised one-on-one contact between elders or ministerial servants and children. They permitted children to go out in door-to-door ministry alone with male members and encouraged parents in the congregations to allow their children attend un-chaperoned Bible study with adult males (elders/ms) and allowed these men to “counsel” children without any supervision. See how Plaintiffs’ attorneys presented these assertions in a factual way.

The Watchtower undertook the responsibility to instruct Jehovah’s Witness elders as to what to do when they received allegations of child sexual abuse. They promulgated policies directing elders to call Watchtower’s “Legal Department” for direction about whether to report allegations of sexual abuse to law enforcement. However, these policies were designed to avert cooperation with secular investigators. For example, elders were sometimes instructed to make anonymous calls from telephone booths so that law enforcement authorities would be unable to contact them for more information. Never before have we actually seen this discussed in a do***ent before, but you can see the do***ents for yourself.

The Defendan*****chtower required Jehovah’s Witness elders to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse. Elders were required to apply the “two witness rule” which under Jehovah’s Witnesses’ internal policy and doctrine, relegates allegations of child molestation to a notation written in a confidential file, if the perpetrator does not confess the crime, but pleads innocence. See a secre*****chtower form that is filled in with the name of the molester who, the do***ent said, was disfellowshipped, not because he confessed, but because there were two witnesses proving the factualness of this rule, yet there is no record of the sexual abuse being reported to the authorities.

Elders were required to gather evidence, question witnesses and render judgments about what internal punishment, if any, would be imposed on a child abuser. They were forbidden from revealing the results of their investigations to law enforcement authorities. Read from the deposition of one highly placed Watchtower official admitting there was no policy in place to report child abuse.

See secret forms which contained questions elders were to be asked by staff in the Watchtower’s Legal Department. The questions on this form are indicative of the investigative nature of the process elders were to go through when there was an accusation of child molestation. Shockingly, one inappropriate question asked was if any of the elders believed the child victim of molestation was “somewhat at fault” for their own sexual victimization.

When allegations were concealed from secular authorities, the perpetrators often received no punishment except for that meted out internally by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Sometimes the offenders were disfellowshipped or expelled from the organization, but other times their punishment was secret reproval or they had restrictions put upon them. But congregation members would not know a dangerous child abuser was in their midst. Watchtower would usually reinstate a disfellowshipped molester or remove his restrictions after a shockingly short period of time. Do***ents are now available to support this claim.

Victims and their families were told not to inform secular authorities or other members. Secrecy was emphasized above all other concerns. They were discouraged from receiving appropriate medical and psychological care. Read do***ents where victims testify to this happening to them.

The Watchtower instructed the elders to make written reports to their “Service Department” about allegations and judicial committee actions. They maintained a computerized database containing such information and negligently concealed the information not using it to help identify sexual predators and protect children. They undertook the responsibility to compile this information to protect congregation members. However, despite having information that would allow parents, law enforcement authorities and elders to identify predators and actually take steps to protect children, the Watchtower concealed this information. See the letter introduced to the court where a Watchtower spokesperson admits to their keeping such data.

The Watchtower’s Legal Department made the Watchtower’s Service Department its client (attorney/client privilege) so plaintiffs and the courts could not easily obtain do***ents to substantiate the scope and depth of sexual child abuse within the Watchtower organization. Read a declaration of one Watchtower attorney explaining how it works.

Communiqués between Jehovah’s Witness supervisory people and the Watchtower are rarely, if ever, seen. Not only does attorney/client privilege enter into the picture, but to publish a letter without permission is not allowable by copyright laws. However, now a secret letter from one long-time United States district representatives of the Watchtower can be read where he discusses a little-known rule which allowed molesters to stay in their positions of authority and continue molesting. (This letter, along with other confidential material, was found among public domain records in an Oregon courthouse.) The letter writer asked for a change to this little-known policy where it would not extend leniency to sexual child abusers. This was back in 1994 when he was monitoring an especially egregious situation in a Witness congregation where the predator, who sexually abused many children, was not going to be removed from his position as elder, nor was there to be a judicial hearing or any discipline because of this rule. Yet, that policy was still in effect in 2000. In addition, there are other letters to the Watchtower from Witness elders attached as exhibits to filed court do***ents which are now available for public scrutiny.

