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Bryan Stow -- FLIPPED OFF During Dodger Game

6/29/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bryan Stow didn't appear to be worried that Dodgers fans were giving him the finger the night he watched the Giants play in Dodger Stadium ... instead, he smirked and hoisted his beer.


One of Stow's friends posted a photo on Facebook, showing Stow and his buddies proudly sporting their team colors in a sea of blue on March 31 ... while two unidentified Dodgers fans photobombed the shot by flipping off the camera.

As we previously reported -- Stow had a verbal altercation with another Dodger fan during the game ... after Stow allegedly yelled out that he'd rather eat his own feces than a Dodger dog.

Stow was brutally beaten in the parking lot after the game and is still recovering from some VERY serious injuries.

062711_fight_small_v2_launchThe LAPD arrested one man for the attack, Giovanni Ramirez -- cops say he's the prime suspect. 

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St Murphy    


you got it true but some teams stadiums and fans are places you know your place.i am from NY and i am a mets fan ive been to plenty of games but i would never do that at a yankees game.the man deff took it way to far the man is down walk away.what i dont like is the fact they are holding a man for this crime and he has many alibies and proof he was not even at the stadium at the time.to me the LAPD is lookin for a scapegoat.and i hate mexicans lol

1177 days ago


So let me get this straight. I*****uy goes to a baseball game wearing the opposing teams jersey and talks smack back to people talking smack to him, he deserves to be made a vegetable and live the rest of his life in a coma.

There is a criminal element out here in Los Angeles that commit crimes like this every day to people just like Brian Stow for the simple act of walking into their "turf."

Anyone that condones this type of beating for running smack at a baseball game should be promptly arrested and deported to a country of their choice.

The people that did this to Brian Stow are animals and should be locked up. JD

1177 days ago

St Murphy    

@ john

where were his buddies when he really needed them? yeah talk smack we all have but know when enough is enough.was the smack talk worth the result?

1177 days ago


The first issue is you NEVER sit in the Dodger Stadium Pavillion!! HAHA.. Beating into a coma is not ever warranted, but it seems as if he may have just mouthed off to the wrong people!

1177 days ago


Noone deserves to be jumped from behind because he was wearing the opposing teams jersey. I don't care if he was talking crap. I'm sure many dodger fans were talking crap as well. What a bunch of p*****s these guys were to beat someone while he was blacked out on the ground. If they are so proud of what they did because of a damn baseball game why don't they come forward now??? I'm glad the Dodgers are now bankrupt. Many they will move the team to a more derserving city!!!

1177 days ago


I don't understand how he was by himself when he got a beat down. Where were his friends? His friends are the worst for not helping and he does look like an ass, one of those guys that talk **** and can't take the heat

1177 days ago


What is wrong with this? He isn't doing anything wrong. He and his friends took a road trip to a BASEBALL GAME in beautiful Los Angeles. They are having a good time and had someone take their picture. Isn't that perfectly acceptable behavior. It's a BASEBALL GAME not a prison yard. Dodgers fans do much worse than this at Giants games in SF all of the time. They hold up their hats and beg for people to boo them. It's not a big deal. Can't we all just co-exist without making sports a life or death affair. Anyone who say he is out of line for having a good time at a BASEBALL GAME really needs to have their head checked.

1177 days ago


Oh so they can all pose for a group picture....but where were his "friends" in the parking lot?

1177 days ago

Mighty Mike    

St Murphy,

I agree with you. I went to a Raider game once in LA vs. the 49ers. What I saw that day has never left me. It didn't matter if they were mouthing off or not, if you were wearing red, you were gonna get it. I saw 13 fights personally and read about 6 stabbings.

So I hear ya. Walking into Yankees Stadium with a Sox hat on drunk, yelling, "The Yankees Suck" probably wouldn't be one of your best decisions. lol.

It seems we all agree that once a man's down, he's down. Unless of course you're a POS thug coward, then you take it to this level.

1177 days ago


Im a Raider season ticket holder..we have a reputation for being roudy/abusive crowd! People come to Raider game in Jerseys of opposing teams...no problem with that...Where the problems come in is where get drunk and try to fight the WHOLE crowd..
I think its agreed this guy didnt deserve what he got!
But i also feel that he wasnt "rooting responsibily"......thats the words they use before every game to let people know....
Ive saw Giants fans act like this..cause "they are the world champs" Ive heard all the trash talk....just Arrogant!!
no way this guy was a "INNOCENT VICTIM" like news outlets here in the Bay Area claim he was.....TMZ....u guys rock...we want the truth!!

1177 days ago


It was only a matter of time before the bigger picture of this horrible story came out. At the end of the day, the Stow family should sue his friends for being such pu**ies for not helping their buddy out in his time of need.

1177 days ago


Is he really "smirking" in this photo TMZ? These not so subtle word choices you choose are an attempt to make Stow look like an instigator.

A smirk is "An affected, often offensively self-satisfied smile."

I'm sorry, but where is he smirking in this picture? Do your writer even know what a smirk looks like, because I sure as hell don't see anything resembling one on his face.

1177 days ago

Mighty Mike    


Agreed. But you also see those Raider fans walking around looking to cause trouble. Those are the ones to avoid as they seem to have only one thing on their mind. They're always the same, 20 something latinos with tats, drunk, loud and usually with 6 or 7 friends around them.

Maybe I'm being too stereotypical... maybe it's just the same group I see at every game! lol!!!

1177 days ago


It's upsetting to read so many of your comments that are negative towards Bryan Stow. He was at a baseball game supporting his team. Why are you believing the info that TMZ is providing to you? NOBODY should have to go through what he did, nor should his family. It shouldn't matter if he raised his beer and had his picture taken, who wouldn't do that? Looks like he was having a good time. TMZ you should be ashamed of yourselves. I won't be going on your website anymore.

1177 days ago

TMZ Shameless    

TMZ has no shame!!!!!! Its like blaming a rape victim for the rape because they wore something that was revealing it gave the rapist a green light to DESTROY their life. Ive been to countless games and have heard tons of taunting and crude remarks being made about the other team..It in no way justifies attempted murder and for TMZ to place blame on the victim is just ABSURD!!!! ... TMZ is full it and is no better than OK Magazine with their bogus stories and accusations. Did that person in the picture tell you guys personally that they were flipping him off???? UGHHH DOUBTFUL!!!... It looks more like a random act of just flipping off the other teams fan's ... This is why I dont read TMZ crap I much rather read PEREZHITLON...At least that website doesnt place blame on victims like TMZ does...JUST GO BACK PEOPLES COURT AND STOP SPEWING GARBAGE!!!

1177 days ago
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