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Gilbert Arenas Goes For the Block Against Baby Mama

6/28/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA great Gilbert Arenas wants a judge to pull the plug on "Basketball Wives: Los Angeles," claiming his baby mama is illegally exploiting him by appearing on the show.


The Orlando Magic guard claims Laura Govan -- the mother of his 4 children -- signed up to do "Basketball Wives" solely to become a television personality.  In the lawsuit, Arenas claims even though the soon-to-be-debuted series doesn't mention him by name, "the very presence of defendant Govan and the title of the show is an obvious reference to [Arenas]."  And Arenas notes his name was used in the press release announcing Govan had joined the cast.

Gilbert claims Govan and the producers have no right to use his name or likeness -- expressed or implied -- so he's asking a judge to slap an injunction on the show so it can't air.  He also wants cash for his troubles.

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pentta 48 minutes ago
Pilikajean - it's called the PILL, use it! but we all know how women lie about saying they're on it, and ooops-i-forgot now give me your money. BS a man has zero moral responsibility to children born against his will.

Grow up! Ever heard of condoms?? Men are as much to blame as women! They can act responsibly if they don't want children!! Stop laying this all on women, be a man!!! Admit that some men are just stupid and can't be bothered to take on the responsibility of protecting themselves because they're lazy!

1221 days ago

John the Lawyer    

Good for him

1221 days ago


he has no right to stop her from gettin money because after all it's not like he's givin her child support. bad enough he was dumb enough to have 4 kids with her but to stop her from making money all because he's afraid she'll say something bad about him. omg he's making himself look even more guilty.

1221 days ago



1221 days ago


He had 4 kids with her, the relationship wasnt a one night stand. If you dont want to pay child support dont have unprotected sex 4 times. Thats not an oops thats a litter.

Shes got to feed them. She would be stupid not to take this JOB to feed her kids. If douche boy took care of his kids she might not need this job but with all the public squaking he does about having to pay child support, I dont see why she cant talk about him too. Child support! Squak! Squak! Let her work then. He's not a man. Real men raise their kids. Ladies Take note stay away from this douche.

1221 days ago


Okay, let's just get this straight TMZ. Did you really just refer to Gilbert Arenas
as an NBA legend? Really?!?

1221 days ago

Kathy S    

@ Pilikajean - Men that don't want women to pop out babies need to get clipped - then no worries. Since it is impossible for men to keep it in their pants that solves the issue - then no child support to pay. Don't have to worry about a ho saying they is on the pill and be lying.

1221 days ago


He makes HOW MUCH A YEAR and wants cash for his troubles? Seems to me he couldn't keep his privates from another privates and can't own up to the fact that maybe SHE wants to do this.
Arenas is a glory hound except for the messes he created.

1221 days ago


I am so tired of these dumb ass reality tv shows and these Attention whore ass ppl, basketball wives especially none of these ho's are married accept shaunie and she divorced. These broads need to get a life and stop chasing rich **** for a living obviously they should had known they will be never be marriaged material. And these dumbass dudes need to stop having babies by these broads.

1221 days ago


The BB doesn't stand for basketball. It stands for Bitter B*tches

1221 days ago


I stopped reading at: NBA great Gilbert Arenas, more like NBA player who is lucky not to be in jail for carrying 5 or more guns in his locker Gilbert Arenas

1221 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

News flash, TMZ. Gil hasn't been a great NBA player since 2006...

1221 days ago


He's got it right! Intellectual property baby...and now he may be slamming the show, but giving it own promotion too. He'll get $$$ bucks out it, if proven is likeness, name or such is used.

Good for him, everyone is scamming, wanting a easy piece of pie from the ones that make a name for themselves. Being in the game and absolutely charging is vital for success. Odds are he'll score more than 3 points too. It is what it is, now move over and you prove your the owner of your name, right on dude!

1221 days ago


Does anyone else think its HILARIOUS the show is called "Basketball Wives" and NONE of them are even married to a NBA player....one is even dating an NFL star...Give it up girls...you look PATHETIC! :)

1221 days ago


I hardly think 4 children are born AGAINST anyones will. Why assume she is a gold digger...maybe she just wants her kids to eat.

1221 days ago
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