Watchtower has the ability to know when a “known pedophile” moves from one congregation to another, yet they chose not to monitor the movements of predators so that appropriate warning could be issued. Read more abou*****chtower’s lax attitude in this matter.

One known predator was appointed Ministerial Servant by the Governing Body and the other WT defendants in 1991. He abused four children, who were plaintiffs in one case, from approximately 1991 to 1999. The facts are that he was confronted a number of times over the years by those he molested, but since JWs judicial committees required two witnesses to an event of molestation before taking any kind of disciplinary action, he was never disciplined. By moving from one congregation to another over the years, he was able to keep his crimes mostly hidden for 25 to 30 years. Parents told the press they had no clue that an alleged sexual predator was amongst them even though church elders had prior knowledge of complaints against this molester from another congregation.

Does it interest you to know where some of the elder/ms/predators are now? Think prison. One is serving a life sentence. See where another one is.

The name of one man in the Service Department surfaces in a do***ent who had reappointed a molester over and over again to an authority position since 1964.

Think about the $50,000 secret payment paid in 1996 from the Watchtower to a California congregation where one of two molesting elders were. Also, read the shocking reason for the payment. Learn the facts about Defendants’ insurance provider.

Instead of offering victims in these nine cases settlement money as soon as possible as they had done in the past in other lawsuits, the Watchtower stubbornly fought through the courts to have these lawsuits dismissed. This turned out to be a legal nightmare for them because California, Texas and Oregon High Courts ruled against the Watchtower in their quest to keep do***ents from the plaintiffs claiming clergy-penitent privilege. In the future they will have it much more difficult to hide behind their so-called First Amendment right not to disclose information to secular courts because they are a “religion.” This was only one of a number of excellent rulings in favor of the plaintiffs who had been forever harmed by this religion’s actions. See those rulings.

Trace through Defendants’ Watchtower briefs for nearly a year their reasons for refusal to abide by a lower court’s decision requiring them to produce communiqués between Defendants and the predator, and between Defendants and the victims. The court refused to recognize their claim for clergy-penitent privilege which ruling they appealed. Within one month after submitting an appeal, the Court of Appeal of the State of California denied their petition which subsequently forced them to produce the do***ents. Many of those do***ents have surfaced and can be found in the material presented.

Included with the thousands of pages of do***ents, the reader will read my commentary explaining the issues that led to Defendants’ Watchtower unprecedented, out-of-court multi-million dollar settlement.

SOURCE: http://www.watchtowerdo***

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hopee and mark are both mad b/c if u have eyez u will see dat michael was killed. i want to pray 4 hopee and mark, ur own time will come and u will die like a goat killed by a car outside ur fathers house and i want you to say Amen. i am from *****ia and nothing u can do. hopee and mark should go and kiss dere father's ass 4 all i care b/c i do not play with MJ 4 he is everything to me Ok hopee and mark. fools both of u are and fool u both shall remain 4 ever

1182 days ago


I can't be there in Neverland or at Forestlawn this time, but I am showing my love and respect for Michael here where I am. I wore the single glove, MJ tshirt that I printed myself with my MJ painting on it. Eventhough where I live here I see nobody is doing that, I proudly walked and showed my tribute to MJ. I love you Michael, you are like a part of my family.

1182 days ago


That's so touching what they did. This story made me teary eyed.

1182 days ago


MJ's fans should be allowed to enter Neverland and visit the place just like Graceland.

1182 days ago


HumanNature 4 hours ago

Only a non christian would post such blatant lies about the Jehovah Witness!!!


Members are upstanding, well manner and loving citizens in the community and they live their lives according to Bible principles and scriptures.




JW parents murder their daughter by hitting her 160............ times with a 5-foot stretch of electrical cable
November 14th, 2001

By Kirsten Scharnberg and Eric Ferkenhoff, Tribune staff reporters. Tribune staff reporter Rudolph Bush contributed to this report

Even veteran prosecutors were stunned by the case outlined in court Tuesday: A South Side couple were accused of flogging their 12-year-old daughter to death with a 5-foot stretch of electrical cable after she was tied down.

