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Ryan & Julianne's Relationship

Is in Great Shape

6/27/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

A shirtless Ryan Seacrest and his bikini-clad girlfriend Julianne Hough proved they are made for each other by both showing off their lean, taut and tan bodies in Miami this weekend.

They are a match made in workout heaven.



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Light Shine    

Wow they are in excellent shape. I only wish to have a body like hers. Ryan Seacrest is a shortie with some awesome body parts LOL.

1213 days ago

PRO US    

JJ 4 minutes ago

If Julianne's a$$ can't make you straight, then there is no hope for the human race.

Not so. Just because Rya Seacrest would prefer George Clooney's a$$ does not mean there is no hope for the human race. There are already about 7 billion living people on the planet. Isn't that enough considering the limited natural resources of oil, gas, coal, natural gas, minerals and metals on the planet? Do we really need every gay guy to find a woman to procreate with too? What about overpopulation and pollution?

1213 days ago

PRO US    

John 7 minutes ago

Hough is just a prop for an egomaniac. I'm sure some real man will scoop her up

Some real guy is or will soon be doing her on the side, don't you worry. Ryan Seacrest can't and won't satisfy any of her physical, sexual needs if she's heterosexual and she won't wait forever to satisfy them, you can be assured of that.

1213 days ago


Look at Ryan's face in that picture. All that tension in the mouth. Real sex machine.

1213 days ago

Please share your thoughts with us! There are so many that would love to hear about your opinions

1213 days ago


We need a sex tape from SeaHough!

1213 days ago

moe l.    

Seacrest joins Clooney, Cruise and Spacey in being gay but being seen with women. Why won't he come out of the closet? And Julianne - you look pretty hagged out w/o your make-up.

1213 days ago


Soooo--all of you who are positive Ryan is gay must have either:
1) Had sex with him yourself
2) Witnessed him having sex with another male
3) Have verified photographs you are ready to post of him doing one or the other of the above

If you cannot justify your prejudicial comments by proving your statements through one of the three categories above, consider yourself someone who makes ridiculous and hateful stereotypes based solely on someone's appearance and others' comments. Pretty sad.

1213 days ago


You know what he's looking for in that picture--penis.

1213 days ago

who dat    

She has a slammin body, but he ain't hittin it. Ryan, have TMZ post another phony love story of you 2 in a few months. Maybe more people will believe it then.

1213 days ago


Rock Hudson fooled the entire country. It's possible. RS certainly doesn't have much of a hetero resume.

1213 days ago


Ryan's not gay. But so what if he was. But he's not. He's rich, successful and good looking. Julianne is uber talented and beautiful. The only thing I wonder about is why the hell hasn't he put a ring on it already?

1213 days ago


Ryan's not gay.......he is straight to bed with the nearest man.

1213 days ago


Why does this guy keep faking straight? He should just marry Tom Cruise in NY City and make it official. Look at Doogie Howser every body still likes him and he plays a straight womanizer!! Come on Seacrest quit with the beard.

1213 days ago


They look just average.. Not really attractive people, I'm definitely not a fan anymore.

1213 days ago
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