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Beating Victim: 'I Rather Eat Feces Than Dodger Dog'

6/28/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who had a verbal altercation with San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium shortly before Stow was brutally attacked claims Stow was inciting Dodger fans by screaming, "I rather eat my own feces than eat a Dodger dog."


TMZ has obtained a text message sent yesterday by Juan Banda, the man who had the pre-attack run-in with Stow in the stands. TMZ posted video of the altercation Monday morning.

A friend of Banda's texted him that he saw Banda on TMZ.  Banda texted back "They are not saying they are looking for me....right?  Reason I was arguing w him was because he [Stow] crossed the line ... he yelled out, 'I rather eat my own ficies (sic) than eat a dodger dog.'"

Banda continued, "I asked Merced [a friend Banda was with at the game] to watch my back and told him [Stow] it was one thing to root for your team but you are crosing (sic) the line ... he didn't say much ... neither him or his buddies who were with him ... they were just trying to excuse his words."

Banda continued texting:  "Nothing happen and I went back to my seat. ... What I can't understand is where were his buddies when that [the attack] happened ... he was not alone during the game ... he was with 3 or 4 friends ... he did have a mouth though!"

And Banda texted, "Maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong guys!"

062711_fight_small_v2_launchWhat's interesting about the texts is it paints a picture of Stow trying to incite Dodger fans.

We tried contacting Stow's lawyer, but so far our calls have not been returned.

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Obviously Banda hasn't followed the story at all. His friends were there. Anyone who says he deserves the beating is EVIL. What kind of person says that? And even is he did say he'd rather eat his own feces than eat a dodger dog...that's not crossing the line. That's called humor. Get a life, people.

1180 days ago


Two things about the video:

1. Banda rolled up to Stowe with a crew that looked to be about 10 deep. Seems like a gang to me.

2. It's known that Dodger Stadium security was M.I.A. after the game when Stowe got beat, but where were they here? You see 10 Dodger fans go up to 3 Giants fans and get into an argument inside the stadium during the game, and a security officer isn't there to tell them to break it up?

McCourt is liable because he fired the security chief for taking his wife's side in the divorce, and never replaced him.

1180 days ago


Banda is full of s#*$. Stow never even got out of his seat! He was probably getting heckled the entire time and said something as mild as that? Have you been to a Dodger game? If that is the worst thing said, you can tell people it was a pleasant evening. Banda is trying to make him out to be some kind of instigator?? Banda, maybe you should get put into a comma and then let see what you got to say?

1180 days ago


ESPN now gets their news from TMZ. Classic.


1180 days ago


People don't hit people. That's the rule.

Hit someone over a sports contest? That's an admission that you are stupid, mean, and have zero life.

When you make excuses for the violent punks, you assume that you are not going to be their next target. They don't wait until you mouth off, they hit when the mood strikes, and it's irrational.

1180 days ago


I would never say that anyone deserves to be beaten into a coma. For any reason...Never.


You don't go into rival stadium wearing rival colors and continually insult the home team without realistically expecting some kind of violent response.

Stow was a loud mouth douche who was in the BLEACHERS mouthing off to drunk, angry, gangster Cholos who don't like white people to begin with and HATE the F-ing SF Giants. What did he expect to happen?

I grew up in an era when you would never think to wear a Red Sox hat to Yankee Stadium or a Eagles jersey to Giants Stadium and expect to not get hassled or beat up. Why people feel that they are entitled to do so now is beyond me. I mean just try to go to a Chelsea match in London wearing Manchester United colors and see what happens.

1180 days ago

I am Spartacus    

While no one deserves to be beaten to a coma this guy learned a lesson about saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Lots of people mouth off thinking theyre tough or that the person theyre mouthing off to won't do anything but all it takes is the wrong person to snap back and that could be it. If he was there with 3 friends then where were they? Either they were running scared or they aren't real friends.

Ive been at Yankees Stadium for Yanks vs Sox and sat right next to a Sox fan and the 2 of us were able to jab at one another in a joking manner and still respect each other and each other's opinions. But at the same game in a section over i saw a Red Sox fan who thought he was at Fenway Park and was doing whatever he could to piss people off around him and some guy who was there with his kids finally had enough and got in his face telling him to watch his mouth and stop being an ass so he and his kids could enjoy the game. The Sox fan sat down and was quiet the rest of the game.

1180 days ago

Team eM Zed    

You can never begin a sentence with "I'd rather eat faeces" and come out looking good. it's like starting of with "i'd rather bang my sis", or "i'd rather admit i killed johnny" - the bits after never really matter... or at least they shouldn't.

1180 days ago


gurter 11 minutes ago
@failinpalin LOL @ you for taking a comment on this website so seriously, who was even talking to you jack@ss?

Well, you made your point. Crediting you with a 7th grade mentality was very wrong of me. I think 3rd grade is more like it.

1180 days ago


@brownd........... if i was in an 'argument' that i was so concerned about that i had to tell my friends to 'watch my back' then you bet i would remember what that person looked like. especially if for the last 3 months their face and story was plastered all over every news outlet possible several times a day. that is why i'm not buying the whole he didn't know anything about it thing and his friend had to tell him about it and had to tell him to call. it just sounds a bit hinky.

1180 days ago


I believe Bryan Stow was not as happy-go-lucky as he's been portrayed.

I'm not condoning him being beaten into a coma, but Bryan Stow seems to have been "in instigating mode"... he must've barked at the wrong tree.

Stow has been painted as a friggin' saint. Time to see both sides of the coin.

1180 days ago


You homes, he's saying the Dodger dogs don't taste good. Let's kill him.

1180 days ago


He obviously knew he was going to get his texts read so he sent them on purpose. The friends phone he sent them too was probably right next to him tbh tbh.

1180 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Wow, that opens up more..and yea, I think he said the wrong thing to the wrong guys and got his ass kicked to a bloody pulp for it. Why would he say that in "enemy territory"? Come on!

1180 days ago


Even Dodgers fans can't stand Dodgers fan. Hey Banda, stop taking sports so seriously, it's supposed to be fun. If someone insulting a ballpark snack gets you that upset it is time to reevaluate your priorities in life. Stow isn't the one that crossed the line, you are for getting in his face for something so insignificant. Why can't fans engage in competitive banter back and forth without takings things so seriously? Lighten up Banda.

1180 days ago
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