Larry and Constance Slack, described by neighbors as devoutly religious, delivered 160............ blows to their daughter Laree, according to the charges, stuffing a towel in her mouth at one point to silence her screams.

“This is the absolute worst I’ve seen,” Assistant State’s Atty. Robert Hovey whispered as the Slacks, both 41, were led into the courtroom. The pair were ordered held without bond on first-degree murder charges in the fatal weekend beating of their daughter as well as charges o****gravated battery of a child for the beating of their 8-year-old son.

In a slow, steady voice, Assistant State’s Atty. Beth Pfeiffer stood before the judge and began to read the accusations against the Slacks, described by authorities and neighbors as Jehovah’s Witnesses who were so strict with their six children that they were not even allowed to play with other kids from the neighborhood.

According to Pfeiffer, the couple had been planning to go out for dinner Saturday night but had been unable to locate a jacket that had Constance Slack’s wallet and credit cards in the pocket. So Larry Slack ordered the children, who range in age from 8 to 17, to search for it.

When the children did not seem to be looking hard enough for the jacket, Pfeiffer said, Larry Slack grabbed an electric cable that was about three-quarters of an inch thick and lashed the couple’s 8-year-old son, Lester, four to five times in the legs and buttocks.

Larry Slack, a Chicago Transit Authority machinist for the past 22 years, soon grew even angrier because dirty laundry was scattered about the house, impeding the search, the prosecutor said. Laree had been in charge of washing and putting away laundry in the home, Pfeiffer said.

“Larry Slack then ordered Laree to `assume the position,’” the prosecutor said, which meant that the 12-year-old was to stand ready to be whipped.

Larry Slack lashed Laree four or five times with the same cord he had used on her brother, according to the prosecutor, but he grew angrier still when the girl attempted to squirm away. The father ordered his two teenage sons to tie Laree face down to a metal futon frame and then administered 39 lashes to the girl’s back, Pfeiffer said. Constance Slack then took the cord and whipped the girl 20 more times, the prosecutor alleged.

The first-floor Cook County courtroom, usually abuzz with lawyers talking about their upcoming cases or milling about distributing paperwork, grew silent as the prosecutor spoke. The details she told the judge next seemed to shock everyone even more.

Girl began to scream

According to Pfeiffer, when Laree began to scream, Larry Slack ordered his sons to fetch a towel to stuff in her mouth. He then tied a scarf over the towel and used a stick to wind the scarf like a tourniquet into place.

He then cut off his daughter’s shirt, ordered the other children to pull off her pants and whipped her 39 more times, the prosecutor said. Constance followed with 20 more lashes, Pfeiffer said.

As Laree writhed from what would total more than 160............ blows, the girl’s back began to bleed. So, according to Pfeiffer, Larry Slac*****ied her, turned her over and beat her 39 more times on her stomach and chest.

“It was an awful one,” Pfeiffer said after court, shaking her head. “And to think they involved the other children, that’s what gets me.”

The case of Laree Slack, who was pronounced dead at South Shore Hospital just hours after her beating, has rattled even seasoned child abuse experts.

“Do you know how hard it is to kill a 12-year-old?” said Demetra Soter, a physician who is coordinator of pediatric trauma at Cook County Hospital.

According to Soter, children as old as Laree Slack require “massive amounts of force to die like this.” Soter said she had only heard of two comparable cases in recent years, one a DuPage County teenager whose father is accused of fatally beating him for stealing a car.

John Goad, the associate deputy director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, concurred. He said the vast majority of homicides involving children are in cases where the child is under the age of 3. Those children, Goad said, often are on the receiving end of their caregiver’s rage because they have soiled their pants or cried uncontrollably.

In addition, Goad said, Laree’s death comes at a time when child abuse cases are hitting new lows in Cook County. He cited a 22.7 percent decrease in reported abuse cases in Cook County the last five years.

Goad said part of the reason for the drop is that social service agencies are getting better at counseling families who are reported as having abused or neglected their children.

DCFS officials said Tuesday that the Slack family, who live in the 7900 block of South Brandon Avenue, has had at least one contact with the department in the past.

