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Adrien Brody

Undercover Clunker

6/28/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just last year, Adrien Brody was driving around NYC in a jet black $200,000 Ferrari ... but yesterday, the Oscar winner rolled into JFK in something a little less flashy ... a 1987 Chrysler Conquest. 


Brody -- clearly going for the incognito look -- was dropping off a super-hot mystery blonde at the airport ... when our photog noticed the actor behind the wheel. 

A rep for Kelley Blue Book tells TMZ, Brody's beater is valued at a measly $2,125 ... and that's if it's in good condition.


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@ opinionated... Dodge and Plymouth Conquests were only available pre 87, along with the Chrysler units. Also, anything before 86 would be a narrow body car, not a widebody car like in the pic/video. Starions were available from 83-89 (Conquests 84-89). They are the exact same car as the Conquests. Judging by the headrests with the holes in them, and the lower airdam on the front, it is more than likely an 88 or an 89. Those were the only two years that had those seats and airdam. The widebody cars were only available from 86 on, so it is deffinately not an 84.

1213 days ago


Hey David Jong, you enjoying this long one-way conversation with yourself?

Sheesh, even the internet has its own version of schizophrenic homeless people who stand and talk to themselves incoherently while you walk by feeling sorry for and/or creeped out by them.

1213 days ago

some guy    


Sorry you feel that way. Feel free to void my login information. I could care less. It would probably be a better thing for me, anyways.

1213 days ago

some guy    

It would probably be better if TMZ went back to the way it was and be populated by hate-filled supremacists who just want to come on here and rant about something. That's probably more entertaining, anyways.

1213 days ago



Awww c'mon... I think there's some pretty good American cars out right now. Just as good if not better than alot of imports."

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
@ David Jong . . .

I certainly agree, that many current domestic label vehicles have excellent quality right now. But, in the late 1980's, Chrysler certainly wasn't delivering that type of quality on their own (and not too many domestic labels were doing so during that time period). I was simply complimenting this particular vehicle's "tenacity" for still being in apparent good condition, and being decently functional well over 20 years later. Typically, you don't see too many 80's era vehicles on the road anymore, for better or worse.

And, David Jong, . . . I think your going to score "points" for the highest number of individual posts today, . . . if anyone is keeping track of that type of thing ,


1213 days ago

some guy    


How's Charlie doing?

1213 days ago

some guy    


That's true. Just wish they weren't so ugly back in the day. Ugh they all looked the same.

Kinda sad it takes a buyout to kick some American a$$ and build a decent car.

1213 days ago

some guy    

@TMZ Just saw that vid you put up of Adrien and The Rock.

Dunno if it's the editing, but I don't think it takes someone that long to drop someone off at the airport.

How long you think Adrien would've waited there if you didn't turn the camera on him?

1213 days ago

some guy    

I'm kinda new to Hollywood, so I don't know if there's any rumors about Adrien being gay.

Sure kinda seemed like he wanted us all to know that he was kissing a girl.

1213 days ago

some guy    

Although, I have to confess: The camera angle was pretty bad.

I couldn't tell if she was really a girl or not.

1213 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm.... guess it has been a while since he has done a movie, though.

@TMZ did Adrien get paid for this photo?

1213 days ago

some guy    

Normally I wouldn't be so mean about a guy dropping a girl off at the airport, but I didn't like that look on his face when you guys finally did turn the camera on him, after the Rock got his balls busted.

1213 days ago

some guy    


@The Rock

I just lost my molar because of malnutritrion from trolling TMZ. How much would I get for that?

1213 days ago

some guy    

And do I have to declare that?

1213 days ago


This is a definite so what? story. Guess what Harv, I imagine there are some real people who drive cars like that. You must have one of your little slackers in every little rat hole in town to catch that ho-hum photo. Lame.

1213 days ago
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