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Brooke to Warner Bros:

I Want a Piece of Charlie!

6/28/2011 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller apparently isn't confident enough that ex-hubby Charlie Sheen will make good on child support, so she got a judge to order Warner Bros. to send $55,000 of Charlie's money her way every month.


Brooke's law firm, Trope and Trope, served legal papers on Warner Bros. last Friday, demanding the studio withhold $55,000 a month from all monies due Charlie to satisfy his child support obligations.

The lawyers are demanding that the studio send the $55 grand a month directly to Brooke.

Sources connected with Brooke concede Charlie is not behind on his child support, but Brooke wants to make sure she gets her support if Charlie begins to run low on cash.

Warner Bros. must comply, because a judge signed the document ordering the studio to divert the money to Brooke.

Garnishment -- tasty on food, bitter on paychecks.



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Get Real    

If Charlie wasn't such a loser he'd have sole custody and wouldn't have to pay Brooke a dime except perhaps alimony (what did she do before she met him?) And let's be honest, if he wasn't such a loser he wouldn't be with trailer trash women, much less marry them. He should have appreciated Denise Richards but, naaahhhh....I guess cheap hos are more his style.

1211 days ago


She's a crack Wh*re, she is doing this to make sure she gets paid or she wont have any crack money. Disgusting piece of crap who would spread her legs to any drug dealer I would bet.

1211 days ago


How have the kids been in either one of these crazy drug abusing low life's custody? Why haven't they been taken away from both of them? If she is going to get that money, it should be put into an account for the kids since she is a known user, or the court should grant a level headed third party to manage the money and make sure the kids are being taken care of like how they arranged it for Britney Spears and her dad.

1211 days ago


I don't know what the big deal is. This is routine even if child support is $500/mo. At least in Texas it is. CS comes directly from the payroll dept of the payees place of work.

1211 days ago


Why doesn't she cut out the middle man and have them send it directly to her CRACK DEALER! What a loser!!!!!

1211 days ago


The street is running red with Tiger Blood.

1211 days ago


And im happy with my 135 a week child support for my child. Sure its not a lot but it provides for him...NOT me....COUGH..a kid does not need 55000 regardless how much a person digger cough.

1211 days ago


The bitdch wants to make sure she has money for crack.

1211 days ago


Is Charlie employed? Yesterday TMZ reported Charlie signed with another producer, and you also reported that Two and a Half Men are going to kill Charlie Harper at the end of August. What’s the truth? Hope Charlie Twitters. Tomorrow does Denise Richards go to court and give head to the Judge for her child support to be enforced. Sounds to me TMZ is fishing for a story.

1211 days ago


I thought that Warner Bros. was not paying Charlie any money anymore. Didn't they have all the residuals on the show stopped? I know there may be money for the lawsuit, but that wouldn't be them "paying" him like a salery. He sure doesn't work for them what money is this to come out of anyway?

1211 days ago


This another reason to never marry in Hollyweird and any place else. Charlie, you would done better paying the Prostitutes like you used to. Why marry when you can have variety and keep the money you made? There are only 2 situations when to pay a woman. 1. Buy condoms, 2. Azz and 3. Abortion. You morons who continue no listen, losing your ish is on the horizon.

1211 days ago


I wouldn't give that crackhead a DIME...her parents take care of the kids, the cash should go to them.

1211 days ago


she wants to make sure she can afford her drug addiction

1211 days ago


Why doesn't that skanky old whore get a JOB! 55K for child support? 55K for Brooke support.

1211 days ago


The money should go straight to her crack dealer. It's not like she's running behind on her payments either - thanks to regular visits to her favorite pawn shops - but he should make sure he gets support when she begins to run low on crash... On cash!

1211 days ago
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