In 1995, DCFS received a report that the youngest of the family’s children had been found walking on the street alone, according to DCFS director Jess McDonald. Investigators later learned that a plumber had been doing work at the family’s house and left a fence open, allowing the child to walk out.

Although the cir****tances of that case do not indicate that DCFS failed to protect the Slack children, McDonald said the department is grief-stricken over Laree’s death.

“Any time a child dies, and you’ve had any involvement in the case at any time, people literally get sick,” McDonald said. “It really does eat at you. I think when there’s a chance that the system was involved, obviously we want to find out, did we miss anything at any point in time?”

Death penalty may be asked

In court Tuesday, Pfeiffer, the assistant state’s attorney, argued to Judge Neil Linehan that the two were not eligible for bond because the state may seek the death penalty and because Laree Slack’s death was especially “heinous” and “the result of torture.” According to a spokesman in the Cook County medical examiner’s office, the girl died of multiple blunt force traumas.

The Slacks, neither of whom have any previous criminal history, both have made videotaped admissions about the beating, the prosecutor said. According to Pfeiffer and police who were there when the Slacks were being questioned, Larry Slack attempted to kill himself while in custody.

Pfeiffer said Larry Slack, who weighs more than 350 pounds, had sneaked a 6-inch kitchen knife into the Calumet Area police station by hiding it in the folds of his skin. He stabbed himself in the chest and was transported to Christ Hospital and Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he was treated for minor injuries before being returned to police custody.

Calumet Area detectives who were familiar with the case said Tuesday that Larry Slack had told them that he strongly believed in corporal punishment. They also said that they knew him to be deeply religious, but they added it was unclear whether Slack was abiding by some religious mandate.

But Leon Slack, an uncle of Laree’s, said religion had nothing to do with what happened. “Our family loved Laree dearly,” read a statement the family released Tuesday.

In a brief telephone interview, the uncle went further.

“What happened was a tragedy,” he said. “It was not in line with religion. Something obviously went wrong, and we just want to grieve as a family.”

Neighbors of the Slacks’ said the family was quiet and kept to themselves. There was a tall fence around their yard, but the children were sometimes seen building a tree house on the side lawn.

“The only time I saw them all together was one Saturday when they were going to church. They looked really nice, cheerful and happy,” said Noel Chapa, a next door neighbor.


1182 days ago


R.I.P. Michael Jackson!
Get life, hatters!The love for MJ will live forever no matter how hard you try to destroy it. Due with it or you will obsess by it your whole lifes and more

1182 days ago


He was a self hating racist who only dated and associated with white women going so far as having children with white women,heaven forbid his children would come out looking black,he wouldn't like that.He himself seemed to desperately want to be white.All his concerts consists of is prancing around the stage like a nazi,lip syncing,he cannot sing live outside the studio,and doing the same old tired dance routines and grabbing his crotch.His singing was high pitched and girly with hiccups and too many hee hees he is certainly not a good singer and anybody who thinks so is out of their mind.He is most certainly a child molester,why in the world would you pay out millions of dollars if you were innocent?that is because he was guilty,if he was innocent he would defend himself in a court of law.It's funny how all is foolishness has been swept under the rug including his baby dangling he was psycho.In five years he will be forgotten about except by just a few.Dying was the best thing that he could do for his dying career and he should have done it sooner.

1182 days ago


He was a self hating racist who only dated and associated with white women going so far as having children with white women,heaven forbid his children would come out looking black,he wouldn't like that.He himself seemed to desperately want to be white.All his concerts consists of is prancing around the stage like a nazi,lip syncing,he cannot sing live outside the studio,and doing the same old tired dance routines and grabbing his crotch.His singing was high pitched and girly with hiccups and too many hee hees he is certainly not a good singer and anybody who thinks so is out of their mind.He is most certainly a child molester,why in the world would you pay out millions of dollars if you were innocent?that is because he was guilty,if he was innocent he would defend himself in a court of law.It's funny how all is foolishness has been swept under the rug including his baby dangling he was psycho.In five years he will be forgotten about except by just a few.Dying was the best thing that he could do for his dying career and he should have done it sooner.

1182 days ago
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