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Beating Victim: 'I Rather Eat Feces Than Dodger Dog'

6/28/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who had a verbal altercation with San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium shortly before Stow was brutally attacked claims Stow was inciting Dodger fans by screaming, "I rather eat my own feces than eat a Dodger dog."


TMZ has obtained a text message sent yesterday by Juan Banda, the man who had the pre-attack run-in with Stow in the stands. TMZ posted video of the altercation Monday morning.

A friend of Banda's texted him that he saw Banda on TMZ.  Banda texted back "They are not saying they are looking for me....right?  Reason I was arguing w him was because he [Stow] crossed the line ... he yelled out, 'I rather eat my own ficies (sic) than eat a dodger dog.'"

Banda continued, "I asked Merced [a friend Banda was with at the game] to watch my back and told him [Stow] it was one thing to root for your team but you are crosing (sic) the line ... he didn't say much ... neither him or his buddies who were with him ... they were just trying to excuse his words."

Banda continued texting:  "Nothing happen and I went back to my seat. ... What I can't understand is where were his buddies when that [the attack] happened ... he was not alone during the game ... he was with 3 or 4 friends ... he did have a mouth though!"

And Banda texted, "Maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong guys!"

062711_fight_small_v2_launchWhat's interesting about the texts is it paints a picture of Stow trying to incite Dodger fans.

We tried contacting Stow's lawyer, but so far our calls have not been returned.

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i luv how the guy and some LA fans are trying to portray the giant fan as this AHOLE that probably brought it on himself..
this happend in the bleachers aka " the cheap seats" were all the smack talk goes down, dodger stadium has had these issues for years, you get these idk fans with this raider reject mentality and they just will not stop, smack talking, verbal threats, throwing peanuts and popcorn at fans of the other team, both who are loud and who are not, thats why if i go to a game its good seats or not it all, you pay bottom of the barrel for your ticket your gonna be around bottom of the barrel people..anaheim and san diego are completely laid back to dodger stadium, thats if of coarse its not against the dodgers

1178 days ago


Noone knows what else this guy said, couple of beers in him maybe him and his friends were looking for a fight and they bolted on him.

Personally I have seen many people start something at a game and not realize they are in over their head.

1178 days ago

Just Another Hater    

Since when is disparaging a hot dog "crossing a line?"

1178 days ago


I am a die hard Giants fan and have learned...keep your mouth shut at Chavez Ravine..it is a scary place when your have on black and orange...it is not a family place and will never attend a game there again until they make it safer which won't happen anytime soon with that mess of an organization. Go Giants

1178 days ago

some guy    

@AddieTrish 3 minutes ago: "Its just a flucking game!!! I don't care what anyone says it doesn't ever give anyone the excuse to beat someone's head in. I do think sick flucks on here agreeing with it need to be beaten in the head though!"

Baseball is American. When I think of baseball I think of what Benicio del Toro said in 'Traffic.' Pretty sad when a Mexican knows more about beisbol than you.

1178 days ago


Lonnie B - right on.

Who gets mad about someone bad mouthing the stadium eats? And who appointed Juan Banda the Dodger Stadium defender in chief? The fact that he used this defense as though it completely justified his aggressiveness shows what kind of moron he is. He asked his friend to 'watch his back' which is pretty telling.

"Hey man, that Giants fan is talking crap about our stadium snacks!!! Watch my back bro, I'm going to set him straight!!!"

Really? If this is a typical fan, who wants to go to a game?

1178 days ago


@David Jong wtf is your point? So Americans act like animals if someone says something they don't like and beat each other? Thats acceptable behavior at a baseball game? Like I said people with your mentality are whats wrong with AMERICA and the world today and deserve a beat down!

1178 days ago

brown dynamite    

piper 47 minutes ago

so he was heckling the team at a baseball game. so what. tons of fans do it all the time. granted he shouldn't have gone back and forth w/this new guy, but we don't even know what was said. it's this other guy who's pointing at brian, and quite frankly, why did it take him this long to speak out? it took his friends 'convincing' him to come forward? sorry, not quite buying everything that this guy is saying. if this whole incident was on the up and up, he would have gone to the police and spoken up when this first happened. regardless, brian didn't deserve what happened to him. no one deserves that.


This info on him just came out and it took him 24 hours to respond back. Did you ever think that maybe this guy didn't know who the guy was that was arguing with him?

1178 days ago

some guy    


That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying that this type of behavior is unacceptable at an event where people bring their kids.

So tell me... how hard is it to hide a shiv in one of those foam "We're #1" hands? **** you ********.

1178 days ago

some guy    

**** like this really pisses me off; people so stubborn and pig-headed think only their view is right

**** you and the horse you rode in on. If you're so right go fix all the other ******* problems in the world.

1178 days ago

some guy    

No wonder Lindsay took to drugs. I would've done the same thing.

1178 days ago


sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. doesn't matter what stow said or didn't say. no one had a right to put their hands on him in anger. who cares about dodger hot dogs? you get into a yelling match over that? banda's a dumba$$ as well.
additionally, the altercation happened in the parking lot, not in the stands, and quite some time later. from all reports, stow was walking to his car when he got jumped.

1178 days ago


furthermore, unless the conversation between these two was recorded, we only have banda's version of what he claims was said. and even then, who cares?

1178 days ago

Keith Becker    

Dodger Dogs do SUCK OUT LOUD--dont let anyone tell you any different. They dont cook them on all sides--but my own feces--nope.

1178 days ago

some guy    

Ugh... never thought i'd get a headache by reading some words on a screen.

This anything like editing a script?

1178 days ago
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