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Brooke to Warner Bros:

I Want a Piece of Charlie!

6/28/2011 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller apparently isn't confident enough that ex-hubby Charlie Sheen will make good on child support, so she got a judge to order Warner Bros. to send $55,000 of Charlie's money her way every month.


Brooke's law firm, Trope and Trope, served legal papers on Warner Bros. last Friday, demanding the studio withhold $55,000 a month from all monies due Charlie to satisfy his child support obligations.

The lawyers are demanding that the studio send the $55 grand a month directly to Brooke.

Sources connected with Brooke concede Charlie is not behind on his child support, but Brooke wants to make sure she gets her support if Charlie begins to run low on cash.

Warner Bros. must comply, because a judge signed the document ordering the studio to divert the money to Brooke.

Garnishment -- tasty on food, bitter on paychecks.



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Loving Monterey    

I'm not a big fan of either one of them, but she isn't doing anything nefarious or under handed. Men get their wages garnished all of the time for child support. Charlie isn't making the money he used to make, but that still doesn't mean she isn't entitled to the percentage he used to make.

He just happens to have made more than the usual divorced father. They were married, they didn't have a pre-nup and he owes child support. It is no different than any other support order. She didn't work, so she is entitled to a percentage of his prior wages.

Her $55,000 a month is nothing compared to what he pays Denise Richards. Which by the way, she also had his pay garnished. I think it is a smart move.

1179 days ago


If they DID find a way to get WB to pay this in spite of the pending court case, then Charlie actually benifits from this as he is not able to get any money from them now. By having them pay his X-wives, it leaves him off the hook for the $$ coming directly from him. Heck...they probably went down there together to set this up. LOL

1179 days ago

Loving Monterey    


The money isn't being paid from WB themselves. WB is paying Sheen back wages, unemployment and residuals. It is Charlies money. Brooke has filed an order to get paid first before WB writes CS his check.

Can you read? Or do you just going around totally oblivious to what is in an article?

1179 days ago


The girl has to pay for her fix somehow. And the kids are safe with either of these druggies?? sheesh.

1179 days ago

J T     

there are many people who live on 55k a year. Why does she need so much? I can see maybe 10k a month but not any more.

1179 days ago


Geez,,$55k a month??? What I could do with just 1 month. Jesus, some people dont make $22K working their a$$ off all year. Talk about some wealthy mf's nowadays.

No wonder BO wants to cut out loopholes for the wealthy. And this is just one celeb, what about atheletes,rock stars and all the other famous folks?

1179 days ago


wonder how people here knows that she does drugs since she was likely tested when they took the kids from Sheen's place..
do you know here personally?
Do you sell her drugs?
do you have pictures of her snorting coke or smoking crack?
if you don't, then you are a sore moron for bashing someone you know nothing about.

I dont know her personally, so if she does drugs I'm pretty sure she'll loose her kids with all the media attention.

oh BTW, this is not Sheen's first wife and he has a pretty shaddy past..

55k is not a big amount considering his income, oh yeah, child support is based on your income, but in this case they agreed to a smaller amount of 55k, she could have cleaned him out, he got off really easy.

I dont see anything wrong in making sure she gets her money, when you deal with a drug addict that just lost his job and career you never know what's next
Well lets see her she didnt take a drug test alittle while ago, was in a pawn shop trying to sell stuff, she has a pictures takin of her in a well known drug park with money in her hands looking strung out and talking to sketchy people haha and with her past we all know she is getting high!!!! Just face it she is a junkie and always will be im sure if she knew the right person her kids would of been sold awhile ago.

1179 days ago


ohh yeah and while she was trying to score drugs and talking to all these sketchy people on vacation Im pretty sure( Not 100% sure) her kids where with her on the vacation(not with her at the drugie park) Thank god!!!!! Brooke is a horrible person and the judge should be smacked for not giving her any punishment for failed drug test and just flat out being a horrible mom / person!!!! thats just my 2 cents

1179 days ago


$55,000 a Month?? Damn - I don't even make that in a year... With all that kind of money involved, a portion of it should be assigned to an UNTOUCHABLE Trust Fund that only the children can receive when they are o****e. This world never ceases to amaze me anymore... Just like "Suri" Tom Cruise's little girl...just got a tree house built for $100,000.

1178 days ago

Woodstock Johnson    

$55K a month for child support. WTF? It's amazing how the White judicial system works. Black women go to welfare, medicaid, others who do crack and are white, get $660...,000 a year to rise kids. Let's take a look: $500 a month for food=$6,000. $500 a month for clothing-$6,000. Add in private schools at $5,000 a month and you get $45,000. Excuse me, but that adds up to $57,000. What is the extra $60......0K for? Mom going to rehab: $60......,000 a month? Whoops, over budget. Doing crack daily: $1000, whoops over budget. What was this judge thinking.

1178 days ago


I love how people keep calling charlie a drug addict umm If im not mistaken there hasnt been anything about him doing drugs since he cleaned up and it's been alittle while now. Not saying charlies cured for ever but he's doing pretty damn good while brooke has relapsed many times and bounced from rehab to rehab and tryed to score drugs while on vacation with her kids. I mean charlies not dad of the year.

1178 days ago


What is really wrong about this is that THEY have admitted Charlie's not behind on his child support but just want to garnish his wages in case he doesn't earn enough to pay her mega $k monthly Child support payments in future?! You see either you, me or any one living in the real world being able to get a Judge to agree, "yeah, it's o.k we'll get you all we can now and bleed him dry so that when he goes broke thanks to you, you won't have to worry about child support or your standard of living!"? No, me neither!! His wages have always been garnished for child support, most parents paying it do have their wages garnished, but puhlease $55k to an alcoholic, junkie per month who can't stay out of rehab is not going to end well!
I wonder, d'you reckon the Judge can be sued if she O.D's for acting as an enabler? After all with her history it should have been one of the first things considered, that this would be candy to the addicts hands! Lol!!

1178 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

And most of that 55K is going to go up her nose, into her arm, or inside a pipe. Their poor kids have some of the worst parents.

1178 days ago


If those kids are snorting $55K per montgh it's definitely time for intervention. Hey... is it possible that Brooke is spending some of that money on herself? Naaaaaaaaaa.

1177 days ago
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