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Anthony Weiner -- 'Tense,' 'Miserable' Lunch with Wife

6/26/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good news: Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin are still together.
Bad news: It's still reallllllllly awkward.

The disgraced former congressman and his wife were spotted having lunch in New York City on Saturday where she "looked miserable," a witness told the NY Daily News

The couple (who both sported wedding rings) dined at La Bottega in Chelsea's Maritime Hotel and spent most of the meal attached to their cell phones (see below), the witness told the paper.

Their waiter told the NYDN that Weiner was a bad tipper and looked "really tense. Just like he was carrying some intense baggage."

Later, Weiner was seen carrying actual baggage ... as in her purse. 

That's probably not changing any time soon. 


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The best part of TMZ is the comments section!! The posts on here have me LOL'ing.. They're way more interesting than TMZ on the weekends.. I hate that TMZ basically shuts down on the weekends.. I know Harvey likes his weekends off, but he needs to get someone else to light a fire under his frat boy's axxes & keep finding stories..

I picture them all hung over on the weekend and slacking off.

1181 days ago


I HATE TIPPING, PERIOD. TIPPING CAUSES TROUBLE, how much was the tip, how much did you get, how much should we leave, they didn't leave a tip, that wasn't enough, wow, that was alot, what did you do to get it. Tipping should be banned, raise the prices, pay the people more and end TIPPING

1181 days ago


Oh back to the story at hand....

I am sure Billary is filling this chick's head on why she should stay with Weenie. Stand by your man, Billary-- will definitely push this woman to stay with this s***bag.

1181 days ago


Looks like he's still tweeting pics from his cel in that last pic...LOL

1181 days ago


Is it true that American restaurants pay the waiters about $2.00 and hour and they have to depend on tips? What is up with that? Why don't they even get a minimum wage? I heard that it is expected that you will leave a tip even if the service was average or below. And some menus say a 18% gratuity will be automatically charged for parties over 8 etc. What kind of dictatorship is this? How do the restaurants get away with this? Can't afford a staff, don't buy a restaurant. And is it true that some places have a bottle that waiters have to put their tips in and then it gets split later? So if you work your ass of and another waiter doesn't they get the equal tips?
This is nuts!!!!Please explain.

1181 days ago


@Fabienne 8 minutes ago

good info on minimum wage for restaurant workers if you have a sec to look at it

1181 days ago


She is probably stuck wit him since he pays the bills.

1181 days ago

Bobo Frog    

That picture of him licking the ice cream cone is almost as gross as the picture of his penis.....almost. Can perverted adults please stop demonstrating their ******* skills in public using ice cream cones??!!! Please?!?!

1181 days ago

Shanan Li    

I know friends have said she is pregnant, where is the baby---in her bum?

1181 days ago


marknyc has a point. What if they had an afternoon of sex and bliss and are just sleepy and exhausted? ;)

Well, I don't really believe that (not that it's my business anyway) but marknyc has a point...

Pictures can be deceiving. Just look at the one on my ID card! I don't look like that at all, I swear!

1181 days ago


@Sloane, Thankyou, and I have just read it. But Wow it still seems very off balance. Sure it will save the business money and they can then hire more employees but what is the theory of them haveing to put their tips in the one thing and then it gets split. I realise that a scrooge might not tip so it's nice to have it split from the entire take then but there are so many crap,lazy ones that wouldn't deserve to be tipped for bad service and still I don't see why the manditory 18% added to the bill even if service was way below standard.
Oh well, thanx for the info. America confuses me in so many ways.And more than anything the way Lindsay Lohan's life style is. She sure gets away with a lot. Must be really fun over there. I'm jealous.

1181 days ago


Shouldn't he be in rehab? It wouldn't surprise me if he cheats again before the baby is born.

1181 days ago


Jeez, I got better things to do, but here goes . . . Think he's texting --- "had a HARD time finding a place to put the MAN when I crossed my legs - left (where I LEAN, literally and figuratively - hey, Bud we KNOW!; or right - oh HELL NO" . . . IF I were Huma, I'd be ashamed to even be seen in public with the anal sphincter!!

1181 days ago

Sad sad    

Forgive this fools. He's a ding dong.

1181 days ago


Hey TMZ... Could you please give us a third option when hosting these polls? "Couldn't give a rat's ass" works for me. :)

1181 days ago
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