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Bryan Stow -- FLIPPED OFF During Dodger Game

6/29/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bryan Stow didn't appear to be worried that Dodgers fans were giving him the finger the night he watched the Giants play in Dodger Stadium ... instead, he smirked and hoisted his beer.


One of Stow's friends posted a photo on Facebook, showing Stow and his buddies proudly sporting their team colors in a sea of blue on March 31 ... while two unidentified Dodgers fans photobombed the shot by flipping off the camera.

As we previously reported -- Stow had a verbal altercation with another Dodger fan during the game ... after Stow allegedly yelled out that he'd rather eat his own feces than a Dodger dog.

Stow was brutally beaten in the parking lot after the game and is still recovering from some VERY serious injuries.

062711_fight_small_v2_launchThe LAPD arrested one man for the attack, Giovanni Ramirez -- cops say he's the prime suspect. 

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It's strange how everyone has cell phones- snaps shots galore of the crowd - the victim while in the arena- but no cell phones snaps of the incident in the perking lot.I just don't get where his friends were at while this man was attacked.Something is off.The person that posted - about the suspect pool - is right. The attackers could be anyone of these people.The thug they nicked very well could be the perp-but with such a large group - The police must have more evidence.As for the family - I agree with them about not being beat down over a game- but I do not agree with people that use public forums as a support system to greive.There is a time and place for everything.TMZ that kept this case in the msm deserves credit.

1215 days ago


No one deserves to be beaten into a coma for stupid sports $%^&, but perhaps everyone could take a lesson to SIT DOWN and enjoy the game instead of drinking, yelling, standing up and blocking everyone's view and generally making royal pains in the @ass of themselves at every sporting event. My son would love to attend MLB games but I won't take him because of exactly what I see in this picture.

1215 days ago


he couldnt be hoisting his beer cuz it looks lilke he is sitting in the outfield and they dont serve beer in the outfield at dodger stadium

1215 days ago


Keep poking a stick at a dog- dog bites back .By the looks of the pic you can see why this crowd had the potentail to become hostile - Sadly for the victim thats how it went down.Dodger Stadium looks more dangerous than a bus station.Thus is a classic example of why people should profile...

1214 days ago


Seriously, TMZ, stop being little bitches and just come out and say you think he deserved to get beat up. That's obviously what all these pictures and little jabs at him are getting at. Do you think he's seriously the first person to wear opposing team colors to a game, talk a little trash, and get flipped off? Does that somehow make it okay for some s***bag little wanna-be gangsters to beat him like that? If that's what you think then at least have the balls to come out and say it and stop just hinting at it. Or else shut the ***** up about it until you have some actual information on his condition or the man who attacked him.

1214 days ago


I had a feeling this douchebag had to be mouthing off showing off for his buddies...his family can cry all they want but if you going to be loud and proud be prepared to back it up...and in this guys case he didnt...lol

1214 days ago


The guys who beat him did so because he was wearing a Giants jersey and they were drunk.
I don't think they were sitting near him or even heard the confrontation.

1214 days ago


I am a huge fan of tmz, but this disgusts me how you keep tormenting Bryan Stows family and kids. He is in a COMA and you keep running stories trying to insinuate that he deserved it?? I am over this site and will be showing my support and tips to other gossip sites that know how to be respectful.

1214 days ago


Never EVER let your mouth write a check your @$$ can't cash. You'll be overdrawn every time.

1214 days ago


@ C-WHY is presenting facts about what lead to a crime such a problem? TMZ has done a great job - they have presented both sides of this case. Must we rely on filter down news - toss out fact to sooth emotions ? There are plenty of web-offerings devoted to victim rights- coping with needless crime. TMZ is not one of them.They are a news forum-nothing more to it. Free Speech belongs to everyone ...

1214 days ago


It appears that you people at TMZ are trying to make a case for this guys beat down. You should be ashamed of yourselves, nothing, and I mean nothing, justifies what has happened to him and the consequences suffered by his family.

1214 days ago


I know TMZ can be biased sometimes but I don't think they are trying to condone or "make a case" for the crime committed here. I think the point is, he's not as innocent as he was portrayed to be. I don't know that I like the word "instigate" in this case but its not like he was minding his own business and someone pummeled him for no reason. There is a reason, whether the reaction was warranted or not.

1214 days ago


Will someone please explain how this photo demonstrates any evidence o****gressive or obnoxious behavior from Stow and his friends? What it shows is four people posing for a picture at a ball park. The only conclusive evidence here is that the guy seated behind them is a jackass.

1214 days ago


The TMZ language filter is beyond ridiculous. It doesn't know its head from its ass.

1214 days ago


Seems that wearing a team color and trash talking has sunk to Gang colors and warfare. So much for the great American past-time. Thugs galore. Punks all. No thanks.

1214 days ago
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