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'Simpsons' Bombshell -- The TRUTH About MJ Song!!!

6/27/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson hand-picked an MJ voice impersonator to sing the famous "Happy Birthday Lisa" song featured on "The Simpsons" back in 1991 ... this according to Lisa herself, Yeardley Smith.

Smith was outside the Red O restaurant in L.A. this weekend, when she explained, "[Michael] was not allowed to sing on the show, so he literally hand-picked a guy to sing like him."

During the famous episode, "Stark Raving Dad," Michael provided the voice to a mental patient who thought he was MJ ... but according to reports, Jackson's record label blocked MJ from singing the Lisa birthday song.

MJ ultimately selected a man named Kipp Lennon -- and Yeardley explains, "How unnerving would it be to sing like Michael Jackson in front of Michael Jackson?"

0627_lisa_launch2We called Kipp to find out -- so far, no response. 


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This is not new at all. We know this since the episode was aired! It's funny how everything about MJ is "new" for the media but very old for his fans.

1175 days ago


TMZ is really BS !

The original cartoon 'Happy Birthday, Lisa' is indeed sung by Kipp Lennon, because MJ's contract with The Simpsons stipulated only credtis for his speaking voice.

BUT, besides the cartoon play, there is another 'Happy Birthday, Lisa', recorder by MJ himself and none of the two are FAKE !

How simple for a TMZ stupid media employer to check before writing an article ...

We are all waiting for some appologies from TMZ stuff! Who's first ??

1175 days ago


Michael Jackson’s legacy as an icon of music history is so clouded by our media-biased views of his life that we’ll never know the man behind all his rich music. He is the ultimate example of what happens when celebrity worship goes too far… having the press and court of opinion try him the last half of his life. I created a before and after portrait of The King of Pop on my artist’s blog at

1175 days ago


Hey TMZ have you been in a coma since 1991?
1) if you listen to the song it was always clear, that it's not
Michael, but someone trying to imitate him OPEN YOUR EARS
2) In MJ-Fan-magazines around the world this & all the details
have been explained almost 20years ago
3) M. Groening (the Simpsons-Creator) has talked about that on a
symposium 1 or 2 years ago. And confirmed as well, that Mike
would've liked to sing, but wasn't allowed by the contract he
had with $ony & Pepsi.
4) There actualle is a version of that song sung by Mike. It
should've been released 2001 on a double CD re-issue of the
DANGEROUS-album as a unreleased bonus track, but the second
cd was skipped by $ony as part of their efforts to
commercialy ruin Michael Jackson during his
"Invincible-era" because they wanted control
of his share of the ATV-music-catalogue (some 100.000 of
songs, including the beatles' ones)
5) in 1991 the Simpsons starred in Michaels "Black or White"-
video (long version)

1175 days ago


Bombshell! The moon is not made of cheese!
The planet earth revolves around the sun!
The planet earth is not square!
Just as absurd as they are my bombshell, your bombshell is absurd.
A note that makes me wonder: Do you know how to read? Because the credits in the chapter is clearly pointed out who sings the song.
And we all learned, with the exception of you for what I'm reading-many, many years now, the reasons.

1175 days ago


if I were a gambling woman, I might bet a few yards of neverland that somehow TMZ is trying to make a subliminal LMP connection to MJ with this nonsense of an article.................pleazzzzzZZZZzzzze!

TMZ, what else you got???

1175 days ago


Hey TMZ, been hiding under a rock for 20 years?

Here's a question. When is TMZ going to stop riding the MJ money train??????

1175 days ago


Instead of reporting on stuff like this that everyone already knew the answer too, why could you not report on something like this?? I downloaded this to my kindle, and all I can say is WOW. This explores the origin of MJ's song Earth Song, the creation of it, the reason behind it and so forth. This was written very well. I can not wait until his full book comes out later this year.

1175 days ago


The version of that song that was actually sung by Michael is so much better!

1174 days ago


Michael did sing a version of this song that can be found on YouTube. It's easy to tell the difference between Michael's version and Kipp's. Kipp is a good imitator, but you can tell right away it's not Michael. Michael's version can be found on the Simpson's album "Songs in the Key of Springfield" released in 1997.

1174 days ago


mjj5 ,TMZ, what else you got???
Tmz thinks the new is the old well forgotten .
By the way where is your answer to my Q about ' the lost children'?

1174 days ago


I think she has a problem
I saw this show as Michael sings a song for Elizabet and no doubt Michael is singing.
Mind Your Own Business idiot
Leave in peace Michael

1173 days ago


Lawl this is old news. TMZ you're slow! SLOW! Kipp Lennon has been impersonating MJ Songs for years. He did it for The Simpsons and a episode of The Flintstones.

1173 days ago


Tmz thinks the new is the old well forgotten .
By the way where is your answer to my Q about ' the lost children'?
Hi Ulji!
I sent it to you several days ago. email me again okay!

1173 days ago
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