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Brooke to Warner Bros:

I Want a Piece of Charlie!

6/28/2011 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller apparently isn't confident enough that ex-hubby Charlie Sheen will make good on child support, so she got a judge to order Warner Bros. to send $55,000 of Charlie's money her way every month.


Brooke's law firm, Trope and Trope, served legal papers on Warner Bros. last Friday, demanding the studio withhold $55,000 a month from all monies due Charlie to satisfy his child support obligations.

The lawyers are demanding that the studio send the $55 grand a month directly to Brooke.

Sources connected with Brooke concede Charlie is not behind on his child support, but Brooke wants to make sure she gets her support if Charlie begins to run low on cash.

Warner Bros. must comply, because a judge signed the document ordering the studio to divert the money to Brooke.

Garnishment -- tasty on food, bitter on paychecks.



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THIS is why im am totally fed up with child support gold-diggers.

we all know she's needing to smoke that crack with her child support money.. talk about B! go out and get a job.. she's nothing but the pure definition of DEADBEAT Mom!

all it takes is a one time overdose..

I hope you smoke some bleach b!tch!

1182 days ago


This is so obvious...and as some previous posters mentioned, she just wants the money to make sure she can support her drug habit. Charlie certainly is no prince, but this chick is a real loser.

1182 days ago


Girl need her drug money. lol

1182 days ago


Why shouldn't she get $55k a month from him, This is the guy who blows over 30K on prostitutes for the night. The kids should get more than 55K in my opinion, and so should Denise.

1182 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

$55K a month and she still needs to pawn stuff?

1182 days ago


I don't care for Charlie Sheen, but the legal question here is:
If Charlie wasn't in arrears for child support, nor owed any past due child support and was current on child support, how can a judge order a garnishment of wages he hasn't even received yet?

Doesn't make sense. But it is California, so nothing makes sense in Ca Ca land.

1182 days ago


...and not one penny less then Denise's garnishment!

1182 days ago



To maintain a 'certain' lifestyle. she was living with charlie in that $20 million ranchero dinero. wouldn't expect her and the kids to live in a trailer park now would you? well i know some would.

1182 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I hate to say this but I H8 this chick, she needs to go OD already!!!!

1182 days ago

$55,000 a month for child support is ridiculous. Child support should be capped at a reasonable amount. I guarantee if the government was paying child support it would be capped. Worthless women living large off child support for simply spreading their legs. Having a kid isn't winning the lottery.

1182 days ago


What a crack ho!

1182 days ago


I think the courts should start a trust for those little boys. Heidi is a drug addict and will spend the money on that. Charlie is another drug addict and spends his money on the hos. I say either the grandparents or a court appointed worker should know how to spend the money for each child and on what. It's the safest thing for the kids.
I agree with you totally.....Charlie's ex wife is named Brooke not Heidi.

1182 days ago


looks like Brookie is running out of crack money...

Those poor little guys are doomed.

1182 days ago


Do you know how many people in America make $55K or less PER YEAR? If they even have a job at this time?

How can you justify $55K a month in child support to a drug addict?

1182 days ago


The question for me is whether he defaulted on previous payments. If he didn't then the judge has just ordered WB to hand $55k to someone with a potential drug habit bad enough to resort to street dealers in Hawaii. That seems a bit silly. Cause that sort of money doesn't just cover essentials.

1182 days ago
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