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Bryan Stow -- FLIPPED OFF During Dodger Game

6/29/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bryan Stow didn't appear to be worried that Dodgers fans were giving him the finger the night he watched the Giants play in Dodger Stadium ... instead, he smirked and hoisted his beer.


One of Stow's friends posted a photo on Facebook, showing Stow and his buddies proudly sporting their team colors in a sea of blue on March 31 ... while two unidentified Dodgers fans photobombed the shot by flipping off the camera.

As we previously reported -- Stow had a verbal altercation with another Dodger fan during the game ... after Stow allegedly yelled out that he'd rather eat his own feces than a Dodger dog.

Stow was brutally beaten in the parking lot after the game and is still recovering from some VERY serious injuries.

062711_fight_small_v2_launchThe LAPD arrested one man for the attack, Giovanni Ramirez -- cops say he's the prime suspect. 

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Mighty Mike    


I agree, except that it may be a crime of passion. Probably a stretch, I doubt the perps were nothing more than random coward punks. But the fact that his friends didn't see him getting beat until it was over with is alarming. Especially in that environment! I can't imagine leaving one of my friends, vice versa.

But maybe they were scared. It's possible that they aren't fighters, not equipped with self defense skills and figured they were outnumbered 100 to 4 so they ran as fast as they could.

Even so, the fact that they did will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Maybe they would have just gotten a broken nose or lost some teeth which is still better than the current result.

I'm sure that they regret running.

1181 days ago

Just Patty    

OMG!!! -he's getting flipped off at a Dodgers game for wearing the opposing team's colors?!?! - well duh! - He's not the first and he certainly won't be the last. Granted, getting beat to a pulp is not cool, but trash talking at a baseball game - it's as common as bacon and eggs, or in this case, beer and a Dodger Dog...

1181 days ago


Sports or no sports, the thing most everyone isn't understanding is that Bryan wasn't just BEAT UP for disrespectful or offensive behavior... yeah he would have recovered from a painful "beating" and hopefully learned a lesson that disrespectful remarks aren't acceptable and speaking otherwise is also risking the possibility of painful consequences no one wants to suffer. However Bryan wasn't just beaten up. He was kicked in the head violently enough that he lives as a vegatable now in a hospital bed on several medications because his brain can't function on it's own without lethal seisures and he lies there with a 1/4 of his skull missing because it was irreplacably crushed into pieces....for a few (perhaps very) offensive remarks. Go figure...can anyone really condone that as a rightious response to some provactively spoken words?!

1181 days ago


This is why L.A will never have another football team.

Guy wears another team's jersey and possibly acts like a douche and Dodger fans feel the need to beat him nearly to death?

Talk about a mental disorder.

And some of you idiots have the nerve to say he had it coming?

Typical L.A/Dodger trash

I feel for the good people of L.A and the good Dodger fans but you're letting your city and team turn into this.

1181 days ago


This is why L.A will never have another football team.

I feel for the good folks of Los Angeles but it's a shame the city is filled with a lot of trash. Both Dodger and Laker fans are pigs.

Guy wears another team's jersey and possibly acts like a douche and Dodger fans feel the need to beat him nearly to death?

Talk about a mental disorder.

1181 days ago


And just to think some of you idiots are acting like Brian Stow was asking for a beating. Sounds like the same mentality of the ghetto trash who put him into a coma. I hope the filth of LA is proud

1181 days ago


Seems like there are a lot of Dodger "fans" on here trying to justify the savage beating Bryan Stowe received at the hands of their fellow gang members, oops, I mean fans. Basically what you're saying is that he had no business coming on your "turf" wearing rival "colors" and rooting for his "gang". He was "disrespectful" because he didn't just sit in his seat acting like a sissy and keeping his mouth shut. He's lucky he didn't get hacked to pieces with a machete. It didn't used to be like this, that you had to be scared to go to the ballpark and enjoy yourself. There were rivalries and fans hassled each other in a good-natured way, but without all the threats and violence. I used to enjoy going to the games but not no more. Too many of those guys that have this certain look and talk a certain way walking around drinking beer and talking real loud. Too scary, so I just stay home and watch on TV. Plus my hotdogs and garlic fries taste much better and I can drink as much beer as I want. Too bad about that Stowe guy though. But karma is a B. Now the head Dodger couldn't handle his woman or his finances and he had to file bankruptcy and couldn't make payroll. Come on Dodger "fans", beat up another Giant fan and maybe they'll take over the team and move it somewhere else. I'll just follow the Angels or the Padres.

1181 days ago


It isn't surprising that this story has been fleshed out a bit and some indicators point to Stow not being as mild-mannered or quietly respectful of the home team's ballpark as was first suggested. It isn't the kind of behavior I appreciate when I go to a ballgame, but it's part of mixing with the general gene pool.

Which brings us to the more salient point: If you have to draw the line on what "mixing with the general gene pool" involves, it should probably be drawn somewhere before having to deal with the possibility of being assaulted so violently that you risk losing your own life at a sporting event. I go to sporting events .. the full spectrum of loud fans are always there, from the occasionally loud and humorous to the drunk and obnoxious. It's part of the deal. Getting your head kicked in while you lay unconscious is not.

