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Bryan Stow -- FLIPPED OFF During Dodger Game

6/29/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bryan Stow didn't appear to be worried that Dodgers fans were giving him the finger the night he watched the Giants play in Dodger Stadium ... instead, he smirked and hoisted his beer.


One of Stow's friends posted a photo on Facebook, showing Stow and his buddies proudly sporting their team colors in a sea of blue on March 31 ... while two unidentified Dodgers fans photobombed the shot by flipping off the camera.

As we previously reported -- Stow had a verbal altercation with another Dodger fan during the game ... after Stow allegedly yelled out that he'd rather eat his own feces than a Dodger dog.

Stow was brutally beaten in the parking lot after the game and is still recovering from some VERY serious injuries.

062711_fight_small_v2_launchThe LAPD arrested one man for the attack, Giovanni Ramirez -- cops say he's the prime suspect. 

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Mighty Mike    


"It's called freedom of speech"

Yet you say he shouldn't have been running his mouth. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

Oh wait, the difference is you're hiding behind your keyboard!!!

Never mind, I answered my own question.

1176 days ago


Sloppy Seconds and every one who says he "ran his mouth" off obviously aren't real baseball fans who go to games. The Dodger Giant rivalry is a considerable one and opposing teams "talk trash" at each others' stadiums all the time. It's par for the course and verbal teasing is part of going to the game. It does not merit getting beat down, however, and if we can't accept a verbal rivalry over teams, how are we ever going to solve any other problems?
Dodgers fans need to accept that they didn't have adequate security for their growing gang fan base and that they have seriously marred the sport by taking a rivalry that should only be in the ballpark way too far. They will pay for it, though, with a massive lawsuit and hopefully MLB will take over the team and put it on the auction block.

1176 days ago


Ok, its a sporting event. If someone isn't allowed to run their mouth, cheer their team, wear their team colors then we should all watch sports at home, or in our cars. He may have been obnoxious, may have ran off his mouth, but that does not give someone the right to beat the man to death, or in his case brain death. If this was the way we handled obnoxious drunk and way too much mouth at a sporting event, we'd all be in the hospital, hooked up to machines. Yes, he ran his mouth off in a sea of blue.. yes he was acting like a typical beer fueled, hyped up moron, but that doesn't mean we beat him to death, or beat him to a brain induced coma.. What the people did to him is wrong.. and they should be locked up for it. Do the Dodgers, TMZ, or Dodger fans owe the family anything? No. TMZ is covering the story, the way TMZ does, and the only people who need to answer for their crimes are the ones who actually beat the guy. PERIOD!!!

1176 days ago


You people are ridiculous. Because this man roots for his World Series winning team he deserves a beating? This man was a paramedic. Do you realize how little they are paid to HELP people? Do you realize how many people this man had aided in his career? Do you realize the mental anguish they go through witnessing people who are injured and dying? And on his off day from all of this stress he blows off some steam rooting for his team and therefore is a 'douche'? You should bow to the brave men like this. Not to the cowards who attacked him from behind.

1176 days ago

Uncle Rufus    


1176 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Where were these three friends of Stow when he got cornered by the two attackers? They could have easily fought back, two guys to each attacker?++++

1176 days ago


I don't care how much this guy trash talked or 'offended' the other team fans...HE DID NOT DESERVE IT! Ridiculous and scary how people are saying he deserved this. This picture shows him having a good time with his friends and shows how rude and ignorant the Dodger fans are. I feel sorry for Stow as no one deserves to be beaten and incur brain damage b/c of a stupid comment that stupid idiots took offense to. Sports should not be the cause of someone almost losing their lives. Shame on you people that think he deserves this.

1176 days ago


Yup!! I called it! I totally knew he was ess-talking. Nobody gets pwned for just wearing a rivals colors, he obviously was asking for a confrontation. When the Phillies come to town I wear the Red and my girl brings her Fanatic, and yeah sure we get boo's and your classic "eff the Phillies" but thats as far as i allow it to go. If I were a drunk imbecile id never get out of Dodgers stadium alive. He created his misfortune.

1176 days ago


just because you go to baseball...its fair game to get your ass beat into a coma? youve got be fvcking kidding me. most dodgers fans are EX CHOLOS who drink and beat their own wives and kids. fvck the dodgers and the mccourts! hahaha

1175 days ago


So many of your comments are crap. This man did not deserve to be beat into a coma. Whatever happened to "old fashioned sportsmanship?" Guess that doesn't exist anymore. The only thing so many of you have done is validate that the fans attending the L.A. Dodger's games belong to gangs...and that it's okay. Gee what a great place to take your kids. All American past time huh? Bull****!Not anymore. I guess it would be okay then if every time an Ump got razzed, he went into the bleachers and beat the **** out of whoever was doing the trash talking.
What happened was NOT okay, not by any means. Everyone is free to like or dislike for that matter, any sports team they choose, and to not have to feel threatened because of doing so. Besides, the ******** who did this are probably the same people who would beat the **** out of a ref. or ump. at a child's little league game etc.

1175 days ago


he is an a$sh013, wtff and THATS WHY HIS DUMB BUTT BEATEN' UP!!!!

1175 days ago


It is funny that when the news of his beat'n first came out, he was painted as this innocent dude at a Dodger's Game. Now that light has been shed on that day, it's pretty clear that this guy was run'n his mouth and clearly came across some guys who wouldn't take it. It's just too bad they went a little far with the beat down.

1175 days ago

Mighty Mike    

Lol!!! You people don't get it!!!!!

So what if he was running his mouth? who doesn't? If he took it too far, it's only because the pathetic Dodger fans had to watch SF bring home the hardware last year and they just couldn't take it.

I know. It burns deep, doesn't it!!!! Ssssssss, it burrrrrrrns! It has to hurt even more knowing that you picked up that clown Ramirez and STILL failed. There, I said it. Should I receive countless undefended blows to the skull now?

Not only did these cowards cheapshot him from behind, like cowards do; but once he was out, don't you think you made your point? Then like true cowards do, you have to gang kick him in an attampt to take his life!

These sociopaths and those that support this extreme response should rot in hell and/or jail! There is NO room for your kind in society. Your true colors shine!!! Dodger blue, perhaps?

1175 days ago


Mike, You show ur ignorance..1st of all you profile all latino men as Young cholos who are to be feared because they are all violent.(which is false).. then u rant about Raider fans...then you go on a rant about dodger fans...obviously ur a SF fan through and through that talks crap about everyone an u dont see the faults in your life or ur fans..If u were at a game and said some of the unfounded ignorant comments that u made on this post then someone would probably open a can of whoop ass on u as well...
U have no right to tell anyone to "rot in hell" because u are living in your own prejudice little hell of your own. This is the type of stupidity and ignorance than caused this garbage assualt and needs to stop in our society....
By the way...im a young latino man who is not violent with a college education...im also a raider season ticket holder...and ive never been arrested or in any trouble with the law... so how is your stereotypes doing now MIKE???

1175 days ago


he got what he deserved. Why did he get it so bad when his friends where there with him even they left him after he crossed the line!!!!

1175 days ago
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