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Justin Bieber Delivers on Obama's Photo Promise

6/26/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber made a girl's wish come true -- and proved President Barack Obama was a man of his word -- when he met a young fan whose dad died in 9/11.

Last month, Barack was at an event at Ground Zero where he promised 14-year-old Payton Wall he could arrange a meeting with The Biebs. The White House contacted Bieber that day and put the plan in motion. 

Bieber met with Wall (left), her sister Avery, and her friend Madison Roberson on Thursday in NYC and posted a photo of the meeting on her Facebook page (see above). Ironically, the meeting was just moments after Bieber's near-riot outside Macy's in Times Square.

Payton told the NY Post she was more nervous meeting Bieber than she was Obama. 

Sign o' the times.



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big freakin whoop. heck, i'd be more nervous to meet obama than to meet some cheesy little washed up nobody like justin bieber. god, i swear horny little girls these days. lol now, can we get back to worrying about our country. because that's more important than some ugly white tra******tle girl who wants to meet a washed up nobody like justin bieber.

1026 days ago

Zit Eater    

Dad in heaven witnessed the meeting and thought:

Who's the little gay dude??

1026 days ago


Everyone who's pissed off about this needs to take a deep breath and go find something more serious to bitch about. I don't really like the kid, but he made a little girl who lost her dad happy.

1026 days ago


And what about all the others who family members were killed? This seems like presidential publicity, period.

1026 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

Bieber's music does suck, but so does Toby Keiths, Kanye Wests, Katty Perry's, etc, and most of the other mainstream artists these days. However, when they take the time to make a fans wish come true, they deserve a point.

And the government really can't fix the economy, the dreamers need to wake up and accept reality. As long as corporations are allowed to oursource, employers continue to exploit undo***ented workers, and people continue to procreate even though the countries low on resources and jobs, things are only going to get worse.

Just sayin'...

1026 days ago


gotta love how tmz fawns over of his word?? lmao isnt this the same man who said the stimulus money would create new jobs??yet for some reason the unemployment rate is still high.

1026 days ago


payton wall and madison i would show them a good time. can you say fresh??? girls with dead daddy are always the biggest sluts too.

1026 days ago

I Chinee    

coos 4 hours ago
@ David Dong, errr Douche, errr Jong. It was not Canadians who rioted in Vancouver. It was Americans who came across the border for the games. Guess they learned it from the Rodney King riots in the 1990s. Sticks in your craw that a kid from Canada made a little girl's day? You are sick.

So you're saying it was all Americans who came across the border and was rioting? GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK! That was the funniest thing I've heard all day. That was Canadian's that was rioting, I guess they leared it from the Rodney King riot's. You're saying that was all American's in vancouver wearing your hockey teams jersey's and there was no Canadian's out there at all, those where all American's. Get real son! Those where your people rioting CANADIAN'S, don't try and blame it on American's.

1026 days ago

I Chinee    

Good little Canadian.. do what ever we Americans say.

1026 days ago

george fudge!    

Looks like Obama has the Canadian vote locked up for 2012. Someone please inform Sarah Palin of this, so she doesn't have to take her bus tour and campaign through Canada.

1026 days ago


Wow. Nice little story. And so much hatred.

You people must be a barrel of laughs when you're drunk.

1026 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...Justin and his team...but especially Justin..totally respects his fans...and is a up and up good kid..becoming a man...he will continue to be a good role leave him the heck alone...he is a good guy!

1026 days ago


What's funny is none of the boyfriends of those cute girls care or are worried at all because the biggest flaming homo in the entire world is standing right there with his arms around them.

1026 days ago


I feel bad for those American people who cannot realize what a good man President Obama is, and how intelligent, sincere and loving he is of his country and of human beings. Unless you are insecure and jealous that someone of colour has exceeded more than you could ever achieve.

1026 days ago


To all that bad mouth Obama,
OMG.. really.. you act like this mess we are in is his fault. uh no thank the president before him!! it always seem it takes a republican to F up this country and a Democrate to fix it! The who time its being fixed, there are A**es like yourselves (U know who U R) complaining.. If you think you can do better, get your butts off the computer, go to school get the required education(if U do not have it) and run for office. Lets see what you can do!!!
If Obama runs I will vote for him again. History has already proven that it take Democrates 8 yrs to fix what republicans mess up in 2yrs.

1026 days ago
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