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Pamela Anderson

Sued For Building Failure

6/28/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson is being countersued by a big-time developer/former boyfriend who claims her flakiness cost him $22.5 million.  


Laurence Hallier, who runs a company that built the Panorama Towers in Las Vegas, signed a deal with Anderson back in 2006, in which she promised to promote the sale of the condominiums by making various personal appearances, and in return she'd get her very own condo.

Short story ... Hallier says in his lawsuit, unlike Leo DeCaprio, who was so effective in promoting Panorama he helped sell more than 100 condos, Pam flaked on appearance after appearance.   


Hallier blames Pam on his company's failure to sell a number of the condos and is suing for $22.5 million --- which represents losses from the unsold units.

Pam has already sued Hallier for $1 million, claiming he never gave her the condo he promised.  Pam says according to her deal, if she didn't get the condo Hallier was supposed to pay her $1 million, but Hallier says she's not entitled to the dough because she didn't perform her duties.

We contacted Pam's rep.  So far, no comment.

Las Vegas condos -- bad gamble.


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I don't think she would be an asset on public appearances anyway.

1180 days ago


many a man visualized her while screwing their wife

1180 days ago


What irony --- Pamela Anderson trying to sell two big plastic-y looking things called "Panorama Towers".

1180 days ago

Pamela Anderson's head always reminded me of the Predator...

1180 days ago


She´s got the face of Morticia Addams and her hair looks like it was plucked from Lassie´s tail.

1180 days ago


That was some really expensive hep c......

1180 days ago


All haters of Pam, you have never had one of her great hummers, so dont talk bad about her, women wish they look as good as her. Total Fox, xoxoxoxoxo

1180 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Beatrix: Don't you mean the perfect example of what PEOPLE should not do? Or are you just a fat woman hater American? And, yes, you can be both a misogynist and a woman at the same time.

Pam doesn't look great in this pic but in other pics she looks good. She used to be exceptionally hot for a fake blonde bimbo back in the day. I think a lot of women were super jealous of her and were secretly praying for her to get old and ugly. Well, guess what? WE ALL WILL GET OLD & UGLY EVENTUALLY. about glass houses.

But what many women can't stand is that she made a crapload of money simply selling her blonde bimbo plastic bod. And they didn't. That's it, right?

Well I'm here to tell your seething envy. It only made her a vain, vomitous person and....she has apparently LOST all that money due to bad investments. And she has Hep C (though I hear some people get completely cured??).

But she doesn't look that bad at all. People need to ease up on women's looks and look in the mirror...especially men. Her man next to her? He looks like crap with his 3 chins and hook nose. But no one mentions that do they?

And as for Leo DiCaprio selling condos? Geezus...has he sunk that low? How humiliating for Leo. But it makes him money to pay his poker debts right?

1180 days ago

awww, I liked her :/

1180 days ago


Amazes me how people give her money hand over fist to do absolutely nothing.

1180 days ago


Sociopaths are Sad:

You are so right. In our haste to point out how far Pamela Anderson has fallen from dizzying heights of her days as a booby blond bimbo bombshell, we neglected the man standing next to her in the photo. He does look like crap, with that hook nose, pathetic toupee, yellowed teeth, many chins, and that thing on his face that looks like the beginnings of a walleye.

So, in the name of all Pam-haters on this blog, let me apologize and clarify that both people in this picture look like crap.

Oh,yes, and one last thing: you are a MORON.

1179 days ago


If you are going to let a snake in the house, don't be surprized when it bites you!!! What did you think you were getting in Pam Anderson?

1179 days ago

Guess he should have picked someone a little more responsible like Lindsay Lohan, Pari******on, or Brittany Spears.

1179 days ago

Can't even write the name Paris and Hilton together on the TMZ site without it being censored to Pari******on. Come on TMZ get your act together.

1179 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

When are people going to learn with this woman? She completely sabotaged her own book release and utterly screwed her ghost writer by flaking out on appearance after appearance. She's an irresponsible POS.

1179 days ago
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