This idea that if you "talk smack in our house you deserve a beating" is squarely from the perspective of uneducated, violent, twenty-something thugs who can't cut it by society's rules and have to vent their frustrations and challenged masculinity by beating down a dude twenty years their senior. Those proclaiming "see I told you so" over a photo showing Stow posing happily with a beer or a video of him in a confrontation with a guy who didn't like him insulting a Dodger Dog are operating on a certain sub-human level that needs to be separated from functional society. Finding a loudmouth in a crowd of 50,000 is no great trick, but what Dodger Stadium has become is inexcusable.

1181 days ago


Also, based exclusively on the evidence from the photo and video on TMZ, there is no indication that Stow was excessively obnoxious. In the photo he's standing with a "what did I do?" kind of expression, obviously among a sea of Dodger supporters. It's a moment of time when a photo was snapped and proves nothing either way. A woman who claims to have been there says that he and his buddies did a decent job of placating these guys, and that one of the Dodger fans actually snapped the shot.

The video proves even less. Yeah, apparently the guy with the Dodger jersey claims Stow made an off color remark about a Dodger Dog, but there's no indication that it was said loudly, or as anything more than a remark between two fans .. if it was in fact said at all. What is shown in the video is Stow raising his hands, non-violently, and in an apparent attempt to calm the Dodger Dog supporter. After the guy leaves Stow turns to his buddy with a "what was that all about?" expression.

What took place in the parking lot was an entirely different event, and from all description seemed to be these guys trying to get out of there with their heads attached (following their team's loss) and being attacked, blindsided, and assaulted in prison yard fashion.

1180 days ago

Mighty Mike    

A couple of smart posts here!!! But what you will notice is the people that condone and justify what happened can't even fathom the logic that you guys have written.

With that being said, you can imagine the frustration the LAPD faces when dealing with generations bred with this same sociopathic mindset! It's no wonder why there's no love lost from the cops when rival gangs kill each other off in the streets; one less thug to serve and protect the innocent from!

It's always the same story too... "He was a good man!", "He had a big heart!", "He was changing his ways!". The families which continue to breed these behaviors while turning a blind eye to what their children are becoming are the direct source of the problem. Bang your heads against the wall if you care, it's the same end result.

1180 days ago


who the hell cares. it's just baseball. people need to get over it. wah wah wah you dissed my team. shut the **** up

1180 days ago


I've been a visiting fan in many ball parks, and some playful joking among fans is very common..... But its all fun and games. Being a fan in a visitor's ballpark does NOT justify getting beaten up. The man is near death right now, all he wanted to do was have a good time with his friends on Opening day....

The last game the SF Giants played, they won the World series.... so sure, there was probably some taunting, making comments of "who's got the ring?!" kinda stuff... So leave it at that....

The problem is all of these uneducated lower class people are only taught that the lack of common sense and intelligence can be countered by fighting for "Respect". Look at all of them crowding up our prisons. And why? Because they felt they had to kick the **** outta someone because they felt disrespected because that person accidentally bumped into them walking down the street. Chris Rock said it best.... its not worth spending the rest of your life in jail because someone smudged your Puma! Unfortunately, these people don't get it. I for one am tired of my tax dollars paying for these s***bags, throw them on a boat and dump them off on an island in the middle of nowhere and let them beat the **** outta each other for their "respect"... It's time to take out the trash, folks!

1159 days ago


no one gets beat up the way Brian Stow did without making sure he deserved it himself. I believe he deserved it by coming into Dodgers stadium without respect and talk nasty about the Dodger Dogs those 2 "aggressors" loved so much. Hey, this is America, everyone has to take responsibility for everything they do or say.

1156 days ago


LA Dodger fans are nuts especially on their turf. I went to a game there to support my team (NOT the Dodgers) with my 3 year old son and every single Dodger fan around me was a GIGANTIC jerk! Soooo disrespectful and I WAS NOT talking smack, just trying to watch the game with my family. It seemed most of the Dodger fans cared more about LA and their damn egos than the actual game! Just a bunch of drunk poor sports fans! Props to the Dodgers but thumbs down to the drunk fans at the LA ballpark. Good sportsmanship does not exist in that ballpark.

1154 days ago


Shame on you. I agree with Kitty. I grew up going to baseball games and was born into a baseball family. There is simply NO excuse for violence and beatings at a sports event where we go to enjoy ourselves and root on our team.

We certainly are entitled to opinions and team choice. I've seen many drunk people at stadiums, having spent years watching my Dad play, coach and manage with major league teams. Once, at a baseball game, our family was yelled at by opposing fans, and 2 guys threw beer on my Mom and sister. Really? For being baseball fans? We were the family of the manager of the opposing team, sitting their enjoying the game, the rivalry, being together.

This act against Bryan Stowe was unforgivable. And all for what a man said? This IS America. He has children and a family, medical bills that are insurmountable. I have been donating, as I can,to his cause since I heard about it, even with a husband out of work for over two years. He didn't deserve what he got.

Frankly, most of your views on this shock me even more than this crime. This kind of behavior has no place in the USA.

We are big sports fans and we should be able to go safely to the games of our choosing and root on our teams, without possibility of being beaten to near-death.

I'm not down with it, out with it, ready to call Bryan a name, ready to say 'he got owned' or disrespect him or his family. I am truly embarrassed to be a part of baseball in California if they have fans like this.

1088 days ago
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